Thursday 28 April 2016

It Aint Half Hot Mum

IT AIN'T HALF HOT MUM - Melvyn Hayes, Windsor Davies and Don Estelle

"Oh gracious ME! Or would you guys like it if I said, "Oh gracious fucking me!!! Ha! De! Ha! Ha!

Now guys, if no one doesn't know already, this very, very old sitcom series called "It Ain't Hot Hot Mum" was a BBC television sitcom about the misadventures of a Royal Artillery Unit stationed in India. It starred as you can see from the picture that I've drawn it from under my drawing of course, is Actors, Melvyn Hayes, Windsor Davies and Don Estelle...

Who was just a few that starred in that series! Melvyn Hayes starred has Gloria Beaumont Gunner 'Lofty' Windsor Davies in the middle had starred has Tudor Bryn' Shut Up' Williams Bombardier and finally and not the least, we come to Don Estelle that played Herbert Willy Sugden.

It was broadcast on the BBC between '74 till '81 and written if don't know, by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. And once again, this sitcom was set in India and Burma during the last months of the second World War, starting just after V,E Day in 1945. And the first ever episode of this of came out on January 3rd 1977 till September 3rd 1981 when they had show the final episode!

Battlestar Galactica - Apollo and Lt Starbuck

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - (The Original from the late 70's)

Hi viewers!

* Now, as you can see, I've drawn a picture of the two main Actors that starred in the Original may I add - "Richard Hatch" and "Dirk Benedict" in the America Si-fi series called "Battlestar Galactic" that was first shown on our screens in the year, 1978 till 1979.

* Which before adding anything else, the one that is a remake of that old TV series back then, can say it can't EVER try to REPLACE that so-call Original version of that TV hit series, even though what I just told you all about how that Original series only lasted until two years-like!

That up-dated version of "Battlestar Galactic" can't ever try to be that series...

* The original 1978 premiere of Battlestar Galactic was actually show that began the saga of humanity survival against Cylons.

* But like I may have said underneath my "A-Team" picture the reason why this girl had wanted to watch this series, is that I really had a big soft spot for that Actor, who had played Face from "The A-Team!  Course, as you should know that very same Actor, "Dirk Benedict" had starred in this original Si-fi series of Battlestar Galactic has Lt Starbuck!

* And oh boy guys!  Way back then, could that Actor, seriously put this young girl in a little world of her own because like I said...  Way back then was I ALWAYS and I do mean always, was into Blondes with blues eyes and had to have a lovely smile of course!

* So, yes! You could say that "Dirk Benedict" sure got to this little old me, way back then, in the 70's like since now I see myself sort have being taken... Because of how I truly felt for a certain person a long time ago, but who also, lives in America now...  And who doesn't really know of why I love them so much!!! Thank God, that's all I'm going to say!

* But,really I sure would like to know that what those two well-known Actors, that starred in that original Si-fi series of Battlestar Galactic "Richard Hatch" that played Apollo and "Dirk Benedict" that played Lt Starbuck would think if they happen to come across my Web-site and see this picture that I've drawn of both of them!!!

* And once again viewers, the remake version or should I really say that up-dated version of that Si-fi series Battlestar Galactic is totally Rubbish in my opinion or even Crap!

* And I'm sure not joking on that either!!!   That up-dated vision of that original TV Si-fi series from the 70's called Battlestar Galactic shouldn't have even been shown!  As, you can NEVER beat any ORIGINALS... Which this picture that I've drawn from! Well that is the two main characters from it back then!

Message to all!!!

* never guess what guys, out there!  I've recently wanted to see how these two Actors "Richard Hatch" and "Dirk Benedict" are like these days now that they are much, much older...  And boy!  Was I in complete shock lets say course, after going onto (Google) to type in these two Actors names that I once truly liked at a very younger age of seventeen, well for one I couldn't hardly recognized the Actor that had played Apollo in that old TV Si-fi series of Battlestar Galactica in the 70's.

* And why! You may say well the Actor "Richard Hatch" as got slightly fatter around his face - not forgetting he's slightly bigger!  Sorry for saying this, but boy!  You are!  You've become nearly someone that I've hardly recognized.

 * As for "Dirk Benedict" that played Lt Starbuck, well because I have been recently watching the old series from The A Team which, at times, on this certain channel on Cable - 277 I have seen "Dirk Benedict" appear occasionally, to introduce that series of The A Team is back!!!

And boy!  He hasn't changed...  Okay!  He may be older like the rest of us, but he sure still looks blooming GOOD! But, like I said somewhere above, it's just it's a shame that the Actor, "Richard Hatch" that starred in the original Battlestar Galactic as Apollo really turn out the way he as!       



* Hi guys! Well as you can see I've drawn theses two well-known Actors from that very well-known film of all time then, even now shall I say "Grease! So, I hope you like!

* And if any of you aren't really or completely sure exactly to when this film went out or should I say was released, well It was released on September 14th 1978!

* And around then, this well-known film of "Grease" was a very most successful Movies of Musical of all time...  Why! It could well still be, who knows exactly course, as you guys should know by now, since it went out there must have been other films

* Anyway, getting back to this well-known and may I say popular film of "Grease" course, it was mainly about a wholesome exchange student called Sandy Olson played by the beautiful Actress, "Olivia Newton John" who at first you see the two Actors running around chasing each other on a beach, having a final summer romance of being together then ending up really saying, "well Sandy does... "Why, does it have to end Danny?  Which you then see Danny replying back, "it's not the end, it's only the beginning!

* Which just before you then see the entire film start, if I can remember that is because there's a good reason of why I don't watch this very old favorite film of mine because ever since I was in High School, well every fucking day when this one lad had always saw me coming he sang that tune from the film 'Oh Sandy, can't you see and so on, if you get the message!

* Anyway, once again, before you see the film really start all that I can well remember of seeing is them two kissing which I always thoughts that was so nice!  Really, but until that idiot at High School had always and I do mean fucking ALWAYS guys sang that song course, of my name being Sandy of course!

* But there was one particular song I've got to say from that film that I truly liked and that was that sense where you all see our Danny "John Travolta" jumping on a white Hell's Chariot car, if I'm not mistaken, by not only himself but with all his other mates!

* So, can you guys remember???  The tune Grease-Lighting!

* Anyway, getting back to how Sandy Olson had really came to Randell High because, it's when you finally see Frenchy one of the characters in the film played by Actress "Didi Conn" Sandy to the rest of the gang at Randell High!  But to their surprise, while they meet Sandy and Sandy tells a bit about herself or should I say how she spent her Summer well that's when they all find out that she knows Danny, Danny Zuko who was played by our "John Travolta!!!

* Now, as you guys should know already, Danny was more like a "popular guy at Randell High" with all... So, really you can just imagine when he realised that Sandy had suddenly came to Randell course of being around his mates has like a head guy, so to speak!

* Only, can I say to all of you out there, just imagine what if all those Actors that played in that well-known loved Musical Film of Grease what they would think if they came across to this Web-site of mine and saw this picture that I've drawn of "John Travola" and "Olivia Newton John" that played the lead roles really to this film of Sandy Olson and Danny Zuko??? Hey! Well can yeah!

Hope they to like!

Moulin Rouge

MOULIN ROUGE - Ewen McGregor

Now first of all, if you "Ewen McGreghor" will happen to oame across to this Web-site of mine one day well let me just say when I first saw your film "Moulin Rouge" my first thoughts of it was just okay! But the more I watched the more I just couldn't stopped looking at YOU because once again as mu mind wondetred all that I was thinking was "Cor! Don't you look fucking Sexy!

I mean Ewen" Instead your usual fair hair, that dark hair that you probably dyed it for the film, had really suited you a lot more. And with that fucking look of yours, incuding that smile well oh boy! Was this girl getting herself HOT - course, you seriously have got such a lovely smile!

Shame though, that you probably did dye you hair for that film, course it does really suit you, you know!

Anyway, for all of you out there now, has you probably gathered this picture that I've drawn is a picture of the young Actor then, "Ewen Mcgregor" that had starred in Moulin Rouge!

The film was really about a celebration of love and creative inspiration that takes place in the infamous gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclubs at the crisp of the 20th Century.

And of a young poet (Ewen McGregor) who is plunged into the heady world of Moulin Rouge that begins a passionate affair with the lovely Nichole Kidman.

Tuesday 19 April 2016

The Bay City Rollers - "Bye! Bye Baby!


* First! I know this picture that I drawn may seemed a bit odd or should you say to yourselves, "but wheres the two guys faces down below??? Because half of their faces seemed to be missing! Well, first of all that was intently, because you wouldn't want to see a drawing of mine that had the guys smaller! As I thought also, if I had drawn this a bit bigger, then maybe all you guys would or could see my drawing a lot better!

* So, before you guys say something or think something! I know! It's SAD! I mean, "Bay City Rollers" for fuck sake! But, I only drawn it first because someone's dad had sort have given me the idea to draw the guys, like a dare! Which, once upon time if someone dared me to do something, well stupid Muggings, had always thought SHOULD I DO IT THEN! And secondly, it wasn't that I was totally CRAZY for this boy band that preformed in the early 70's way before, "Showaddywaddy" reappeared!

* And I know what all of you must be thinking! What's the fucking difference between liking The Bay City Rollers and Showaddywaddy back then? Well, for me, I did like The Bay City Rollers, but that was ONLY "mind you," when I was five years old or maybe coming to being six when I did use to like listening to songs, course, there was one that was always my favourite which was called "Bye! Bye Baby! Which every fucking time heard this song, couldn't help herself from trying even that age like, to sing to that tune!!!

* But, once again no sooner then this girl heard her guys, which I had liked to refer of Showaddywaddy because, oh boy! When I saw all of them wearing those Teddy-boys out fits, which what it was, as well as heard all their songs I MELT!!!

* But, really it was just seeing their Lead Singer back then "Dave Bartram" smile whenever he sang any of the songs - more so, to "Under The Moon Of Love! Because, that just thrown me over, while seeing him singing away with his lovely smile! And this was a six year old girl that just couldn't help herself from smiling a lot more when she saw his smile and singing to all their songs!

* But, coming back to this boy band of "The Bay City Rollers" back from the 70's, because I would like to dedicate this picture to someone that really knew my beloved Dad those name is Steve, "Steve Mitchell! Because even, from this day on, the guy is totally Mad on them!  Like I was those many, many years ago, even though, I may like still listening to their Songs now!

* As he's a bit like me, that loves all music from the past, so, Steve this picture is especially for you! Hope you like it if you go onto my Web-site that is?






First of I would like to thank "Les McKeown" for making my night when he came over to the Redditch Place Theatre on the 25th of August this year.  Course, if you happen to see this Les, I was the second row from the TOP...   Singing my heart away to all of your songs!
As I truly loved it, because you took me back to those good times, of me seeing you guys, performing on Top Of the Pops2!  My favourite song and still is was, "Bye, bye baby!  "Baby Goodbye!

The Likely Lads - Terry and Bob


The Likely Lads is a English sitcom or was should I really say, since it's not ON-like, created by Dick Clement and Ian Ia Frenals as well as produced. The first episode of this so-call comedy !had went out on December 16th 1964, till July 23th 1966!

It's about Terry and Bob if any of you don't really know of this... Terry was played by the very well-known loved Actor "James Bolam" and Bob was played by "Rodney Bewes!

Now, in this sitcom comedy series you see our Terry is devoiced from his German wife and then has a Finnish girlfriend called Christina. As for Bob, well he ends up marrying Thelma!

They say, "The Likely Lads" is more like the original to Men Behaving Badly...

Later, they even did a sequel-like to The Likely Lads called "Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads, it was around 9th January 1973 that they broadcast this till 9th April 1974 on BBC 1 - it was the colour sequel to the mid 1960's hit "The Likely Lads!

And if I'm not mistaken viewers, didn't "Ant and Deck" do some kind of version of The Likely Lads? Or tried to shall I say! Because the reason why I say this is that I personally think those two are a bunch of TWATS has in saying... I think those two are a pair of IDIOTS!!!

Even though they may be well-known to all and love! I personally again, just can't stand the fucking pair, course there's just something about them that ever since I saw them in "Biker Grove" which was a kids programme, way back in the mid 80's I think! Course first of all who really would want to remember that, hey? Not me! That's a fact, because even that was really and totally fucking CRAP!!! And that's no mistake, you two guys, and I am talking to "Ant and blooming Deck" if you're seeing this, are just two JERKS!

Yes guys! You two are just two fucking JERKS that I really, really don't like and most of all can't understand why, anyone that is, had allowed YOU guys to really continue in show business after starring in "Biker Grove" that so many years ago!

Because viewers out there if any of you didn't know already, well most of those young kids then, became famous through that... But how sad! That's all I'm going to say on that!

Anyway, if you two - and I am talking to those two fucking idiots of "Ant and Deck" you sure can't ever try to be or take over those brilliant Actors and I do mean, they were so brilliant in that original sitcom series, James Bolam and Rodney Bewes!