Wednesday 28 October 2015

Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh


Well guys! As you can see from this, I've done a picture of the well-known Presenters from "The X Factor! Only, why on earth can everyone tell that so-call (Big Head) as he really is to just take a blooming break from showing his Ugly MUG in that popular series, "The X Factor" once again, whether he thinks he's "Mr know it all" and had also started that dam series! For once, take a blooming BREAK for all our sake! Please do it!

Which as you guys should know I was referring to "Mr. Simon Cowell! who I wouldn't be at all surprised that he loves himself so much! Hey Simon! You do, don't YOU! Loves yourself! Course, can you guys, just imagine the guy is looking at himself in front of a MIRROR and simply saying to himself, "God! "Aren't you Sexy Simon! Then, with his lips, of course, looks like he's kissing himself... Like saying Kissie-Kissie! Well can YOU? Just try to imagine? Course, if you can, well like myself that would be a blooming NIGHTMARE for everyone of us all! Why! Well you could say that's "Freddy Krueger" there, down to a tree! Then, "Simon Cowell! Then, really seeing some Actor dressing up as a part of a character for that Film!!!

Anyway, just MOVE OVER and allow these two take OVER your place for a change! Why, you may ask! Well it's course every time they get together and I do mean get together and hear someone that hasn't got a voice and even more so, of maybe how they appear, if you know what I mean, well those two when they start to laugh, they are like myself in some ways, they just can't blooming STOP!!! In fact, some times it's course one slightly falls over from their seat with laughing to much! While the other in fact, looks like they are wetting themselves by it all!

Now, that's FUNNY!

So, that's why, I think can't YOU Simon simply give those two much loved a turn to take over your series that you started? Hey! Why can't YOU! Also,, and in away, I hope Sharon sees this, but I just want to let her know that you're Absolutely Fab Sharon! Really YOU are! So, just think about going back to our Louis on The X Factor? If it can happen one day, which I sure hope you do hun!

And it's also because YOU and Louis are just prefect to take over, you know who! As I really think you two are GREAT!

Hope though that you like this picture of YOU and Louis as it's especially for you guys really, for making this girl smile even join in with you when someone just appears looking the way they may do and start to sing with no voice of course, start to LAUGH!

Two Little Boys


* Which by the way, "Uncle Jimmy" this picture is also, dedicated to YOU my darling, you!!!

* Well to everyone out there that may be looking onto my Web-site now, this picture that I've drawn of these two likely lads and yes! Guys! Even the little one!

* The little one with the lovely blonde hair is most definitely a little laddie in what we Geordie's call a little Boy then thinking it's a girl!  And how do I know of this, well you could say that when I found this photograph I asked my Dad at first, "who the blooming hell was the young lad by that baby girl?  Course, and wait for it guys! But then, I said, to my Dad "course, boy I think I could well have a crush on him!  Even though he seemed like a young lad you also have got to remember that then, I also was very young...

* So, anyway, after my Dad looked at this photo with a smile, he immediately looked at me and said, "Oh Sandy! "What are you like," course then he told me "that you can't have a crush on this little lad or even fancy him, because this was ME when I was only 9 years old!  Which you can just imagine the look on my face then, when he told me of this! Then, to top it up all, I then asked my Dad, "well who's the little GIRL with you then?"
Which once again he not only smiled but he also got a little laugh because he then added, "IT'S NOT A LITTLE GIRL Sandy, it's your Uncle Jimmy!

* Which back then didn't realise that my Dad even had a brother who may I add really do LOVE  so very much, course every time I see him reminds me of who I will always love even now, but as you know Uncle, if you are looking onto my Web-site, I really totally MISS my Dad so very much! As you should know that, course it was only him and him ALONE that had made me feel constantly LOVED, with showing signs of AFFECTION!

* Sorry for the time you and Aunty came, but really I did felt that my entire world was falling apart! Okay Uncle!

So this is especially for YOU my darling Geordie-boy!

Love Dad's little Dazzlepops which he had also, told me he was also, Nick-named himself when I was at a younger age from your very beautiful Ma!  My Nan "Emily Dazley!  okay! xxx

My Art Teacher


MY ART TEACHER - "DICKIE-POOHS" But, that isn't his real NAME...

* To my Art teacher that I had way back when I was still in The Abbey High School! Thanks for everything you did for me then, and I mean that with all my heart, course if it weren't for you well I would probably won't know what I would be doing now! As well as you know it was you that brought this young girl out of her shell as I was a very SHY young girl when she was seventeen.

* So if you are still around out there and may be looking on my Web-site, who knows! Well this is for YOU, you Crazy guy who as you can see loved to pose.  Course, come on just look at YOURSELF then, lying on the grass as well as that one I've drawn outside the Art Department posing away! But can you remember ME? Hey! Well can YOU! As you knew me by Sandra Dazley! Not Sandy as I'm now known to everyone!

* Also, I will always remember YOU! Being the funniest Teacher back then. especially of how that one time if YOU can recall had asked your STUDENTS that you had in one class which had included ME to do a Model! And being my first one that I had to do way back then, was a "WOMAN" a slightly older WOMAN" in fact, stack Naked posing... Which, course I was really SHY then, like I couldn't say boo to a goose, to anyone even any of the teachers, besides you because like I mentioned, it was "YOURSELF" and YOU only, that had truly brought this young girl out from being truly Shy to having a Wacky Personality - meaning that I was starting to show that I had a WACKY, but BUBBLY sense of humour!

* Anyway, getting back to this one time when we was asked by YOURSELF that this is a TREAT ON ME for this "WOMAN" posing in front of all of us... Course, as I was in total SHOCK by seeing this Modal, had DRAWN on the BIGGEST PAPER her "BOOBIES!!!

* And that's NO joke either! I really had drawn her "BOOBIES" but so it MASSIVE that really had filled the entire my paper that we were given, which as you guys, should know is an A1!!!

* Course, yes guys! This girl way back then, had really drawn this WOMAN'S "BREAST" then rather the actual MODAL "herself" which when we all had finally finished and had to hand our pictures over to him, as you guys can see from the photo above, didn't want to because of what his expression may be!

* As I found him a little CRAZY at times, now weren't YOU! Hey! "Crazy! If you are happen to be looking at this "CRAZY" as in FUNNY as a Hatter!!!  Course YOU had afterwards blooming decided to only pin up my PICTURE that I did of that so massive "BOOBIES" above your ART ROOM door so that everyone that had walked past could see it with my name UNDERNEATH OF IT ALL!!!   Because, you just wouldn't allow me to rub my name OFF from it, which left me really EMBARRASSED!

* Well wouldn't ALL of you guys be? If that had happened to YOURSELVES! And don't say "NO you wouldn't!!! Course, I know that there must be a few of YOU out there that would! It's just it had to happen to MYSELF!

* Now, surely you got to REMEMBER ME, you silly Moo  But again, you will never be forgotten by this girl!  "You silly Dickie-Pooh!

Wednesday 21 October 2015

The Young Ones


First of all I like to dedicate this Picture that I've done to ALL of Rick's friends and family because it wasn't just a talent Actor that Actor that made us all laugh which I sure you got to agree guys, because if you haven't heard of this really funny sitcom from the mid 80's I would say called "The Young Ones" well surely YOU must have heard the Comedy Series called "Bottom." Which Rick had starred along side his best mate once again, like he had way back then when they first started in the Sitcom,

Which, I've got to admit even though Rick's Character back then was extremely funny, I thought Viv in The Young Ones was a Class A Act, Meaning as you know I had thought he was more funny, but there again, so was Neil, especially when he always use to say "HEAVY! So, I do hope you guys out there like what you see!

By the way my all time favourite Episode of that Sitcom was actually the very last ONE when you see all of them in a DOUBLE-DECKER BUS singing "We are going on a Summer Holiday," then, seeing them ALL go over a blooming CLIFF! Do you guys get that? Over a blooming Cliff, whilst singing to that one song of "Cliff Richard" which Rick adored so much!

Well all I'm going to say on that is, they sure didn't GO blooming FAR to enjoy themselves! Hey! I mean, guys, going to have a Holiday, away from it all then ending up going over a Cliff! So, all I can say on that is that should have probably teach Rick to love his idol, "Cliff Richard!

Don't you guys think!

So, "Bye, bye guys! "Bye! "Bye!

Just Good Friends


* This Painting that I've done as you can plainly see is of "Robson Green and Jerome Flynn" who I would also like to dedicate to because as they knew way back then I really simply adored them, probably still do, in some ways because I'm NOT just anyone that can switch ON and OFF their feelings of how I felt for those guys then! 

* And also way back then, when I was at College well something had told me to do this picture of the them! Because let's just say I really loved them in that well-known TV Series called "Solider, Soldier" can you guy remember that Series? As it was where the guys was discovered by "Simon Cowell" who as you guys should know is from "The X Factor" when they had first sang that well-known song by "The Righteous Brothers" Can you guys Remember???  "Unchained Melody? * Well that's what shocked me the most then, because of hearing those two guys singing in one of the episodes to that Series to just one of many favourite songs of mine! .

* So to end on this NOTE, I'm a person that as got genuine feelings that may be shy but they are DIFINITELY genuine. So, Yes! I do believe that I could still very much like them those guys, even now, but more so of "Robson Green" especially, since I only saw him as my Hero then! And who once again, my beloved Dad had always used to say because he loved winding this girl up while I was always watching him is "He's NOT a Geordie! "But a NUTTY NODDLE FROM NORTHUMBERLAND!  Which of course, got to tell you ALL out there drove this Chick CRAZY!  Course of how I really liked "Robson Green" as my Hero, big time!

* Though saying that also, do you guys want to know that at one time whilst I was in the back garden just looking around mu Dad had suddenly shouted out to me to come on back in because he made out that (Blue Eyes) "Robson Green" was on the TV which as you know if I knew he was on would always have to watch him...

* Anyway, getting back to after my Dad had cried out to me to come back in back so I won't miss seeing Robson on one of the Channels!  As my Dad was standing half-way in-between our living-room door and the floor room door, smiling away course the portable TV in our front was SWITCH ON, I just RUN straight IN without thinking-like course all I thought then, was I didn't want to miss seeing "Robson" on the TV!!!   SWITCHED ON the main TV that was in our living-room, still thinking he's on JUMPED UP and DOWN so many times yelling to myself whilst again my Dad was still watching ME do this for the TV to "blooming hurry up," course I just couldn't wait to see him as well as I was still thinking I didn't want to MISS "Robson" of course! No way!

* Only, guys! And don't laugh!  Even though I reckon you guys probably will, but when it did come ON and I asked my Dad, "what blooming Channel is "Robson on?  Said, "he seems to be on Channel-2 Sandy!  Still very much smiling away at me course, no sooner then I had, that all I saw on the TV scream was the very old TV Comedy Series of "The Addams Family" with their tall butler LURCH walking in saying as usually, "You rang!  Or it could have been from the old Comedy "The Monsters!   Either way, that was what was ON then, thinking I was expecting to be see my Hero, "Robson Green" right there and then!

* Hope you guys though know of what I'm trying to tell you about all this! Course, even myself now especially, have really got to admit to herself that I would see that blooming FUNNY!  I mean guys, just imagine my look on my face when I blooming saw LURCH then, "Robson Green! As I really could have crown my Dad for doing that to me at the time, but I didn't!  Why! Well I don't know why, shall I say guys!!!  Maybe it's course, ME and my Dad are so-alike! That means we both love acting so daft!!!

* As for my Dad though, well I've got to tell you guys, all my Dad did then, was laugh! Laugh! And laugh!   Why! He nearer tripped over by doing so, course of just seeing me as ALWAYS doing something completely daft-like and thinking at that same time that I was really going to see "Robson Green" but I love him anyway!

The X Files


Now guys! Surely must have heard of the series called "The X Files! If NOT well this well-known and most popular series was about UFOs and it was on around the early 90's I think, because as it's been quite a while I just can't remember the exact year it was on, so I'm sorry there! But once again, I sure hope you guys out there like this! And all I'm going to end on that is "It's SPOOKY Mulder! Hope you get that, if you know of this well-known series and what they call Agent Mulder!

Van Gogh


As you should know guys, this well-known Painting that I done of one of "Van Gogh" many Paintings is called "The Sun-Flowers" while once again, I was at College those many years ago! There was more I did of course, but unfortunate for all of YOU I can't show you the rest of them, because even though they are all stored in the Attic I can't seem to get to them! So, I'm truly sorry if you wanted to may be see more Paintings after these three!

Anyway, just to let you also know one of the many Paintings that I done whilst still at College was yet another well-known Famous Paintings of that Artist "Van Gogh" called, "The Starry Night! Can you guys remember that ONE?

Hope you like my version of it though?

Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Mannequin


This painting as you can see was one of my Exams that I did at College that i had pass with flying colours... Like others I may add, which ONE in particular, was a young gorgeous Male Model near to my age, that had dark short wavy hair with dark brown eyes called Steve asking ME as I had ended up on my own, as there was really suppose to be yet another girl with myself of doing this "Semi-Nude Mode"l as part of our EXAM, but had decided at the very last minute that she of course, didn't want to blooming do this ONE, but doing something else, as part of her Exam then, if yo guys, know what I mean!

So, anyway, that meant this GIRL was left to do this on her own which I've just got to tell YOU didn't know what to say when this young Model said in front of me, "NOW, WHAT PART DO YOU WANT ME TO TAKE OFF?

Now, do you see what I'm getting at! When I tell you he asked me "NOW, WHAT PART DO YOU WANT ME TO TAKE OFF? Course, I just didn't know where as well as to what to say, but ALL that this GIRL could say was, "The Top!!! "The Top!!!

Only, guys can you just IMAGINE for moment that this Modal was posing Nude? Well can you! Course if so, well I wouldn't know WHERE to blooming LOOK, even though the guy was a looker! And boy! Do I mean this guy was a looker, as in he was major CUTE! Also, I I would't be at all SURPRISED that I would even get a little HOT in doing this...

Anyway getting back to my painting as you know I used one of my pallet-knifes to do the swivels like how Van Gogh had done to all his well-known paintings! Maybe it was just something about how Van Gogh had inspired me to do my painting like how he had, if you know what I mean? Because using a pallet-knife then a paint brush was to me so easy to Paint. Like showing more textures to how I had paint in the first place! So, I hope you like it! But sadly shortly after we all did our Exams, some stupid idiots as in kids got on top of the roof one night of the Art Block and started a fire, which as you know destroyed the entire Art Block which to me was more like a SECOND HOME! Because of spending more time in there then anyway else!

Luckily for me all my work wasn't in there as I had always stored my Art work in the Cabin where all us students had our coffee break, even my tool-box! But that didn't mean to say I hadn't lost anything, course later on I had found out that someone had took my tool-box that I had always did store it in their storage room.

As for all the rest of the students that did their Art work for their Exams well they had all sadly lost theirs, including one that I'm afraid to say that left their Great, Great Grandmother's Wedding Dress with Veil and Ring as well as their shoes, as it all got burnt with the rest!

Purple Lily


Right guys! Once again this is just another of O'Keeffe Paintings that I did whist I was still at College those many years ago, but because my two favourite Artist was "Van Gogh" and "Rembrandt" well whenever I used to paint, I sometimes like to pain with a pallet knife then a using a paint-brush which I sometimes had so don't get me wrong! It's just like I said course one of those Artist that I like was "Van Gogh" who had trouble in hearing because it was known that he had cut his ear off! But just don't ask me why! Maybe he was a blooming idiot, who knows even though that he was a well-known and most talented Artist around, well that's ONE of many TALENTED Artist! He must have been STUPID IDIOT don't you guys think? Course, I do!

Anyway, getting back to this Painting of mine called "The Purple Lily" because as you can see it's mostly purple but that was only course I had saw it from one of O'Keeffe' books that I had. So, I hope you like how I painted it like how that idiot "Van Gogh" who if you guys have got a pretty good imagination of knowing anyone like Van Goghv of doing that, then saying while talking to them, but all they may say back to YOU is, "You what! Or "Can you say that again, as I can't hear you properly! Well can you!

Horses Gathering


This Painting that I've done may seem unusual to you guys seeing, course I normally love to draw or paint like I did in my past Portraits of just anyone that catches my eye and then say to myself I like that! But what can I say is back then I like this picture that I saw from one of my Art books and said to myself, "Why not! "Do it, course it wasn't just that is was different but I truly had wanted to paint these horses that seemed that they are gathering. Hope you like it though and yes! This is yet another Paintings that I've done while I was at the Redditch College.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Tom Conti


As for this painting, well if you guys don't really know this painting is of another very well-known and much loved by his family and friends the Actor who did more Films I think in the late 70's and maybe early 80's "Tom Conti" so, again I really do hope you guys like what you are seeing.

Laurence Olivier


As for this Portrait of this wonderful and very well-known Old Actor, "Sir Laurence Olivier" well what can I I say but I sure loved his Films, especially, that old film called "Rebecca." I just hope if any of his family and dear friends looked on my blog LOVES this Painting!

Alan Rickman


Hi guys! Well these 3 Paintings that you can see, is slightly different to what you guys had saw from last time! Hope you still like it though! Course, as you can see this Portrait that I've done while again, was still in High School is a Portrait of the a very well-known and very talented Actor of "Alan Rickman" who if some can REMEMBER way back, had starred in the Romantic Film called "Truly, Madly, Deeply! Remember now?

Anyway, he did, but in that film he was more like a Ghost that had kept on coming back to his beautiful Sweetheart, that after he died, MISSED him so very much. Which is understandable, but still that was what the film was about! Then, if I can remember he had also starred in the film with Actor, "Kevin Kline" The January Man. I think! Then, if you guys loved the "HARRY POTTERS" films, well he starred in all those films as one of the WIZARDS, which to be perfectly frank, if you saw couldn't exactly MISSED! Because, he was the main Wizzard that had BLACK HAIR! Which normally as BLONDE HAIR!

And once again, he dyed his hair for this Film of "ROBIN HOOD the Prince of Thieves" as the Evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Which he starred along side the Actor Kevin Cosner who had played Robin Hood!

But I've just got to say that if you ever looking onto my Web-site Alan, well you really had looked more SEXY then you had when you had your normal Blonde hair! And I'm not joking there either, YOU really had!!! But I'm not saying that I find you dull with having BLONDE hair of course, it;s just I think you are far more SEXY when YOU had to dye your hair to BLACK for a part in a film!

As I think you are so BRILLIANT in whatever YOU do, just don't even think about ever stopping in ACTING! Okay!