Sunday 27 November 2022

What a Looker


 This was Shakin' Stevens when he was younger!  And boy!  Shakin', if you happen to come across this Web-site of mine, well all I can say is boy!  Did I have a real big crush on ya!!!  Because all I had to do, was gaze into those big dark eyes of yours!  And well, you could imagine the rest???

 Especially, whenever I see you in a video that I can, at our local Library of you singing in a big black car, looking back and remembering when you and a certain young girl was running around a tree!  Then, after, what suppose to be you as a young lad chasing after her when you pulled a small toad out of the water!  The song was called...  "A Love Worth Waiting For!    

 I think I loved that even more recently, is that I'm a very old fashion romantic!  So, I always end up saying to myself, Aww!  And just start dreaming away or thinking, while seeing you Shakin' singing along to that lovely song! 

 But anyway, viewers! Every flaming time I saw Shakin' singing away to his songs, like...  You drive me cra hay, hay zies also!!!  Well you could say, I would sing to it also, by changing it two...  He drives me cra hay, hay zies!!!  Course, oh boy!  Does this girl sure loves Shakin'!!!  

  So, this is a message to the guy himself!  Course, wherever, you are Shakin' I would first hope you like these three pictures that I've drawn of you???  Course, boy!  |You Do Drive Me So Crazy!!!

 Course, do you guys remember him singing along to that tune???  If most of you, like myself was in their late teens or even early twenties back then?  


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