Wednesday 3 December 2014

Mrs Brown - "Ah Feck Off"


Now, if anyone of you guys doesn't really like "Mrs. Brown Boys" well, let me tell you, you blooming' mad! As it's so funny. So, whoever doesn't like Mrs. Brown can really Feck Off!  Course, in one of Mrs Brown Boys episodes even though they are all funny this ONE was my main Favourite! Why! You may ask, well it's where you see Buster gets Dermot a phone a portable phone for him, probably NICKED!

* Anyway, while seeing it, you see Nick, Cathy's old Boyfriend turning up to explain that he wasn't married while he was with her,which after Cathy tells her Mum that "look who's here?  Not only sees Mick who's the copper, but who Agnes hides that very same phone in the front, which you guys, have got to know it's a guy really dressed up in a blooming woman's out-fit, then who the old Priest "Father Quinn" comes in with "Father Damien!

* While after leaving them with Agnes, Agnes goes and seat at the kitchen table with them, which  YOU then see both Dermot and Buster in the local still dressed as Stupid Opera Singers with a twirly moustaches having a drink but which after trying to find where he's put his new phone asks Buster to RING my phone won't you? " Which, you got to know what's coming up next hey!

* Course, while the two Fathers try to talk to Agnes, there all of a sudden the phone RINGS which is setting off the vibrations in you know WHERE!! ! Where Agnes had hidden the phone! Which all I can basically say was, it was really FUNNY!  Course, ever now and again, Buster RANG Phone, which every blooming time "Father Damien" had tried to say something to our Agnes and "Father Quinn" was trying to listen, well that Phone of Dermot's just wouldn't STOP ringing, which, now, YOU have got to plainly imagine the expression or look on Agnes Face being a MAN!   As I just could not stop myself from laughing!  Course, come on guys, Agnes couldn't ANSWER IT because of wear Agnes had hidden it!!!

* And if you guys can remember in another sense of "Agnes Brown Boys" saying to the Audience "IT'S A MAN DRESSED IN A WOMEN DRESS!!!  Which of course had made all the audience LAUGH!

* Now, you got to get what I was getting at... RING! RING! RING! RING!

* Only, once again viewers out there, Agnes could not ANSWER Dermots phone for whenever Buster had rang it for Dermot, while being in their local with him!

Showaddywaddy - Remember Then


Well, here we are guys, once again, but this time really I've done this especially, for "Dave Bartram" because if it really weren't for him I don't think I would have ever loved Showaddywaddy or him as so much as I do, which was ever since the 70's. So, now, Dave, wherever you may be SMILER, I sure hope YOU are looking at this main picture of ALL you guys that I've done especially for you, even though I already done one for you, which as you should know was a self-portrait of yourself, can always remember those SPECIAL good old memories that YOU may have with the rest of your guys from Showaddwaddy back then!

Even though now, those that I'm sadly to say can't be around anymore, will NEVER IN OUR HEARTS Dave, be FORGOTTEN!!! As we will always, always LOVE and REMEMBER them!

Just think of this my SMILER you! Which you certainly are to ME Dave, as YOU brought the most biggest SMILE on this girls face every time she had saw YOU especially singing away with the rest of Showaddywaddy as well as hearing to ALL your songs that I so love on my CD Player...
But those that sadly can't be with us from the original Showaddywaddy are probably watching all you guys carrying on singing away to ALL those GREAT songs that ALL you guys back then had sang together!!!

So, what I would like to add if you don't mind in me saying is, just think of those TWO tunes that you guys, back then sang called "Heavenly" as well as "Remember then! Because as a ANGEL now, and I'm sure he truly is in Heaven those TWO main tunes I would like for you to always be thinking of them! Like as I just said they we NEVER be FORGOTTEN! As they will be love and remembered by all!

Hope you can cotton on to that Dave though! Cos, just think to two of your songs? "Heavenly," and "REMEMBER then" then Smile while you look to the Heavens above.

Love you always

Your Teddy-Girl

And yes! I was referring to only you "Showaddywaddy" I'm truly your Teddy Girl who simply adore YOU!

Sandy Dazley from St, George's Rd, that I sure still hope you truly loved that self-portrait of YOU that I left with the guys! REMEMBER ME now? Well I sure hope you do! As well as the rest of the guys, from Showaddywaddy because it would be so nice to know that I've left a big IMPRESSION on all of YOU after all of you guys had left The Palace Theatre at Redditch last year, around November when one of the guys had celebrate their Birthday!

And guess what Dave Bartram yours truly have even nicked-named her MP-3 Player as her "iPODDYWDDY" as well as nick-naming herself as "The Teddy-Girl for YOU and the rest of the guys from Showaddywaddy!

Do you get it Dave? Sure hope you do! When I said that I've nicked-named her MP-3 Player as her "iPoddywwaddy! Like it? Well I sure hope YOU and the rest of the guys, from Showaddywaddy do!

The thing is though Dave if ONLY I could have really MET YOU when I saw Showaddywaddy for the very first time in my life around November 2014? Because if you must know meeting you would have really made this girls DREAM come true for her! And that's NO joke! As I always ADORED you, since I saw you singing away to "UNDER THE MOON OF LOVE" which you must know already with the rest of the guys from Showaddywaddy on "Top of The Pops" in the 70's when I was at the age of six!

Oh boy! How I adore YOU so! And I certainly d mean I will always ADORE you Dave Bartram
And don't worry, while yours truly, Sandy Dazley is going to be around, YOU and the rest of the guys from SHOWADDYWADDY will never be forgotten as I will always keep SHOWADDYWADDY alive!!!!

P.S /

By the way Dave! If you are logged on to your you Do you know that next time your group "SHOWADDYWADDY" comes over to Reddtch next year, it will be just only two days after my BIRTHAY! As my Birthday falls on April 27th! So, you could really say even then, would be so special to yours truly because of how YOUR guys, would be coming over-like on the 29th April 2016!

Shame though of how I can't MEET YOU Dave in person for like in saying that's my present from YOU, as that's always been my all time DREAM!


Wednesday 26 November 2014

Showaddywaddy Live - "Right Let All Those Kids Get Up On Your Feet Now, Showaddywaddy, well, Showaddwaddy well, hey Rock And Roll"


First of all guys, these two Pictures that I've drawn especially, for "Showaddywaddy" are basically all togather-like then just two, so, please don't think that!

Anyway, this is really to "Showaddywaddy"

if any of you guys are tured into my blog, which I do hope, well, this is specially for you for making this girl smile so much, when she saw you preform live in The Redditch Palace Threate on November 1st. Because, seeing you guys had truly made my dream Come True! As, I was the only One that first of all, could see, was singing her heart away to all your Songs, while you was preforming on Stage. Not to mention, I was the one that when you guys had finally came out at the back door had sang a bit of "Under the Moon of Love to the lead Singer, Andy and the one whose birthday it was! So, I do hope you remember Me in some way?

Thank you and I hope you like what I've done?

Your very own Teddy Girl Sandy

Wednesday 5 November 2014




Hi guys! I sure hope you are turned into my blog? bcause, first of all, I really had an awesome time watching all of you when you came over to The Palace Theatre in Redditch on 1st of this Month, hosestly I did! And secondly, what I would like you guys to know is that I'm half way in posting a portrait of all of you, so it will be on my blog very soon! ok! Take Care of yourselves now?

And to the lead Singer, "Andy" I would just like to say that you truly had sang all those Showaddywaddy songs, brillently! as I just couldn't help myseif from singing along to you while I was there watching you guys playing to all my fovorite tracks, including that last One, you sang, "Under the Moon of Love! So, Thank you Andy from my bottom of my heart for singing that one for ME! But, most of all, can you Please thank your Manager, "Dave Bartram" for maybe, asking you guys to play that ONE song for me? As I really loved it! I will always love you guys and Dave Forever and ever.

All my love Sandy Dazley "dazzlepops" xx

Shakin Stevens


* Ok guys! You could say, I liked "Shaken Stevens" and probably still do, in small amounts especially, whenever I hear his songs, "Merry Christmas Everyone" as I tend to go a little Nuts or Wild not to mention, crazy should I say, by singing that track along with "Mariah Carey" Christmas song, "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMATMAS!

* Course, guys, don't laugh!  But this fucking "NUT-CASE" which, to be perfectly frank, does see herself has, because I see myself as more as a Geordie girl, then, rather looking more like fucking MARFIA, meaning, of course, looking more like my mum who's Italian, which, I had always felt so sorry for my Dad before he had died!!!

* Anyway, getting back to our loveable "SHAKEN STEVENS" because, every single blooming time I hear "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE" as well as the original Christmas song from "Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas is YOU!!!   Well, let's just say this Wild Chick just can't help herself singing away to those two tunes!

* And guys, that's no joke either!  I always seem to go complete NUTS when I hear those TWO tunes...   And if you guys, want to know something else, about yours truly, well whenever I seem to hear "Mariah's Song "All I want for Christmas is YOU!  Well, yours truly, always seem to end up singing, "is YOU Luke Wilson! 

* Hope all you viewers out there though, understand WHY I always have to end up singing that song with "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU LUKE WILSON!!! 

Because, I just love to DREAM - what if that truly happened to me???  hey!  Course, that's what I think I would so love to happen to ME!

* See guys!  I told you I always seem to go COMPLETE WILD-LIKE whenever she hears these TWO songs!

Wednesday 22 October 2014

David Cassidy


Now, okay! I've drawn "David Cassidy" because at a very younger age, again, I loved watching a series called "The Partridge Family! It was around the same time though that "The Osmonds" as in "Donny Osmond" and all the rest of his family, which same may have liked... But as for myself well all I loved watching as you know by now was "David Cassidy" preforming his songs when he did sang them in that series of "The Partridge Family!

Why! Well again, I think it was basically something about how he Smiled and tilted his head at times when singing to those songs of his...

As I always thought back then, 'Oh boy! David, you simply done it again, which was nice, so don't get me wrong, but for making this very young girl as I was then, to simply go all bashful-like in herself with a smile on her face because all that I was simply doing was seeing him singing!

Dave Bartram


* This picture of "Dave Bartram" is especially for the guy himself, as I've Ioved him from the moment I've seen Showaddywaddy on Top of the Pops back in the early 70's age six when I heard him singing "Under the Moon of Love. So, Dave if you're looking at this, this one's for you, you Smiler! 


* Hope you liked my pix from the local Theatre. PPS I have already got my Ticket. And boy! I certainly can't wait to see YOU. As I've always been Crazy about you guys.

* But Dave what I truly want you to know is that it's YOU even more so, that's always done something to your Teddy-Girl Sandy since I first saw you, singing away! Course I always seem to go all bashful-like whenever I see you!

So, Thank you Dave!


Ben Stiller


I have just got to say that with "Ben Stiller" I find that he had played Starkey's character A.K.A "Paul Micheal Glazier" from the hit TV series just brillantly. And I did actually think he was so very funny in "Meet the Fuckers!

David Tennant


What can I say about "David Tennant," but first of all, I sure hope some day you, "David Tennant" will stumble upon this Web-site of mine because not only have you played "The Doctor" so marvellously. Even though, I loved all the old Doctors series, especially, when it came to my favourite one, "Jon Pertwee!

Adam Faith Zoe Wanamaker


Well, the reason why I've drawn this, is because back in the 80's these two Actors had appeared in an old favourite series of mine called, "Love Hurts!

Wednesday 8 October 2014

David Arquette and Drew Barrymore


* If you guys want to really know of why I had drawn these two Actors, is because the film that they had both starred in is called, "Never Been Kissed" which, okay! is one of my all time favourite films, until, I came across the film with "Luke Wilson" in called, "The Wendell Baker Story! As I now thought that's more Romantic than the film "Never Been Kissed! Even though, whenever I watch it, I end up crying, because of how "Drew Barrymore's" character waited for her love, Sam, down at the Basketball Court, thinking that he would not turn up, but finding out that when he does well as soon as I see them kissing as they do, one of my favourite tunes from "The Beach Boys" comes on which is "Don't Worry Baby!

* But what I think I liked more about this film before knowing that I really liked "Wendell Baker Story" starring that adorable "Luke Wilson" who I'm totally smitten with because of knowing someone in my past is that every single time I had put this film "NEVER BEEN KISSED" it made me think of how "Draw Barrymore's" character was like more MYSELF!

* Just please don't laugh guys, because like the titled to that film "NEVER BEEN KISSED" well this girl now in her forties as still never in her entire life been KISSED by someone that she may have truly adored...

* Because all my life I had either been bullied at school, picked on at my old work-place or just simply been pushed to one corners by my own sister who really made me feel I was like a black sheep, which if any of you guys don't know what that means, well that's just an expression of saying I'm more prettier then YOU are! Because she really had always made me feel that I was completely NOTHING and that like others may say DON'T THINK YOU MAY BE LIKED BY SOMEONE IN THAT WAY...

"Because all you are good for is really liking different Actors in different series!  Which okay! While growing-up I had really liked different Actors in different series, but that was only because I was a very, very SHY young girl but my god! I don't think she would understand if I told her now, that I am totally in love with someone!!!

* Is that sister of mine JEALOUS because I'm HAPPY and doing what my beloved dad had told ME to do before we found out he was going to died!
Which was really told ME to, "just ENJOY my life whether I get invited out by friends or not! "Just ENJOY your life Sandy! Which I am

* Anyway, there you have it guys! This GIRL is still a total "DREAMER" course I've "NEVER BEEN KISSED! But just still DREAMING to what's it really liked to be swept up off my feet by someone without knowing like that they could be just around! See I told you guys, I'm a total ROMANTIC!

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn


* Now, please, do not ask me why I've drawn this picture! Maybe, it's because I thought I couldn't leave "Owen Wilson" out, for what his younger brother Luke, always does to me whenever I watch him in any of his films!  Sound crazy, but, that's also, ture! But, there again, I do think that those two Actors, "Owen Wilson" and "Vince Vaughn" are also, two brillently Actors that no one can't help theirselves from laughing! So, guys, if any of you do come across my Web/site, well, all I can say is just 'KEEP MAKING ALL OF US SMILE WITH YOUR WACKY SENSE OF HUMOUR!

* But saying all that "Owen Wilson" if are. at any blooming time go onto this Web-site of mine well I've just got to tell yeah (Blondie) the film that I think I liked YOU in the most was starring along side of "Jackie Chan" "Shanghai noon!!!

* But why! You may well ask Owen, well I think it's after that well-known and funny Film finishes and all of us viewers then see all the "out-takes" that's where after doing or saying something WRONG-like or should I rather MISTAKES of you two guys do well in ONE PART especially, when it comes UP that is, all see is both YOU and JACKIE in an hot tub having a bath sense, enjoying yourselves of course by drinking...

* Well after asking Jackie to keep saying what you want him to say ends up EXPLODING yourself as loads and loads of BUBBLES float above the surface of the WATER from down BELOW!!! * Which then, all we see is you more starting to laugh because being a little tipsy YOU "Owen Wilson" probably didn't expect what you had gone and done!

I mean FARTHING Owen! "FARTING! "Come on guy!

* So, all I can say for YOU is, "I'M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES!!!

* Which, I sure hope you get the joke that all I've got to say to yeah "Owen Wilson! Just try to CONTROL YOURSELF?  I mean, BLOWING FARTING BUBBLES out from OUT of no where!!! So, now I've got you hey! Ha! De! Ha! Ha!

* So," who's looking at ME babe?  Well I can sure tell you now, it's definitely isn't ME Owen...   As this GIRL as got some taste!

Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall


Now, some may not remember this film called, "The Mannequin" but, let me tell you that when it first appeared on screen in the 80's "boy, did this girl loved it! Or was it really that I thought, the Actor, "Andrew McCarthy" was quite nice and I do mean, nice, as I liked the way he smiled in that film.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Micheal Brandon and Glynis Barber


If you guys really want to know of why I had drawn this, is because when I was younger, which I'm not saying, I'm really old, but, when I was, in the mid 80's there was a TV series called "Dempsey and Makepeace" which as soon as I saw Micheal Brandon and heard his voice went a little crazy because there was just something about him then, that said, Oh no! Not another one! As I was always into someone in different sereies then really knowing someone bcause of being extremely a shy teenager! Which, if my dad then, would probably say, 'there is one of your boyfriends Sandy! As I just could not miss any Episodes of that series like others, 'I may add!

Will Ferrell and John R Riley


The main reason of why, I actually did this was that my friend' who used to work at "Drucker's" Coffee Shop but, who as got herself another job which, I've got to say, really miss, bcacuse of each time she saw me coming had always called me "The Godfather" and I would always call her, "Frankie." Which, why, you may ask! Is that she's totally crazy for "Will Ferrell" you would not believe. Like, I'm in love with "Luke Wilson! And I am. That's no joke! Well, Jade, A.K.A "Frankie" if you, happen to come across at this, picture of Will Ferrell and John R Riley who's another good Actor, playing in "The Step-Brothers" well this was drawn for you really!

Yours truly "The Godfather!

Paul O Grady


There's only one thing I can say about "Paul O Grady" and that is he's bloody funny when he appears in the series of Batter-sea Dogs and Cats Home. And why you may ask! Well it's the way he sometimes puts on a Dogs onesie out-fits and sleep among those cute Dogs in one of the kennels! Not forgetting that you sometimes see him being chase after Dogs, as well as each time those series finishes you see Paul trying to take a certain Dog home with him before he gets court by someone from the Battlersea Centre for Cats and Dogs!!!

Hope some day Paul you log onto this Web-site of mine, as I truly think you're doing a GREAT job! In fact, I think you're truly Marvellous!
Just don't STOP for us in trying to hide a certain Dog or pretending to take one out so you could maybe take them home with YOU course, it's so very funny to see how they always seem to manage to catch up with you!

So, all I'm going to say is, is just not fair they always seem to ruin it for you, even though it be part of the Act! I think you're so GREAT!

Yours truly Sandy Dazley from Reditch

Thursday 4 September 2014

Luke Wilson again

LUKE WILSON - "Oh boy!  "Oh boy!  "Oh boy!

There's really a blooming good reason of why I've drawn more than TWO pictures of this particular Actor as well as the younger brother to Owen Wilson!!!  And that is, and wait for this guys, is that "Luke Wilson" is his name, well, every single time I watch any of his films "and I do mean, any of his Films is that -  it's like all I've got to do is just look into those deep dark BROWN EYES of his and see that gorgeous smile also, that that's it!  The guy always seems to make this girl go into a little world of her own...  As in guys, going completely shy-like, as I once was, but seems to REAPPEAR then really hiding it!

But, am I complaining, "Not bloody lightly, I'm not" course, if you must know I'm loving every blooming minute of it!  Why! Even thinking of him at times sends this GIRL going into DREAM-LAND!!!

So, really guys, there you have it, this Actor "Luke Wilson" is the only ONE now, that can really get this GIRL all DREAMY-like, like I'm not with you guys, but in Cloud 9 or in a world of her own yet again!

Aww!!! You big brown eyes YOU, Luke!

* So, thanks for being the only PERSON that can do this to ME "Luke Wilson" if you do happen to go onto my Web-site and see this!
Which I sure hope YOU do!

Course, it's so nice to feel that every time I look at YOU and see that lovely smile of yours in all the Films you're in well YOU and you alone, is the only ONE that could make this GIRL go all SHY and bashful!



* But, if the truth is to be known, if it really wasn't for a certain person that was in my past-life then really I wouldn't have probably start to feel the way as I do now, for "Luke Wilson!!!    Which, is (falling head over in heals) in LOVE then...   But falling in love with that real person which I nearly came so blooming close to loving them, back then.  I still got to say "Luke Wilson" has took their place, One hundred per-cent!!! Even though, at certain times, I may still think to myself I'm in LOVE with the real ONE! 

 Because guys, even though this may sound stupid to you I was bought up thinking that if I had ever came to falling in LOVE with someone so special, then those love feelings for them will last until I die.  But just going for any Actors, as I truly had in my past, couldn't make ME go back as a very, very, very shy girl as I was those many years ago.  Course, if you must know, that so-call real person who I did actually found some what adorable had always made this girl go all SHY whenever I saw them!!!  Which, always scared me!

* But, that doesn't mean to say the way I truly feel for this Actor "Luke Wilson" and only this Actor that I've drawn four times is the same as I had felt for all those other Actors from my past! Because it isn't!!!  Because, after meeting that guy, that had kept blooming knocking out ever time I saw them, course of his big brown Eyes and that lovely smile of his well, I've now put all those emotions onto the Actor, "Luke Wilson" course, he really does make me think I'm still looking at the one I will always remember so fondly!

* So, what I'm truly feeling for that Actor "Luke Wilson" is first of all not probably real because if you must know what I'm really doing is - ONLY trying to hide my true feelings for how I really MAYBE, feeling for that someone in the past again!

* And maybe preferred that then, carrying on how I truly feel for the one and only may I still add, that in a way had hurt my feelings...

* Even though it may not be really intentionally I don't think, which I sure hope it wasn't - had hurt me alright!!! But what I can say is it was really him that made me go all SHY and BASHFUL in myself whenever I had used to see them around that is... NOT "Luke Wilson! But only them!

* So, thank you to that certain person for this feeling that I've never had and for unexpectedly allowing me to stumble upon and discover by accident, my lovely (Brown Eyes), which I just like to think of "Luke Wilson" of only...   Because, if it hadn't really been for that person, well I've never would have heard of "Luke Wilson!

* Course, really being the way I am but only, and only may I add, whenever I saw that certain person around - which if you don't know already was going completely SHY and BASHFUL...   Think I prefer hiding those feelings of mine now through that Actor, "Luke Wilson" because of who he truly remind me of and always!!!

* And that's no joke!   Because if I hadn't mentioned this to all of you before, well the first moment I had stumbled upon one of Luke Wilson's films, called "IDIOCRACY" and saw that Actor on the front of the bloody cover well due to how I felt or possible still do again, for that person fell over...

* Because, I thought to myself, 'what the fucking hell!  As well as thinking 'you what!!! With a little laugh to herself because of how that person makes this girl feel whenever they smiled. Course, that was really why, I think I loved Luke Wilson!

* So, now I can say I love you for that!  But really you should have known that, way back then! When, I truly opened up my heart to them, while a few others was around, which was by acciently mind you...  Saying or shouting out loud, "I love you to bits!!!  If you can fucking remember, you stupid idiot, you! Because, even though, I didn't mean to say it, well what I said to YOU, I MEANT IT!

* But again, thanks!   Because really, and this may sound strange to say, but if I hadn't met this certain person who I thought the absolute world of as well as, I probably wouldn't end up FALLING in head over heels in LOVE with, for the very first time in my entire life, well I wouldn't have known about their DOUBLE, as in look-a-like so very much...

Which, as you know, is the very sexy gorgeous Actor, "Luke Wilson!!!        

Robson Green and Jerome Flynn


* Now, ever since I saw Robson Green in Casualty back in the early 80's as Jimmy the Porter, I've alway's liked him as my Hero. Then, after he left and went onto "Soldier, Soldier" I then started to watch nearly everything he's been in, along side with "Jerome Flynn"  but, not anymore!

* Only, Robson and Jerome! If you two want to know something well every single time I use to watch that well-known series of "Soldier, Soldier" which I couldn't help in watching because of how I liked YOU Robson and I truly did, well if you guys are logged onto this Web-site of mine at any time and see yourselves well let me tell you course I love listening to my music, well I did think when I first heard you guys sing "UNCHAINED MELODY" that I sure perferred that... Then, probably more so to how I always use to listen to the Original Singers that sang that tune who as you guys know was "The Righteous Brothers!

* But to top it all, course I do love listening to my Music so much, well when I had first heard you guys singing away to that tune in one of thee episodes of "Soldier, Soldier" well yours truly had even started singing along to you then, listening to "The Righteous Brothers!  Course, like her Dad was, when he was younger liked to entertain and I also, had liked to sing to himself!   Which when I had, well every single blooming time my Dad had walked in on me in the front well because I'm shy in even allowing others to hear me, had always STOPPED her CD player as well as myself!

* Which my Dad had always told me as it was always him that walked in on me for something in the front that "I don't know why you had stopped singing Sandy, because I can hear you loud and clearly in the back and you're good!  With a huge smile on his face! Which was so embarrassing back then, because for me I was only enjoying myself with those that I did know to sing to!

David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser


The reason of why I've drawn David Soul and Paul Michael Glazier is that it hat brought back some good old memories of when I use to watch it as a young girl, in the series of "Starskey and Hutch" which used to be on every Friday nights as well as Saturdays.

But the one thing I probably most loved in watching those series is the dam car of Starskys... You guys, must remember that famous Red car, with the white stripe going across Starkey's vehicle? Hey! Well do you, course every blooming time I see it zooming around in the series with them in it at fast speed, well I just couldn't help myself in loving it!!!

Oh boy! What a Car! What a car!!!

Richard Burton


When I came to draw this picture of "Richard Burton" I suddenly thought to myself, well, "why not! Because the Photograph that I drawn it from, made me think, " it was Interesting to do! As well, as this one is quite good to draw!

David Essex


Okay guy! you find me out! I did like "David Essex" but, not what you think, as all i basically thought of him was that I like him when he appeared in a Film with the late, but great, "Adam Faith" which I can't rememeber, only, that he had! His music in the his early years was okay! But, that's all it was to me, Okay!

Maureen O Hara


Anthony Hopkins


Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman


Glenn Ford


Clint Eastwood


What can I say about "Clint Eastwood" well, not a lot, because even though, he wasn't one of my favourites Actor's and he wasn't, he was alright in these two films with Clive that rangatang, "Any Which Way You Can" as well, as "Any Which Way But Loose! So, really I don't know why, I had drawn him then, but I did!

May be the real reason to why actual drawn him is that I only found that part in one of those Films where first of all he tells Clive his Ranatang to "RIGHT TURN CLIVE! So he could give ONE hell of A thump of knocking down the baddies that acted like hells-angels with the leader of going down first followed by the rest of them!!! Like you were playing DOMINOES standing near to one another until, we finish piling them all up so close, near so that we could try to knock the FIRST ONE down so the other dominoes would follow!!!

Do you guys carry my drift now!

Now, can yeah...

As well as when those Baddies had chased Clint Eastwood Character along with Sondra Locke Character which to be frank can't exactly REMEMBER for the moment of her characters name in the film and not forgetting Clive to end up going through a "ROAD TAR" which whenever it's been put onto either pavements or roads SMELL blooming awful!

Which anyway, after those baddies had gone through the Tar-mack and Clint Eastwood pays someone to toll them away, well the man who tells Clint's character after he asks him would it be PAINFUL? Well let's just say it will take ALL their HAIR off their bodies! And I certainly do mean it would take each and everyone of their HAIRS off their entire BODY and you can certainly IMAGINE YOU KNOW WHERE! Which if you look at it, it was FUNNY to hear!

But serve them right in just riding their Motorbikes straight through where that hot TAR was pouring out from that truck that was stopped right there!

Judy Garland and Dirk Bogarde


Sigourney Weaver


Rex Hamson and Kay Kendall


First of all, after finding out from someone, whether it's the right information or not, that these two very well known old time Actors, who will probably not be forgotten by some, "Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall" were actually married, did thought, when I came across to this photo, that "this was just perfect to also try and draw! Because, of the way they were looking at each other.

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh


I couldn't help myself for drawing these two, because at the time, I thought If Only that was me!

Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman


Now, like "Steve McQueen and Natelle Wood," the reason of why I could't help myself from drawing this, is that once again, it's so romamantic.

Laurence Olivier and Merie Oberon


Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood


Now, there's a really good reason of why I've chosen to draw this portriat of Steve McQueen and Natelle Wood and that was I'm a very, very romantic person. And that's no lie! Because at times, I love putting on Romantic Films while I'm dreaming of "what if that was me? As I've never been Kissed! Yes! I'm Shy, but because I've never been Kissed, loves dreaming of that. Which all I can end in saying is Awww!

Because of truly dreaming about what if I was like "Natelle Wood" that some guy would truly KISS me like that Actor "Steve McQueen had!

Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda


Elizabeth Taylor


Michael Cane


Jayne Fonda


Carole Lambard and James Stewart


Harry Hamlin


Jerri Hall


Like "Cher" this was just another of my mad moments at my younger age, of when I wanted to just draw any pictures. And I do mean any! But, what made me chose Jerri Hall was her hair, bacause, there was just something about her that said, she's not only going to be a challenge for me to do, if I'd drawed her, but, it probably would take me to long!

Glynis Barber


Raquel Welch


Once again, this drawing of "Raquel Welsh" was one of my drawings that I was crazy to do as a young teenager.



Now, around this time I was really into drawing and I do mean, I was into drawing. Also, if I can remember, I was probably still in High School. Which I can diffinitely say, I was mad on drawing any portriats and ther singer Cher was one of them, so everytime I finished one I would do another and another. But, I must confess that while I was drawing "Cher" I enjoyed it, even though, it had took me so long to draw this portriat of her.

Cybill Shepard


Jenny Seagrove


Marilyn Monroe


Rita Hayworth