Monday 22 July 2019

David McCallum


Now, guys!  If none of yeah didn't know this, well, this very well-known my the most talent Actor, "David Keith McCallum Jr" is a British-American Actor...  As well, as a musician! 

He first gained his recognition back in the 60's when this sexy young blonde had played a Secret Agent called, "IIIya Kuryakin" in the Television series "The Man From U.N.C.L.E" along side with yet another very talented Actor, who as now sadly past away, "Robert Vaghn!  As, he played the character, "Napoleon!

Anyway, as for "David McCallum" here, he was born on the 19th September 1933 which would make him now, (age 85 years), in Glasgow Scotland.

Yes!  He guy was married, Twice in fact, to first an old Actress called, "Jill Irland" from 1957 till 1967 then, "Katherine Carpenter" in 1967.  He's got four children (all-in all), their names are - Val McCallum,  Jason McCallum, Peter McCallum, Sophie McCallum and Paul McCallum.

Now, when he had played IIIya Kuryakin in that well-known Television series called, "The Man From U.N.C.LE" along side with Actor, "Robert Vaghn" once again, well, that was from 1964 till 1968...

But, saying that guys, before, the Actor had starred in "The Man From U.N.C.L.E" he starred in a very well-known old Film called, "The Great Escape!  Which, you've got to have heard that Film guys? hey!  "THE GREAT ESCAPE!!!  As that film came out in 1963. 

Then, and only then he starred along side with the very talented but Gorgeous at the same time the Actress, "Joanna Lumley" in the SI-FI Series called, "Sapphire and Steel"  which, as you gathered David McCallum had played STEEL...  As that started in 1972 till 1982.

Anyway, then, and only then, "David McCallum" had starred in that well-known series called NCIS along side Actor, "Mark Harmon, who played Leroy since 2003!

The New Adventures


The New Avengers is or was shall I say, a British Secret Agent Action Television series produced a during in the year, 1976 till the year, 1977.

It was a sequel to the 1960's series - THE AVENGERS (Created) by Sydney Newman and was developed by original series, producer called Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens.

The Avengers (TV Series) was a British Espionage Television series created in 1961.

It initially focuse on Dr David Keel (Ian Hendry), aided  by join Steed (Patrick Macnee) .  In the end though, Hendry left the first series; which, was then Steed had became the main character, partnered with succession of Assistant.

Now it first went out on the 7th January 1961 and ended on the 2nd of May 1969.

But, frankly guys, I've got to tell yeah all, I wasn't really taken by the first ever series of  this...  With Steed (Patrick Mcnee) and his three different lady assistants!  The first was played by Diana Rigg as (Mrs Peel).  Then, there was (Cathy Gale) who was played by Honor Blackman.
The third one was of course, Tara King played by (Linda Thorson).

And yes!  They did make a film from this old series, it starred the very talented and beautiful Actress, (Uma Thurman).  She played someone called Emma Knight, the daughter of an industrialist, Sir John Knight.

But, now, getting back to THE NEW ADVENGERS - because, viewers out there first this series had started around 22 October 1976, but ended on the 17th December 1977!

Patrick Macnee was of course, still in this old seies, but this time he was partner with GAMBIT played by Gareth Hunt and the lovely Actress, Joanne Lumley who played PURDY



Now, guys!  First of all I'm not that fucking OLD!  Truly I'm NOT!  Even though, if you guys, out there knows me, think to yourselves, 'But you fucking are!  I'm not really!  As, I've got a blooming good memory, to remember practically all these old series, including THE PERSUADERS!  That starred Tony Curtis and Sir Roger Moore...  Who, in the series had played these two Englishmen Millionaires from different backgrounds!!! 

But, who these two worlds had collide, when the titled, Sir Roger Moore Character Lord Brett Sinclair and Tony Curtis character that came from the Bronx-raised, self made American Danny Wilde, reluctantly join forces to right wrongf, and protect the INNOCENT. 

Paul and Harry from The Protectors


Hi guys!  Well, these two Actors, were the main two that starred along side Actress, "Nyree Dawn Porter" in the original hit TV series from 1972 till 1974 "THE PROTECTORS!

And boy!  All I can say was did I flaming like these two guys that you can see above, as the Actor, "Tony Anholt" had also, starred in the SI-FI Series called "SPACE 1999!  And boy!  And as a very young girl around then, had also, thought, even that was really GOOD!!!

But, maybe that was because, I thought that Actor, "Tony Anholt" was blooming Gorgeous, as in what a darl!   And for viewers out there don't really know for what I mean, as in saying "What a darl!  Well, that just means, basically I thought that Actor, "Tony Anholt" back then, was major one hell of a SPUNK!  Which, also means viewers, I bring a youngen, thought he was HOT! 

Which, I was referring to SPACE 1999.

Even Harry Rule played by Actor, "Robert Vaughn" course, he was also quite something two...  Maybe, it was due to the fact, I also quite liked him in "The Man From U.N.C.L.E!  Even though, I had preferred "David McCullum"  Character in that series.

Randall and Hopkirk Deceased



Now, guys, here we have an old series from the late 60's to the early 70's called, as you can see above, Randall and Hopkirk  (Deceased).

As, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) was a British Private Detective Television series, starring "Mike Pratt" as Jeff Randall and "Kenneth Cope" as his partner in crime, "Martin (Marty)Hopkirk" but who in the first ever episode got himself killed but who had chose his best friend and partner, Jeff Randall who was played as you know, by Actor, "Mike Pratt to first investigate his MurderCourse, of what he had believed that it was NO ACCIDENT that he died as he did!

And even though, you guys reckon that

The PROTECTORS from the 70's


The Protectors was one secret society who was protect the innocent  and apprehend  the guilty.  It first went out on the 29th of September of 1972  till the 15th of March 1974.

Now, The PROTCTORS was once again, about a Secret society who protected the innocent and apprehend the Guilty! 

Starring, in this old well-known series then, was the Actors, "Robert Vaughn" "Nyree Dawn Porter" and finally "Tony Anholt" who had also starred in SPACE 1999 as Tony, would you believe...   And well, if you guys, didn't already know, "Robert Vaughn" starred in "THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E with Actor, "David Callum! 

But, as for the Actress, "Nyree Dawn Porter" that starred along side Robert and Tony, well really, I don't know what happened to her...  Or if she had ever starred in another hit series, like "The PROTECTORS!

The Two Donnas from Mama Mia 2


Well, guys, as you properly know, course I know, you're not flaming IDIOTS, this second Film was a follow-up to MAMMA MIA! That was filmed in 2018.

But, what I will tell yeah is...  This Squeal to MAMMA MIA! Is a whole lot better!!!

Course, do you wanna know sumat viewers? The first time that this Film had appeared on our Cinemas...  This girl not only got so emotional by the film, course, of growing up to listening to ABBA  but, she sang along to all the tunes that she had heard!

* But, I've got to confess the only one tune that I've never heard ABBA sang was, ANDANTE ANDANTE!  You must know viewers which one that I was just referring two???  Hey!
* As, it was that tune that "Lily James" that played the young Donna (as you can see above), along with Actress, "Meryl Streep" that played the older Donna!  Had sang to not only everyone that was there, but also, to the young Sam played by Actor, "Jeremy Irvine" in that small Greek restaurant-like!

Only, if I also, tell yeah guys, of this, while NOT only seeing this brilliant Film this Chick fucking Cried her eyes...  Because, as I truly thought it was touching and so moving!  Course, come on viewers, don't you agree with me by saying "that Film even though, it was about Donna's life it was also flaming Romantic???

As, for meeting those three young Harry, Bill and once again, Sam on her journey...  Well, what can I possibly say about each of them!  But, first of all Harry played by "Hugh Skinner" well, to me I found him to boyish-like that I'm afraid to say can't sing a flaming note, while trying to sing to ABBA'S number one hit, "Waterloo" as well as, while standing, looking out to Bill's small Boat as it was going farther and farther out with Donna!

As, for who had played the part as the older Harry!  Well, blooming hell, viewers!  You must recognize him?  Hey!  As, he played our very, very sexy (Mr Darcy), from Jane Austen's Novels "Pride and Prejudice" Actor, "Colin Firth!   Who may I say is quite a looker then!
Though, as for his singing, well, lets just say it was a bit better then, the Actor, "Pierce Bronson" which, I explain later on in this story.

*But, as for young Bill, who was played by "Josh Dylan" well, boy!  Oh boy!  Oh boy!  In my opinion, could he sing or what!!!  Whilst singing along to "WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE ME?

And as for the Actor, that played the older Bill? Well, he was called, "Stellan Skarsgard... And once again, his singing wasn't to bad, then Poor "Pierce Bronson!

As, for the one that played, "Pierce Bronson" Character of "Sam" who was played by "Jeremy Irving?  Well, I really wasn't to sure what think of his singing to "KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU!  It maybe a bit better to "Pierce Bronson's" singing...  But, I heard that, the Actor, "Pierce Bronson" before, he went for the part as, Sam in this Film, didn't know that he was to sing along to the tunes of ABBA.

Course, I'm afraid to say, that he definitely hasn't got the voice for singing...  But, saying that guys, fair play to him, that he had least tried!

The Two Rosies from Mama Mia 2


Now, guys, I've already told you all of how I felt for the young Donna that was played by the beautiful Actress, "Lily James" and Actress, "Meryl Streep" as the older Donna - not to mention of all the Actors that played all the parts of young Harry, young Bill, young Sam and the older Harry, Bill and Sam...

So, now it's how I thought of these two very talented Actress, "Amy Thomson" and "Julie Walters" who in this second Film of Mamma Mia! Here we go again!  Had not really thought she wasn't just funny at times while being around her other best friend besides Donna, was Tanya played by Actress, "Christine Baranski" but, but her singing really wasn't to bad either! 

And as for the young Rosie played by, as you know, "Amy Thomson!  Well, to ever chose her for the part of playing that part, "Well done!  Course, I actually thought she had played the part very well!   As well as, sort of behaving the way, "Julie Walters" does, when you see her playing the older Rosie in - (Mamma Mia) sequel "Here We Go Again!

I mean, guys, don't you agree with me?  That's if any of you out there had saw the sequel to this Film, of Mamma Mia - Here Were Go Again!  That the Actress that played the young Rosie, "Amy Thomson" acts just like as well as, behaving the way, that so-call brilliant Actress, as she truly is "Julie Walters" has played her, as being older Rosie???

Alan Longmuir - Bye! Bye Baby!


Now, viewers!  I know what may be going through your minds, if I told yeah, that this girl had once upon a time had really liked the Group, "Bay City Rollers" because of hearing that one tune that she really loved then, called, "BYE, BYE BABY!

Course, fucking hell guys, was I Crazy then, in trying to flaming sing that tune, at the age of possibly four or five years of age!

And well, as for really liking which one of the members from "Bay City Rollers" that I did LIKE!  Well, guys, there was really only two that I thought was A RIGHT CUTIE to me...  And they were the Lead Singer, "Les McKeown" and who I've drawn above, "Alan Longmuir" who played the  
Bass Guitar.

Close up of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman



Young Rob Lowe Only, boy! Was he a blooming looker!


And if you some day, Rob Lowe happen to come on my Web-site, well, all I've got to add was, even that that then, I liked Actor, "Andrew McCarthy" and "Judd Nelson!  Well, see you also, had ADDED to my list!!!  Because, you had such a lovely Smile and as for laughter, well, that made it more better!  Course, I think I go for guys, that only had a really nice look about them, as well, as a lovely SMILE...  Followed with a little LAUGH!

Keep it in the Family


John Cleese and Eric Idle playing silly BUGGERS!


Hiyeah viewers, out there! 

Now, as you can see from above, I've drawn these two, well known as well as very talented may I add,  Comedian Actors "John Cleese" and "Eric Idle" who just love to make us all laugh!

And if you guys, didn't know this!  "John Cleese" had first meet "Eric Idle" was a young freshman at Cambridge University...  He was just Nineteen years old, while John was only, Twenty-three years old!

It was in February 1963 at Pembroke College "Smoker" that the annual comedy revere and "Idle" had shared the stage with two other well-known talented comedian Actors, "Tim Brooke Taylor" and "Bill Oddie! (Later though, two thirds of the Goodies), had played a biblical weather man.

But, really getting back to these two old FOOLS as they probably like to see themselves has, since playing in Monty Python Flying Circus those many, many years ago...   Course, what I've found out was that, with no studio what so ever available at Thames until Summer 1970 for the late night show, "Palin" as in "Michael Palin" had agreed to join "Cleese" and "Graham Chapman! 

Then suggested the involvement of writing partner "Terry Jones" and not forgetting colleague "Idle" who in turn wanted someone by the name of  "Terry Gilliam" to provide animations for the project series.

Now, if you guys didn't know already, "MONTY PYTHON FLYING CIRCLE" was a British surreal sketch comedy series, created by and starred the comedy group of  Monty Python...
"Graham Chapman," "John Cleese," "Eric Idle," "Terry Jones," "Michael Palin" and "Terry Gilliam," aka the Python!

Ant and Dec


Spud HEAD and the Creature from the bottomless PIT!





As this maybe a picture that I've made up like!  But, viewers out there, these SCABS which, they are both are...  SCABS!  Course, even though, the spud head is really one huge plain Jacket-Potatoe and the Hideous Deep sea Creature is just something that I find in the Library...  These faces that I've drawn onto them, do actually exist!  POOR FUCKING US I SAY, THOUGH!

But, when I first saw the Creature, even though, I added faces to them both, well the creature had either reminded me of that children's' Film called "The Witches" where you see "Angelica Huston" Character was the Main WITCH in the Hall to that Hotel where they were staying, telling the rest of the Witches to take off their MASKS including herself...

Which, when they all had and notice how ugly they all were, well, thinking if that was not bad enough, when you see "Angelia Huston" taking her blooming Mask off (as her face) to SHOW how she really was, well, The Creature that I've made up above, had also, REMINDED ME of that two!!!  HIDEOUS AND FUCKING UGLY!!!

As, well, as a SHARK or a Unknown DINOSAURS that's been existent so many, many years ago, when Cave men was around of course!

Or last but not least!  Some unknown LOCH NESS MONSTER guys!

* But, what I will tell yeah viewers out there!  These fucking TWO are Actually like the TWO that I've based upon!  Really! They are!  Because of what they really are - TRUSH!!! 

* So, if anyone don't live around REDDITCH...  Well, Please I 'm warning yeah, to don't fucking come up to REDDITCH Town Centre, because, if you do so and decide to go to a small Costas, well, again, I MUST WARN YOU GUYS, that Creature from the bottomless PIT called (Chloe) does occasionally come into there with their small SEX OBJECTS as in their filthy (scabby kids)!

Course, of way back in these times, these (TWO) that I've really drawn above, was always going an on/off relationship, which, blooming EVERYONE AROUND knew perfectly well, it wasn't a proper Relationship...  As, it was just only, theses two that thought it was, as well, as their Family and close Friends course, it was just about blooming SEX!  So, these, so-call small human-like CREATURES that their produced together are in fact SEX OBJECTS or SPOGS!!!

* And whenever it does, the WHOLE FUCKING LOT really does reeks with a very bad SMELL...
As for myself, well, lets just say, I've growth used to it, course I've always got sumat to spray that awful blooming STINK-BOOM AWAY!!!

But seeing that Foul UGLY DISGUSTING CREATURE called "CHLOE" that I've drawn above, with her so-call hubby - The Huge Fat "POTATOE HEAD" or that also, reminds me, of a Huge "TURNIP HEAD!  And which is also, a completely Filthy SHAGGY in my book!!! 

As, for the mother of that Creature, well you just can't miss that UGLY MOTHER of Chloe, course, that extremely OLD HORE, as she really reminds me of, as in a right filthy "SLAPPERcourse of thinking, I wouldn't be surprise The OLD HAG, had ACTED like that so-call REPULSIVE CREATURE of a Daughter called CHLOE when that old crownie, was young in Cave Men years, that is!  

* Because, she two, had always seems to WANT, WHAT SHE WANTS...  AND SO, CALL GETS IT HER WAY, IN THE END!!!    

So,, if anyone, around Redditch Town Centre sees someone who's NOT  only, slightly SHORTER, then most, but, who's got short dark yellowish hair, and more earrings in her ear looking slightly moody, even if she tries to put a smile, "that two-bit old Hag" CAN'T!!!  Course, of who she is!!!  So, it wasn't surprising that REPULSIVE and HIDEOUS Creature as turned out for what she is NOW!!!

Judge Reinhold as Billy from Beverly Hill Cops Films


Now, guys!  As you can probably tell, I drawn this well-known Actor, "Judge Reinhold"  who's best known has our Billy in the film, which I'm sure you guys, should know... "BEVERLY HILLS COP (1 and II), not forgetting the third one that he appeared in!!!

And, I don't know what you all thought about him in those films as our Billy... But, as for me, well, I tell yeah, boy!  Did I thought he played that part so well, that he certainly made myself think he wasn't acting!  Because, of the way he seemed to me playing that part of Billy, which was so blooming FUNNY!!!

Because, I don't know about you viewers!  But, in my opinion, whenever I do see "Judge Reinhold" playing that part in "BEVERLY HILLS COP" well, all I can say is that he makes me feel like he doesn't have to act that part...  Course, he truly makes me feel at times, that "is that Actor, like Billy for real, because, sumat just tells in "Judge Reinhold" is probably like a big kid!!!  If you guys, know exactly what I mean!

Anyway, getting back to what else, I found out about this well-known Actor that had played Billy from "BEVERLY HILLS COP!!!

Because, apparently Judge Reinhold's real name is "Edward Ernest "Judge" Reinhold Junior! And as you should know, he is an American Actor, voice actor, singer and filmmaker who has starred in several HOLLYWOOD Movies, such as "RUTHLESS PEOPLE," "GREMLINS," and "DADDY'S DYIN!

Not forgetting though, there was also, "GOT THE WILL?  Both trilogies for "BEVERLEY HILLS COP," "THE SANTA CLAUS" and finally "VICE-A-VERSA!!!  Which, was made around the late 80's, along with a very young actor "Fred Savage!

Now, "Judge Reinhold" was born on the 21st May 1957 (age 62) in Wilmington Delaware United States to the son of Regina Celeste (n'ee Fleming) and Edward Ernest Reinhold Senior, who was a trail lawyer.  He was raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Until his family had moved to Martin Country, Florida, prior to his junior year in high school.  And he attended Palm Beach Community College.

But, viewers out there! Reinhold was nominated for an Emmy for a role on "SEINFELD" in  which he played the "Close talker" who develops an obsession with Jerry's parent.  He had also, been in Steven Spielberg's epic miniseries into the West and replaced Charles Gordin in two direct - to video movies in "BEETHOVIEN" Film series.
But his first acting role was in the teen drama called, "FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH!

Now, the name Judge came from his father for when he was only two weeks old because it seemed that "Judge Reinhold" had a "stern face," like a judge...  So, naturally, his father had nick-name his son, JUDGE!!!