Thursday 4 September 2014

Dirk Benedict


Once again guys, this period of time was like saying I had a crazy time in just simply liking anyone! Why! Well, like the other series I liked around then, The A Team was just one of them... Maybe it was that "Dirk Bendict" was a complete blonde to me as well as I thought he was also a right blooming good looker as I truly loved another that was BLONDES!

But only BLONDES that had deep blue eyes and a really lovely smile then, simply fallen for Dark hair with the most adorable big BROWN EYES who I truly LOVE now!

Yes guys! In LOVE with someone now, which as brought this girl down to a new level in her life because of how I have never been totally in LOVE!

But I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy those times that I simply thought I loved any of those Actors!

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