Tuesday 5 July 2016

The Goonies


* Now, come on you guys!  You must have heard this very well-known film, that even though it was released in November 29th 85, called "The Goonies! Hey! 

*Course, even though I've grown a little older, still think that this very old kids film of "The Goonies" was absolutely funny... 

* Especially seeing poor Chunk making a fool of himself let's say, as well as being always asked to do the TRUFFLE SHUFFLE!  Remember guys?   How Mouth played by Actor, "Corey Felman" had mostly asked Chunk, "Jeff Cohen" to do the truffle shuffle if he wanted something!  As well as seeing the Giant Sloth saying to Chunk "SLOTH LOVE CHUNK! 

* Now, you have got to remember that! 

* Anyway, I've got to say that I've NEVER truly liked that Actor, "Corey Felman" - whatever part he had played in that film...    And I'm not really sorry for saying that!  Course, there was just something about that Actor "Corey Felman" that I never liked!!!  And that's NO joke either!  Even in yet another well-known kids film "Stand By Me" with the late great Actor, "River Phoenix" I didn't like YOU, "Corey!  That's if YOU are seeing this... 

* Which, I sure hope you do someday, course what I truly think of you is that YOU are ONE FUCKING UGLY guy, that to me, really looks like they, "meaning yourself of course," loves themselves and probably think they know it to...   Not to mention, who also, probably think that thy are one hell of a gorgeous guy to us, women,!!!!  Which I'm NOT sorry to say that you are far from it has a good looking guy, let a lone who maybe gorgeous!

* And IF!  And this is a very big, big iffy that you're MARRIED by now with kids - Well, I'm NOT sorry to say this either...  But are they BLIND as a fucking BAT!  That's "B.A,T!!!  With a blooming "walking stick of course, plus a Dog"  And yes! I was refereeing to your wife, that's if you are married "UGLY!  And yes!  I am talking about YOU Corey!  As you wife, must be, IF they really thought you were a blooming looker!

* Anyway, getting back to this well-known film of "The Goonies" because what I thought was most funny was where you see poor Chunk locked-up in that freezer with that dead body, while they were all on the way to trying to find the missing treasure...  Remember, guys???  If you had seen this film!

* Not forgetting, the part where you see those nasty baddies "if I can remember?  Had put Chunk in the with Sloth, who at the time was watching something on TV which even Chunk had noticed he also liked!   But then suddenly saw how Sloth was so very GOOD-LOOKS!

* "My Ass, he is!!! Joking! I mean, come on!

* Which, trying to know what all you guys might think about what I've just said...  About how Sloth was so fucking good-looking or should I say very SEXY!  Hey!  Well if you don't know me by now, well I was only joking or should that be wilding you guys up about saying that!  Course, if you actually thought I meant it, well You are all IDIOTS!!! 

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