Monday 19 September 2022

Robert Vaughn as Napoleon


              FROM THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E


Billy Fury The Teddy Boy

.BILLY FURY as we all knew him and loved!


Well as you can now see, this is our Billy Fury for whom we all knew him and loved!  Born on the 17th April 1940, in Dingle, Liverpool to parents Sarah Jane Wycherley and Albert Edwards!  But who sadly died on the 28th of January 1983 at St Mary's Hospital in London!  Even though, it was known that he had suffered a Heart Attack at his Home and died age only 42 years old!

Today the late Great Singer, for who I'm sure we all loved, is celebrated through his Fan Club and through the numerous Tribute Acts that had performed in his Music, included,  his younger Brother 'Albie!  Short for Albert under the stage of Jason Eddie!  

And once again, what was his most biggest Hits by far??  Well, they was "Halfway To Paradise"  that took roughly three months on it's Five months Chart to stay to reach a No/3!  And Fury received a Silver Disc for 250,000 sales.  
Why!  Back then, he even knocked Helen Shapiro's from the chart, who sang, "You Don't Know From The Top."

So, if I haven't said it before, well my most favourite song from all of them was...
Once, Once Upon A Dream  

Course, like Adam Faith Song The Time As Come!  I do like this one song, from Billy Fury who sang it, in a Film called, Play It Cool!      

As it goes like this, if anyone of you guys, don't really know how it goes...   

                          ONCE, ONCE UPON A DREAM

So, as you can now see from above, I've had some help in allowing all you viewers to see our Billy Fury singing that track, from a film called, PLAY IT COOL!

So, I hope you all enjoy?  If any of you guys, would like to listen to him! 

 Only, as I really love this song!  Well being a dreamer, I like to dedicate this song to the one I've always loved for fifteen years!  So, wherever you may be, my darling!   This is your song from yours truly, who loves you!  

The only thing, I've sort of change it, into my version...  Hoping you someday, would know what I'm trying to still say to YOU and only you!

 So, here goes darling!  Wherever you may be, you big Brown Eyes you!
This Song Is For You!

                           ANOTHER BILLY FURY but CLOSE-UP!



Dedicated to the one I've always loved 

Once, Once upon a dream I met you
Long ago But somehow I can't forget you
And That's Forever 
Once Upon My Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream

For Why, I've Wished, Wished That We Can Be Together
Though, Precious Moments In The Land Of Never
Once Upon A Dream, Dream Dream, Dream, Dream

Course When I Met You 
And Only You
I've Always Dreamt Forever
As I Like To Dream 
And Dream Of Only You  
Once Upon A Dream, Dream, Dream Dream, Dream

Course, Dreams Can Come True Oh, My Darling
As That's What They Would Say Hay! Hay!
Prove That You're Real 
It'll Be My Lucky Day Hay! Hay! Hay! Hay!

Once, Once Upon A Dream My Darling
Never, Never Thought We'd Be Together 
As We're Riding in Our Of Dreams
Once Upon A Dream 


Thursday 15 September 2022

Adam Faith once again



 Now, before, I say anything!  The reason of way I truly love this particular song, by Adam Faith, was that ever since I saw a Film called, "What A Whopper  starring Adam himself!  Well through this film, if you would have seen it...  After seeing them all picking up a young France girl called, Marie!  For whom, Adam had came very close with!

 Well, not far before this film had ended, you would see Marie and Adam in her room talking away, but who after Marie had just turn on her very small Radio, the announcer had more the less, said, "we have a new song called, The Time As Come!  But instead, of really saying who sang it!   Which of course was Adam himself!  They had made a name up!  Which, Adam made out, "that's all we need!

Which, to be honest!  Was so very strange for me to see Adam Faith listening to one of his own Hits!  And who was from himself  as well!  Then, as he wanted to try and impress Maria course, of whom had said she had like this song pretended to sing it!  While once again, for who was listening his own record!

Which, after seeing it over and over!  Because it wasn't that I loved Adam Faith!  But, that song was so nice!  Which every time I do see it, sing to it as well!  As I know that tune off by heart!

 As this song goes like this...    THE TIME AS COME

The Time Has Come For Me To Hang My Head in Shame
The Time Has Come For Me To Say That I'm To Blame
The Time Has Come For Love's Return But It Won't Be The Same 
Oh Please Believe Me I won't Make The Same Mistakes Again.

The Time Has Come To End This Very Sad Affair
The Time Has Come For You And I Once More Share A Summer Kiss
But Love's Return Won't Ever Be The Same
Oh Please Believe Me I Won't Make The Same Mistake Again.

No More Sorrows, No More Cheating
Our Tomorrows Won't Be Repeating The Past

So Here Am I To Ask If You Can Still Forgive 
If You Can Love , The Time Has Come For Love To Live
With No Regrets But Take My Word That Love Won't Be The Same
Oh Please Believe Me I won't Make The Same Mistake Again.


Billy Fury in his Younger Years


 Now if anyone is roughly over forty years, well I wouldn't be a bit surprised that you really wouldn't recognise this very young boyish look guy!  Due, to he normally has his hair like a Teddy-boy style!

 Name of Billy Fury!  But was born under the name of Ronald Wycherley!  For it was later on in his life that he changed his name, who was more known to all of us, over fifty years as Billy Fury! 

For whom, was an English Singer, Musician plus Songwriter as well as an Actor!  As an early star of Rock and Roll, Billy equalled the Beatles' Records, of 24 Hits in the 60's and who spent 332 weeks on the UK Chart!

With Hits such as "Wondrous Place!  "Halfway To Paradise!  "Jealousy! And not forgetting "Once, Once A Upon A Dream! 

Gino DAcampo


 Now, what can I say about our charmer, Gino D'Acampo?  But, he's fucking hilarious!  Only, coming from yours truly!  Well even though, I don't wanna see it!  Yours truly is half Italian...

 As my mother had came from a small village in Italy called, Naples!  But who, thank god, does not resemble her in anyway!  Which, I'm I complaining?  Only, why! Oh why!  Did my beloved dad go for her?  When he first met her at a place called the Laundrette way back in the late 50's and early 60's?

 Because, as I was so very close to my dad!  Well while he was watching Holby City in the front room, this one time, well after joking about if mum was any relative to Scar-Face!  My dad did eventually tell me, because I asked him a question, was mum your first?  His answer was, "no it wasn't!

 No!  I said!  A bit surprised!  But, not shocked!  Then when I asked him, "well, who was the other one that you really liked?  Replied, "her name was Margret!  "And boy!  "Was she beautiful!  Which, I then asked, "well what happened?  "And as like a joke, ask my dad, "well, why, didn't you go with her, instead of mum?  

  Only, after having another joke with my dad!  By saying, "wouldn't it be funny, if you had went off with that other, then, marrying mum!  "You wouldn't have had me?  Which, do you guys, would want to really know his answer to that was?  Well, do ya?  Well, actually, my darling, dad had looked at me, straight in the eye and said, "Oh!  "But Sandy!  "I know I would still have you, as my daughter!  "It's just I know I wouldn't have your sister!  

We referred mum as a Mafia!  Because she was one bloody miserable old bag!  That had no sense of humour like my dad or myself!         

 Course, as a small child, most of my mothers friends, as well as my Godparents who were Italians alright!  Showed that they were definitely big-headed!  And who loves themselves so much!   Not forgetting, most of them, had seriously big Conks!

 Why!  The funny thing I can remember about those times, was that my bloody Godfather, Tony, had always truly used to think he looked-like either, Tom Jones or Paul Michael Glaser, that had played Detective Dave Starkey from Starkey and Hutch series in the 70's!

 But, seriously, now getting back to our awesome Italian Chef, Mr Gino D'Acampo!  Because, I swear, every fuckin' time I see him, it's like he's trying to make me collapse with laugher!  Especially, seeing the idiot, aka Gino, with Gordon Ramsey and Fred Sirieix in their Road Trips       


Adam Faith




Thursday 8 September 2022

The Lad I had a Crush On, as a young, young girl!


"Greetings everyone!  "Well, guess who's back?"  Hey!  "But, Little old me!  "Sandra D aka Sandy!  Now, you guys may say to yourselves, who the bloody hell is he?  Well, let me tell you a little story about this young man that I once upon time, knew!  That was called Nicky!

 As he and myself had grew-up together!  But, who I had the most biggest and huge crush ever, over him!  And I certainly meant that this young girl had the most biggest crush ever!  Course, for every single time I heard from my Mafia Mum, that his mum, her best friend was coming around!  Or that we were going over to theirs!  Well this innocent young child went a little crazy-like!  By, allowing to put one of my mother's dresses on!  Even though, I could have put something else on!  Because when it came down to hearing that his mum was coming round with Nicky especially!  Well this young girl, really felt like jumping up in the air!

 Really!  She did!  Course, come on!  This girl really felt she was in totally in love!   The only thing was, whenever, I had saw him around my house, while his mum was talking away with my mum, aka the Mafia!  Well would you believe that this young girl had always use to chase after Nicky!  All over the house, as well as outside!  

 Though, there was this one time that I can well remember, that while chasing Nicky around the house, then Nicky had scarpered out!  Well this girl didn't seemed to give up that easily!  Course, after opening the door and ran out after him, crying out, "Nicky!  "Oh,  Nicky!  "Where are ya!  Who may I say didn't responded back!  Course, who I thought way, back then, was it because I was ugly?   

 But, you have got to understand, that I was only a very young girl, that truly believed in herself that this lad could like her!  Like how I liked him!  Call me stupid!  But that's how I thought!  Course, I seriously, think now, at the age I am that, that part of that dream of mine, will ever come true!

 And don't ask me now, about what happened to my Sweetheart Nicky?  Course, seriously, in 2008 after losing my beloved dad!  Well, I was truly devastated in finding out very badly, from that nasty, horrible evil mum of mine, who didn't have no sympathy or compassion for me!  That Nicky had sadly died!  's Which I took it most hard!  

 Because truthfully, I wouldn't want to say how he died!  Which, all I felt back then was, how I firstly, thought, I lost someone I truly cared for so much at work!  Which because of what happened to Nicky!  Could have needed the guy, right there and then!  Course, he had always seemed to put a little smile upon my face, when he was always around!  

 Secondly!  Of how I lost my beloved dad, for whom I will truly love forever!  Then, this!  To find out that my darling Nicky, the person for whom, I loved all my life, had now died on that very same year, that my dad had past away!

 Anyway, as you guys can see from this old photograph of mine, with me, looking quite stupid for wearing sumat like that and Nicky as kids in his back garden in the 70's!  Which I will treasure always!  And no!  It's not course this girl had it in her head that she absolutely thought she loved him!  Course, if you don't know, those days, there were kids, in our generation, that had crushes for others!  And I was just one of them!

 But the most memorable time that this girl could ever remember, of when I was so very young, age around five or six was...  Only viewers!  Just please don't laugh, if you read this part??  Though, if you did, well I wouldn't blame you!  Course, ever thinking about it myself, I always seemed to crack up, with laughter!

Course, why?  Well, first of all, are you all seating down all nice and comfortably??  Well if so! Then, I'II begin!

 As it was sometime in October, that while we were all got invited to Nicky's house by his mum, for who was once again, my mum's best friend...  Plus, she had invited a load more of her friends with family over to her house!  Course, it was more like wanting to show us all of things that she had!  Which, we would think, well what can be funny in that??

 Well, here goes!  As we guys now know, that as a really young child, me aka Sandy had the most biggest crush ever, over this young lad!  Who way back then, had so wanted to impress him by wearing this dress!  That if you can just image, was all red with little tiny poodles of going around it, on the bottom??  Seating down on the floor, right near the corner to where Nicky was seated on the chair!  Battering her bloody eyes at him just slightly, while tilted her head just a little!  Hoping, would this all work?  To impress my Nicky more?           

 But!  And wait for this viewers!  Course, I know full well, if I was in your seat about to read what I'm going to add, is hilarious!  So, here goes, course around about when I was six years old, I had to start taking medication!  Which, really course, to what I'm about to tell yeah all of what happened...  

 But, what happened that was so embarrassing for her especially, since this poor girl was so trying to impress this lad, that she seriously, had the most huge crush on!  While everyone was talking away, to each other!  While seeing Nicky's mum showing them all, included my Mafia mum of loads of things, that if  they wanted to buy!

 But, who while again, just couldn't hear yourself, course of the bloody noise, that everyone was making!  And again, it was around October, where nights had drawn darker and darker and it was cold that the windows was closed...

 That this poor little girl, for whom so wanted to impress this little lad for who she adored, had seriously did sumat!  Sumat!  That once again, was all really down to her medication that she had started to take!  But which had made everyone, and I do mean, everyone stopped talking and turned to me!  Which, I'll give you all a clue!  Just think of a bloody Whoopy Cushion blowing off??

 Course, yes!  This little girl, for who, before it happened, was not only trying to impress this young lad called Nicky, for who she loved as a kid!  But if you remember me of telling ya all, for who I battered my eyes, like a flaming idiot...  had seriously farted!!!           

And I do mean, had farted loudly!  But course, this had happened in front of everyone, included Nicky, for whom I once again, was trying to impress had not only shut their mouths and stared straight at poor me!  But, who after this, Nicky for who, had always allowed me to play with me when I came with that mum of mine and my dad had now disappear on me!  For every time we came!

Why!  Would you bloody believe that he even told his mum that if she had invited my mum over, knowing full well, I would come, that to tell them that he went out over to see his Aunt!  Or went out with friends!  Not to mention, if he went up stairs, to his own bedroom, where before, I had, while our mums was chatting away, down stairs...  Had now told her that he was busy!  In other words, he didn't want me up stairs anymore!

Which firstly!  As a young child, had got it in her that what was wrong with Nicky??  Always not in!  As it was like, he didn't wanna see me!  

 Until, that was is!  Later on,  found out that Nicky wouldn't have liked me, if I so wanted him to!  Course, what this poor young girl had discovered in her early life was Nicky wouldn't have like any girls!  As, he was gay!  But, way back then, guys!  I seriously, had really got it in my head, that I must have scared Nicky off, from liking girls completely, from when I farted, on that Night!  When everyone was there!           

 But, who as time went by, got told by his older brother "don't blame yourself Sandy!  "For thinking, it was you that got Nicky gay!  "Course, you couldn't have!  Then, telling me of why!  And how come it all happened! 

 So, now, I like to believe that my beloved dad is looking after him, among all the other Angels, in Heaven!  Course, of how I knew Nicky loved my dad!