Sunday, 3 September 2023

Dedicated to you Ronan Keating



First of all!  Like I said above...  This picture that I had drawn, was especially, for you Roan, being maybe the closes to Stephen Gateley

And secondly!  Just  to let you guys know out there, if none of you didn't know already!  Both Roan Keating and Stephen Gateley were in an Irish band, called Boyzone created in 1993 by a talent Manager, Louis Walsh!

 Now, before even recrding any material, it had seen Boyzone had seem to have made an appearance on RTE'S The late, late show!  The most successful line-up was composed by Keith Duff, Stephen Gateley, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch and finally, Roan Keating.

 Only, it was a shame that they had split in 1999, even though, this well-known group that a lot of us had so loved had made a comeback in 2007!  But who had also, sadly heard later on that, that talented young singer, as he so was, "Stephen Gateley" had unfortunately, passed away, from natural causes on the October 10th 2009 while on holiday.

 So, wherever all you guys, maybe, from Boyzone!  Well I'm sure Stephen Gateley is still always going to be with you, not just in your hearts!  But being in Heaven, with all the other Angels...  Well I'm sure he's looking down upon all you guys, with that lovely smile of his!  
But, more so!  This is for you, Roan Keating!     

                             WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU 

The Face from my Past



 As, the title says, to all you viewers out there!  This guy, was a guy, that I once upon a time knew, from my past!  And if you really wanna know more...  Well just read my book, "PLAYING GAMES!  And why!  You may well add?  Well this is the face of Matt, from my book!   

 And who, like I mentioned in Chapter 42 more, as loved Matt for sixteen years now!  Yes!  That's right viewers!  It's been sixteen years, that I have loved Matt!  And even though, I will always, love him!  And love him I do!  Well I will carry on being in love with him, for the next year, and so on!  

But, is still happy to wonder, what if!!!  Just what if!  It would have been liked, back then, if Matt had allowed me to be his friend, then, rather joining in, with those "Barstard" from my old work-place, to play upon my feelings!  Hey!  As, I still like to wonder!  


Because, as Matt was the only one that ever brought a huge smile back on my face, as well as, making this girl laugh again, since my Manager, had to leave!  As, it was a sad shame that he disliked me!  Because of the way he was mostly acting towards me!  As, in one minute, acting alright!  Then, the other!  His behaviour towards only myself, "mind you," had changed to Mr Hyde from Jekyll and Hyde stories! 

 Why though!  Was I that bad?  Because normally, I do get on so well!  More so, with guys, then girls!  But, oh no!  He just made me feel there were sumat wrong!  Or, not liked!   But, who stupid me, still could not help, liking Matt!  So, viewers!  Aren't I a right fucking idiot to still feel, like I do for Matt!  But instead of liking the guy, I have seriously fallen in Love with him!  But who is happy to just dream, what if though! 

 Because ever since I can remember, I had always, always believed, if anything would have happened to me!  Then, it would have!  But no!  Nothing as!  So, as I know, full well, don't believe in anything so wonderful would ever happen now, to me!  Course, of how those, horrible "barstards" from my old work-place!  And even Matt himself, had played upon my feelings!   

 Though, with Matt!  I just couldn't, get annoyed or angry with him, for joining in!  Because of possibly how I was truly starting to feel for him!   But, it wasn't that I wanted him like that!  It was just my feelings!  And my feelings only then, had really started to show signs, that I was honesty falling head over heels for him so much!  

 But till this day onwards, I  do sometimes!  Just sometimes though, thought just what would have been liked, if Matt had liked me!  Then, for him to single me out, from the others, and who then acted half of the time like Mr Hyde!  From Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?  Course, yes!  I had truly thought, Matt was nice, when he and that tall, but quite lanky, Pencil-stick girl!  With a nose that had truly looked-liked a deformed, but wooden puppets nose!  A puppet like Pinocchio!  Who's nose grows, if he tells lies! 


But the deference's, with hers, was she sure had a nose that was like a toffee-nose Bitch!  In other words, big Liz, as that was her name, was not only ugly!  But who looked-like a old Witch!   A Witch, that had certainly reminded anyone, if they had saw her then!  Plus, myself of course, of  that "Witch" from that old film, starring, the young Judy Garland, "The Wizard of Oz!  And that's no mistake!  Because, she truly had looked-like a pompous, toffee nose bitch!  That had thought she, like someone else, that I know of, was Miss two goody-two shoes!  But the difference was, the other was a huge fat trollop that was always lurking around the Kingfisher Centre, with a face like Godzilla!

 And so, if you wanna find out more about the huge, fat trollop!  That I swear, had a face like Godzilla!  Well just start reading my book, PLAYING GAMES!               



We all knew it was Going to Happen


 Well, as you guys know, from what I just written above...  These two, was the main two actors from "Scarecrow and Mrs King!  Which, every time I saw this series, just knew straight away that they really dig each other...

 Which, was a saying, we all knew they really liked each other because of the looks that they were giving out! 


Scarecrow and Mrs King



Sunday, 9 April 2023

My Childhood SweetHeart



 Now, as you guys, probably recognised that drawing above, that's if you had remembered!  Because I had once placed it in my Web-site with a photograph of him below it!

 Well as for this photo of these two small children!  Well, as you gathered, this very young girl was myself!  With my darling sweet Nicky who was standing by my side!  Which, every time I knew we were all going over to their house to visit my mums old friend, Maria!  So, each time this little girl had knew we were about to go over to their house, I personally just couldn't help myself getting excited with a huge smile upon my face!

 Because as a very young child, I had always thought, this little lad, the youngest from the three lads, that Maria had, had felt she couldn't help but loving him so very much!  And that's no joke!  As, I truly loved my Nicky!  Course, he was absolutely so nice!  Really he was!  Why!  Coming from a little girl, those many years ago, I had even thought, I'm going to marry you when I grow-up Nicky!     

 Which, if I thought about it now!  Would have felt so sorry for him!  Because there was this one time that after knowing Maria was coming over to see us, bringing my darling, Nicky of course, well boy!  Did I get always so blooming exciting!  Because of thinking I'm gonna see my darling!  Yeah!  But for when they had came over and started to charted away, while starting to drink that Italian, percolate coffee...  Which being half Italian, sure knew that, that percolate coffee was oh so vile to drink!  

 But, getting back to when they had started to drink the coffee well, boy!  Did this little girl  couldn't help looking over to her darling little Nicky with his absolutely deep, big, melting, mesmerising brown eyes and a sweet smile!  Which after Nicky had decided to pop out, I personally chased after him!  And chase I did!  All around!  Which, he ended up going straight out to the front!  Where he tried to hide away from me!  Me!  That loved him!  But who had probably knew I was getting upset about not finding him!

 And even though, I had probably missed him, had truly thought, the worse!  Or that he couldn't have disappeared into thin air!  Because, as I knew he had went straight out to the front garden, was sure I would have spotted him!!!  But just as I said, I didn't!  So, as I sadly went back in, thinking to myself, oh, where!  Oh, where, have Nicky gone?  Nearly in tears!  Saw that, as I opened the door to the kitchen, from the back, that Nicky had played a curl trick on me!  Because, he was right there, back, inside the living-room, smiling away! 

Not forgetting, a time I won't ever forget!  Because it really did happen to me, while trying to impress Nicky one October evening as we were all at his house!  Because of who Maria had invited all of her other friends, that she knew, plus their children!

 So, just image bringing amongst this crowd of people, chatting away to themselves and Maria?  Course, of one thing lead to another, while everyone was really chatting away and laughing, hearing a very loud fart!  Yes!  A fart, coming from the corner of this living-room, where this very young child was only sitting down with her knees crossed, trying to batter her eyelids to this little lad that she so adored so much!  Would all of you stop talking and glare upon that little girl, that really couldn't help herself to do it?  Because, of ever since she had started to take some medications, things like that had started to reoccur!  Which, as you know, couldn't be helped!

 The only problem was!  Way, before, all this happened, myself and my lovely, darling sweet Nicky had used to play with each other, while both of our mothers was chatting away and drinking that extremely, awful percolated black coffee!  And if we had always went round over to theirs!  Well, once again, while they were chattering away, drinking Marias percolated coffee this time!  With my dad sitting around, well there was a time that Nicky had took his cup and threw it into the kitchen sink!  Course, even himself knew of how vile his mothers coffee was always like, when she had always made it for them!!!

 And why, you may say!  Well, what would you guys say, if I told you that each time Maria had made a percolated coffee, she wouldn't change the filters, like anyone should do!  So, in other words, what I'm trying to say was, Maria!  Who was a lovely person, had always left the same flaming filters, where you make that sort of coffee!  Over and over again and again!      


 Now, ever since I can remember, yours truly had always, always loved eyes and a smile in any guys, then rather the whole looks of them!

 But, there was also, a time in my younger period, that this girl didn't go for really dark hairs!  But who had to be blonde!  Blonde, with deep blue eyes and a very, very nice smile!  Oh!  Yes, indeedy!  They would all have to be blonde, with deep blue eyes and a lovely smile!

 Only, while growing-up into my teens, then whom, gradually had got closer to my twenties, I started to show signs that I was growing-out of blondes, with deep blue eyes!  Because, first!  While I was still at school, well instead, like all the other children, that I knew around me, that knocked around older and more married men with grow-up children!  Well, I was really shy!

 For whom then, had decided to start to watch series that I could like!  For instance, there was, Mind Your Language!  Which, was a sitcom based upon different people trying to learn English in a English class!  Which to me, had definitely thought that young teacher was a knock out!  As this very young Actor, was called Barry!  Barry Evans!  For who had dark hair!  And boy!  The most adorable big brown eyes and a very, very cutest, sexy smile!  That could have melt me down, by just looking at him!

 And this was still coming from a very young girl, that I wouldn't be surprised, that had started to truly guys, full stop!  Course, yes!  Even though, how I thought, Nicky was my child-hood-sweet-heart!  And he sure was!  I at the age of seven or eight had also, loved an Actor called, Lee Majors!  Lee Majors that had played, Colonel Steve Austin, in a series, called, The Six Million Dollar Man! 

Which boy!  Every time I knew he was gonna be on, each Saturday morning, not only did I always use to jump for joy!  But, for who I had to parked my small ass right in front of the television, with my knees crossed, getting all ready to watch him go!  

Then, who later on!  I had started to watch the Original, Battlestar Galactic and The A Team, because of having a very huge crush on the very same Actor, that played Lt Starbuck from Battlestar Galactic and Face man from The A Team!  Who was called, Dirk Benedict!  But as for Buck Rogers in the twenty-fifth Century!  Well still as a very young girl, like the Actor that played Buck Rogers!  His name was Gil Gerard!  

 Why, even more so, when it came to the detectives series!  Like, Remington Steele!  Which I'm sure the Actor, Pierce Brosen had first started out his fame!  As for "Chips!  Well boy!  in that!  Did I get so fond of that Actor that had played "Ponch!   As, in Officer Francis Llewelyn Poncherello!  Who was played by Erik Estrrada!  

 Then, of course, there was, Simon & Simon, the two brothers!  That had their own detective Agency! One was called Rick!   And the other, was called A.J!  Whom, I had absolutely thought, was a real knock-out!  The Actor was called, Jameson Parker!  And why!  You may ask!  Well boy!  The Actor, that had played A.J Simon in this old series was blonde!  Blonde, with deep blue eyes!  But not forgetting, mind you, that he certainly had a lovely smile!  Which, this was before really liking dark hairs, with nice eye!

 Though, saying that, there was this final series, that had came on called, Miami Vice!  For whom, Don Johnson had starred in it!  And once again, I went back in time, course he also had blonde hair with blue eyes!

 But then as soon as I watched a series called Casualty!  Well, it was like something had happened to me!  Because that was the very first time I spotted my hero, who back then, was only young himself!  Called, Robson Green!  As he played, Jimmy the Porter!     


Sunday, 5 February 2023

Love Actually - The Colin Firth Kiss


 As you guys can see, from this print-out,  the Actress, Lucia Moniz above, seemed one hell of a lucky girl to be kissed be Colin Firth!!!  Which all I could dream of...  Is you lucky sod, you!  Course, just look at her in this scène of the film, Love Actually???


Love Actually - Another Special Moment

                                      SPECIAL MOMENT!

 Now, viewers, out there first of all!  Let me just tell ya, a little bit about myself!  Course, ever since I could remember, this chick was always into romantic films!  Because of dreaming, what if that could happen to me!!!  Then rather, being picked on!  Or even being bullied, as I had been, in my past life! 

 As, I've never had that!  Which was why, I did love this film in parts!  Especially, seeing only Colin Firths Character, James had realised that Aurelia, played be Lucia Moniz was the one for him!