Monday 25 March 2019

Miami Vice


"Well, hello, all of you viewers out there once again!  I bet for one moment, you guys, haven't really MISS my ART WORK?  Let alone little Old Me!  "Well have yeah?  Na!!!  That's what I thought! 

Ha! De! Ha! Ha!  "Well, I should hope I weren't right!

* Anyway, as you can see from what I've done above now, this first picture that I've drawn a while ago, but unfortunately, couldn't SHOW ALL YOU guys, my newest Art Work that I've done for all YOU to see course, that one person that had always helped ME store all my work on my Web-site was told to do others things!

Which, once again, was the reason why, any of you guys, didn't see any up-dated NEW ART from me...  But, now as you can see there's more.  Which, I'm hoping now, in time, that is, the person that does this for me, can carry ON!  

Anyway, guys!  this series was largely remembered for the stylish clothes that these two Detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs had wore. 

Now, Sonny Crockett was played by Actor, "Don Johnson" who had always wore a White Jacket and Trousers...    Not forgetting, viewers, the guy, had always wore Dark Shades. Maybe, to make him look more Cool!  Who knows!

But, do you wanna know something else, guys???  Well, because, once again, this girl had a soft spot for that Actor "Don Johnson!  And who can blame me!  Hey!  Course, boy! Was the guy, a Dish!  Or what!  And if you viewers, don't understand for what that means, well, it plainly just means, he was a Spunk because of his looks as well as he was Blonde!  And boy!  way back then, when I was young, this girl did more then less, love guys with Blonde hair!

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