Monday 1 January 2001


A Book by Dazzlepops

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Chapter 29 excerpt

The following day when I had the day off and like always went straight over to my regular coffee venue to have a drink, well only as I was approaching it came across one of my friends who was just one that happens to know of what I went through at work while those were still around including himself did to me.  So, after saying, “hello,” to each other, joined me in having a coffee only while talking what I can’t remember exactly was whether I had started the conversation about him or whether she did by asking me something about him!

But whoever had started talking about him, had showed my friend this film that I brought because on the front it had some Actor that I’ve never heard or seen before but what took me by complete surprise, who had really resembled.  For whoever this Actor was had nearly made yours truly fall over herself because of the likeness or if you want to put it in another way it was how he looked the spitting image of Matt!  Which I’ve just to admit when I first saw this film on display in the shop not just nearly fell over herself like I said but who did actually thought  this Actor whose name is Luke Wilson was Matt and I’m sure weren’t kidding there either.

There will be more coming soon, I promise...