Thursday, 13 January 2022

Dazzlepops - Playing Games - Chapter 10


But let’s just go back a bit when it was August, that very same year, because when I only popped into Wacky’s to say, “hello,” to my friends well while trying to talk to them not only heard Matt but who I can say had took me by complete surprise yet again, by first shouting out my name more then once and secondly, who I couldn’t help noticing that he was just standing around the entrance from our work, smiling, directly at me.  Only as I was looking at him Lynette had suddenly came out by saying which, you could say had totally surprised me, “you love him,” which after asking her, “who?  While still looking at Matt heard Lynette say, “why Matt of course, that’s who, Matt! Which to my response answered, “what do you mean I love him?  As I continued too say, “as I don’t know what’s love is!  Then heard Lynette telling me, “why, love is if you are thinking about someone always.”  So, after turning around just slightly again to look at Matt and then turning myself back too Lynette said, “well actually I do think of Matt quite a lot!  Which Lynette then ended up saying, “well that’s what I mean Natalie, you love him! 

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