Thursday 3 November 2022

Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas is You


                    ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU

To Everyone around the world...

As you can probably see, I've drawn a picture above of Mariah Carey because one of her songs that I so love to hear is All I Want For Christmas Is You!  Which was when I use to once work at a fashion shop and Christmas would always turn up, well the two trues that I had always loved was either, All I Want For Christmas Is You!  Or Shakin' Stevens true, Merry Christmas Everyone!

Though, with Mariah's Christmas song, well every time that it had came on, this girl just couldn't help herself by singing it!  Yes!  But no soon then she sang the part, All I Want For Christmas Is You!  I personally, kept on singing over and over, you at the end of it!  Luke Wilson!  Luke Wilson!  And Luke Wilson!  Because there was a blooming good reason, of why!  Only, I'm not going into it!  All that it's not really Luke Wilson!  

 Well like Mariah sang this song...  All I Want For Christmas Is You!  You!  And Only You!  You big BROWN EYES you!  And I'm not talking about Luke Wilson this time!  As this is for another gorgeous sexy brown eyes, that captivated my heart, before falling for that Actor, Luke Wilson!  So, here's looking at you kiddo!  If you were only still around, making this girl smile all over again!  Like you really used to darling, that many years ago!  

 Because all you had to do was glance over to my direction, with not only those big mesmerising, melting, but captivating eyes of yours!  But that bloody sexy smile of yours to.  As, wham-dam!  This girl had always went weak at the knees when you were around!  As I could never, at the end, control her emotions around the guy she ended up loving so much.  And I do darling. That's still very much, in love with yeah.  As now, it's been over  fifteen years, that I loved you!

 And by the way, darling, I'm still waiting to be kissed, because I've never been kissed, like THAT!!!  So, please hurry up darling?  As I wouldn't wanna be kissed by just anyone else.  As I truly want to be kissed by the man of my dreams...  As I'm always dreaming of you nearly most nights!  So, I'm really hoping that someday soon, could maybe come true for me!  Of not just for seeing you again.  But, who truly wants to be swept off her feet, by you!   By tilting me back slightly!  Then finally, you kissing this girl, who's been so longing for that to happen.    

 So, once again, hurry up, you gorgeous sexy brown eyes you!     
 Course, All I Want For Christmas Is You!!!
 Really I do!                                        
Call me mad viewers!  But as you don't know, this girl always say to others, "if only you can get me Luke Wilson?"  Whose Owen Wilson younger brother, but more good looking then him or even his older brother Andrew!  

 Anyway, this time, I'm not referring to a certain person look-alike double!  Actor Luke Wilson now!  Why, hell, NO!  As, it's always been YOU!!!  YOU!!!  YOU!!!  And only, YOU!!!  Not, Luke Wilson!  As I once again, always made out to be...  When I always say, "get me Luke Wilson?"   


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