Thursday 14 September 2017

Julie Walters as our devery "Mrs Overall" from Acorn Antiques

                     JULIE WALTERS has our "Mrs Overall" from "ACORN ANTIQUES"
                     Well, first of all guys, have you all missed me?  Or should I rather say have you                      all missed seeing my Art since the truth would be told, I haven't really had
                     any help...  
                     But, guys, as you can all see, I'M BACK!!!  
                     So, I just hope you viewers out there, still like what you see?
                     ACORN ANTIQUES was a parodic soap opera written by our late great 
                     Victoria Wood as a regular feature in the two seasons of Victoria Wood
                     "As Seen on TV!  If any of you guys out there remember!!!
                     Which, if NOT!  Well, I'm not saying anything... 
                     But, like the Comedy series, "The Dinner ladies" which I'm sure you know,
                     well, Julie Walters star in this Comedy Sketch as "Mrs Overall" the devery Tea
                     lady who most of the time, either trips slightly with the tray while coming to the 
                     customers that wants their cups of tea or coffee, which as you guys know would
                     tip their bloody drinks onto the floor, so when she finally arrives to their table
                     as our "Mrs Overall" thinks that the customers as already FINISH their drinks!!!

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