Thursday 4 September 2014

Robson Green and Jerome Flynn


* Now, ever since I saw Robson Green in Casualty back in the early 80's as Jimmy the Porter, I've alway's liked him as my Hero. Then, after he left and went onto "Soldier, Soldier" I then started to watch nearly everything he's been in, along side with "Jerome Flynn"  but, not anymore!

* Only, Robson and Jerome! If you two want to know something well every single time I use to watch that well-known series of "Soldier, Soldier" which I couldn't help in watching because of how I liked YOU Robson and I truly did, well if you guys are logged onto this Web-site of mine at any time and see yourselves well let me tell you course I love listening to my music, well I did think when I first heard you guys sing "UNCHAINED MELODY" that I sure perferred that... Then, probably more so to how I always use to listen to the Original Singers that sang that tune who as you guys know was "The Righteous Brothers!

* But to top it all, course I do love listening to my Music so much, well when I had first heard you guys singing away to that tune in one of thee episodes of "Soldier, Soldier" well yours truly had even started singing along to you then, listening to "The Righteous Brothers!  Course, like her Dad was, when he was younger liked to entertain and I also, had liked to sing to himself!   Which when I had, well every single blooming time my Dad had walked in on me in the front well because I'm shy in even allowing others to hear me, had always STOPPED her CD player as well as myself!

* Which my Dad had always told me as it was always him that walked in on me for something in the front that "I don't know why you had stopped singing Sandy, because I can hear you loud and clearly in the back and you're good!  With a huge smile on his face! Which was so embarrassing back then, because for me I was only enjoying myself with those that I did know to sing to!

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