Thursday 1 February 2018

Peter Kay

First of all viewers out there, I've just got to say....  To "Peter Kay" if you're fucking looking at this Web-site of mine and saw your self portrait that I did, well, I've just got to add, that every fucking time I see sumat with you in it, I always end up Cracking up!!!  And I do mean, cracking-up, Peter!  because, I really do find you hilarious when I see you doing something, then, saying sumat like you were piss about it! 
But, Peter! That fucking Ad that you did of  "The Warburton's Bread" where, you had mixed part of that film from "Ghost," as well as "Pride and Prejudice," well, that was exactly what I mean, by finding so funny!!!
 Especially, where we all see that part of you trying to be so blooming SEXY!  I mean, the part where you had took some other guys front half while taking their shirt off, presumed to be of course, so MUCHO without HAIR then, going back to seeing your own while you were pretending to be the Actor, "Patrick Swyaze" while he was in that film, Ghost behind "Demi Moore" character...
Course, she was at that time, behind a pottery-wheel trying to make either a jug or vase!!!  So, yeah!  You could say I had found that Ad of your so fucking HILARIOUS!!!
But, whatever next?  Hey Peter!  "I mean, if you tried to be the our sexy Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice...  which I am referring to the Actor, "Colin Firth" and not the other one, because they had done another, if I can remember! 
 Only, instead of a mellow drama, which was "Colin Firth" starred in...  This one looked as if they turned it into a Film!  Which, to be perfectly frank, it was bloody rubbish, because, once you make a film or series, I don't find doing a remake of the original is at all better!  Because, it isn't!
 Anyway, Peter!  Getting back to the subject of whatever next will we all see you doing of taking the micky out off? Will it be "Weathering Heights" has you, being "Heathcliff?"  And the true from "Kate Bush!  Adding with it, an old film with "Alan Rickman" in it!  As, he was also, a Ghost like "Patrick Swyaze had been in "GHOST!  But, in "Truly Madly Deeply!  If anyone can ever Remember it though, as it is an old Film...  well, sort-have!!!          

James Corden - "The Sheep Whisperer"


First of all guys, I've just gonna say to "James Corden" himself, if you're looking at this, well didn't you mean to fucking say in that Ad "Oh SHIT!  Then, rather saying, "Oh SHEEP!!!
Don't worry, we all know that you couldn't really say that on international live TV!  It's just that would have been so funny if you had accidently said that then rather, "Oh SHEEP!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

 Also, James, that other new Ad that I only saw of you and another in that small truck, but every single time you guys had a bloomin' problem with that dam thing you always seem to see that very same old strange man...  Which, you always happen to say something like, "didn't I just saw you!  As this strange character of a man that always trying to help you fixing the problem of your car... 
 By giving you guys, some stupid parts for it!   For example, those two huge wheels that's been placed behind your car!  As well as, asking for more cash for those stupid parts! Though, every single time, you guys would go off, thinking it was going to be alright, something else, manages to go wrong with it again!!!  Yet, somehow, you guys end up laughing, course, you have more cash in the front of your vehicle! Well, that's what I think!

But, still if you ask me, I think that "Sheep Ad" was far, far more funnier then that one, even though, that truck of yours does seemed to end up going - just let's say with those stupid silly parts that, that wired stupid-looking old Man had always ended-up giving yeah! 

The Wilson Brothers - Owen & Luke



"BLONDIE," WITH HIS "WAM-BAM THANK YOU MAM, IN NINE DIFFERENT PLACES" - As I was referring to his flaming nose or conk! However you like to put it though!!!


That always manages to knock this girl OUT...  "And that's no mistake!!!


And Yes! Just by describing you Luke, as totally made me go HOT! HOT!!! 

* If only YOU were living around here, then rather living in America or somewhere else, Luke!  As, there's all bloomin' Jerk-offs around here!  And that's the truth! And also, if you must know no there isn't anyone around here that makes this girl go totally SHY when she sees them, such as you do every single time she watches one of your Films...  And again, that's no joke Luke!  You always somehow manages to make this girl go either totally SHY or BASHFUL whenever she sees yeah smiling!  As I always seems to BLUSH whenever I see you smiling in a certain way!  "Do you know that Luke?  That's if you're seeing this Web-site of mine?  Which, I sure hope you do someday!!! 

Why!  You could even say you and YOU alone, you, (Brown Eyes) had always seem to hypnotize me in such a bloomin' big way that at times, I don't think I wanna snap out of it!!!  I mean, all I've got to do is really look into your gorgeous big Brown Eyes, Luke...  And Wam-Bam, I've gone again!!!  But, do wanna know something else, Luke?  You're so worth going all dizzy-like whenever I see yeah!
 Especially, whenever I see all your kissing Scenes in Films such as The Full Throttle - The Last Dance Scene for instance   "Remember Luke?  That's if you're seeing this!  Course for me, I see that scene where you tip Natalie over just slightly a bit after she dance with you as definitely romantic and so NICE!  Because, for one, "I see myself as a romantic person so where you are tilting her back!  You kiss her! 

* If only that could happen to me in that way?  As I've never been kissed!  But I'm not complaining-like, it's just that as always been a Dream of mine when this girl was in her teens, dreaming away though, that will I ever meet someone so nice, shy and above all, who's so decent! 
But, I don't now, being the age I am, because a lot of the guys these days now just wanna either like to play around with anyone... but then, ending up with a load of sex-objects - that's kids!!!  And this girl sure DON'T WANT THAT at all!!! 

Then, there's that film that you also, starred in, of course, called "The Family Stone" where after seeing your character, Ben Stone coming home for Christmas to the family, then putting your bags down and your supposedly niece jumps up...  You then, immediately look up, cause your brothers so-call girlfriend, Meredith "Sarah Jessica Parker" character, then starts to come down the stairs where of course, you give that lovely sexy smile of yours.  Which is exactly what I'm talking about Luke!  You can definitely knock me out!  Or should I put that in another way, to you, you with that look can always HYPNOTIZE ME!

Only, am I complaining!!!  "No, I'm not!  "For I'm actually loving it, if you must know!!! Yeah that's right!  I'm fecking loving it alright!!!

* Anyway, as for you Owen, "Big Brother" second from Andrew, well for some reason you don't do anything for me!  Maybe, if I was still younger, younger and I do mean YOUNGER Owen, has I'm the same age as you, then maybe, just maybe I would dig yeah!  Because, way back in my youth, I was always into BLONDES!!!  But, now, as you guys know, no more because every single time I watch one of your younger Brother Films, well, let's put it in another way, he ALWAYS manages to put this girl on Cloud 9!

So, again, "HELLO LUKE!  YOU (BROWN EYES) YOU!!!  : )

But, I've just got to add though, Owen, when I first clapped eyes on that Film that you starring along with "Jackie Chan" called "Shanghai Noon!  Well, after seeing the last parts, where it shows all the out-takes from the film...  Well, where both you and Jackie is in a tin Bath blowing bubble, because it was where you two was suppose to be really drunk...   Well, after seeing all of a blooming sudden, BIG flaming BUBBLES popping up from the surface of the water one after another from your tub at the bottom had me in stitches!!!

I mean, it was like watching a blooming VOLCANO erupting...  You know Owen, what I mean, don't you???  Like hearing flaming Ba-boom exploding right in front of someone!!!  And I do mean EXPLODED!!!

Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!

So, that was flipping funny seeing you do that out-take!

By the way, I also, like to add, if I can... that Ad you do, where we all see yeah with sitting down on a couch or a long sofa, however you like to put it!!!  "Well, why!  "Oh why!  "Couldn't it have been your younger brother, Luke doing that Ad???"  Instead of you!  Because, no offence to you Owen, but it if was Luke that was doing them, then you...  Then watching him would be so worth it, you know!  Course, like I may add once again, just by seeing that lovely smile of his, not forgetting that look, as always manages to makes this girl go truly SHY in herself!!! 



 Now, viewers out there!  If any of yeah, don't really know this old TV series, well, don't worry...  As, I wouldn't expect yeah two because, this Series had came out from 1985 to May 1989.

As, "MOONLIGHTING" was a America comedy Drama Television series that aired on ABC from March 3rd 1985 till May 4th 1989, once again.  And the total from what all their series had done was actually 66 EPISODE.

Now, for you viewers, that doesn't know of this Series back then, well, what this Series was about was - after being dumped and going bankrupt...  Model, Miss Maddie Hayes who was played by American Actress "Cybill Shepard!  

** Which, back then, because, yours truly had certainly liked this series, but viewers, it was only for ONE THING ONLY!  And that was,,,  This Chick as in ME, had totally had the HOTS for the very young "BRUCE WILLIS" that had played the character, David Addison had always thought, about "Cybill Shepard" character, Maddie Hayes, "YOU BITCH!!!

** Course, oh boy!  The look he was always giving in that flaming old series had made this girl go funny as in saying to myself,  ever time I saw him, has DAVID ADDISON was, "Oh boy! "Isn't he bloody GORGEOUS!!!  And I do mean, TOTALLY GORGEOUS! 

Because guys, if you really wanna know why, it was course, he had the most SEXY EYES & his SMILE...   

Press Gang


* Now, what can I possibly say about this very old series first only that, I used to really liked to watch it after coming back from High School... 
* The only thing though, way, way back then, I think that I wanted to watch this series because, this "Fool" meaning myself of course, had the bloomin' HOTS for "Dexter Fetcher" because, every bloomin' single time she had saw him in this series, she had really thought he was American!!!  And oh boy! Did I think with that accent of course, isn't he fairly cute also!  But, was I flaming wrong, as I had found that bit out later on!

* But, "BLOODLY HELL MAN!  "What have you done to yourself, laterly Dexter?" Hey! I mean, Dexter haven't you let yourself go, big time!  And that's no joke!  And you're only two or three years older then I!  Course, looking at you, has you are now through Google, you look-like you've come out from a bloomin' flirty Dust-bin!  Like "AMINAL" from The Muppet Show!  But, that's just it, AMINAL was suppose to be like that, because, it's a fucking Muppet for that show!

* Anyway, let's get back to this old series of "PRESS GANG" that first appeared on our screens on 16th January 1989 and ended it on the 21st of May 1993.
As "Press Gang" was a British children Television comedy  drama consisting of 43 episodes across five series that were produced by Richmond Film & Television for Central, & screened on the ITV network in it's regular weekdays afternoon children strand.

* And again, I like to mention to all of you guys out there that the two main Actors that this series had mainly was trying to base upon - course of the way they had always liked to fight and then make-up, secretly!  Because it was like there was some romance-going but while no-one was looking of course, of Julia Sawalha as (Linda Day) and Dexter Fetcher as (Spike)! 

Les McKenown - Bay City Rollers

"Leslie Richard Mckenown" is a Scottish pop singer who was the lead singer of "The Bay City Rollers" during their most successful period.  He was born on the 12th November 1955 in Edinburgh Royal Maternity Hospital and Simpson Memorial Pavilion.  So now, he would be roughly (age 62).
 * While he was with the gang, back in their hay-days, should I say they sang so many popular songs, that the two that I can well remember them of singing, while watching The Top Of the Pops then was - (1) "Bye, Bye Baby" & (2) "I Only Wanna Be With You!!!  Which guys, out there, you have no idea to what I was like as a child, while I was watching them?  Course, if you guys first think I was SAD to like them, well first of all, I was only a fucking child then!  "Yes!  I many still go CRAZY if I heard or even saw "Showaddywaddy" as I had recently have at the Place Theatre in Redditch... which was another old group in the 70s!  But, that was all because, I loved seeing "Dave Bartram" smile while singing to all those great tracks of his group!
 * But, getting back to "Bay City Rollers" because, every single time I to heard them, before I knew about my all time favourite group "Showaddywaddy" well, I to use to blooming sing along to their well-known songs, such as I said, "Bye, Bye Baby," "I Only Wanna Be With You," "Give A Little Love," "Saturday Night," & "Shang-A- Lang!  
This girl will be there for the second time, watching you perform at "The Redditch Palace Theatre" on the 21st of April 2018.  Which, is only a week away from now!  And once again, Les, I'll be at the Top balcony, front row in the Centre!
Would like it if you can see it, that is, to maybe receive a Personal Signed Autograph or a Signed Autograph from YOU as it's my 50th Birthday the following Friday!!!
Bye, Bye, Baby... for now!  Only, I liked, "I Only Wanna Be With You!    :) 
After seeing you on that night Les, well, let's just say I wasn't impress to find out that I could have had a signed autograph from you!  Only, I find out, you only did it before the show started...  And as for thinking you would have at least pause or stopped, to give Messages out to you audience who like I did, as I also, left you a Messages with those two fairly large pictures that I've drawn for you...  Asking, if I may have a signed Autograph from you or something so I would know you had liked what I've done, well, it would have been nice!  But, I didn't find that you had until after your show had ended!  As, no one told me before hand!!!
But, still!  I hope you had liked those two very large pictures that I've done of you and had framed???   The one, I drawn was when you were very young, singeing, which I title "Bye, Bye Baby" and the other one was as you are now!  And after signing it at the back like the other, I titled it, "I Only Wanna Be With You!       

Barry Evans - "Mind your language"


Barry Joseph Evans was an English Actor best known for his appearance in British Sitcoms such as "Doctor In The House" that went out between (1969 to 70). "Mind You Language" that went out (1977 from 1986).  And many others, included two more, which I will mention soon!

He was born on 18 June 1943, in Guildford but sadly died on the 9th February 1997 Claybrooke Magna.  He was educated at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, Italian coli Academy of Theatre Arts...

Now, the one other that Barry had appeared was "Doctor At Large" which was filmed on the year 1971 and finally he also, appeared in something called "Here We Go Round The Mulberry" which went out on 1968!