Thursday 25 February 2016

The A Team


* Hope you out there like how I've drawn this picture as it was not only a well-known series, but also, quite popular to called, as if you wouldn't already know, but, "The A Team! As, it was in the 80's that this series had first appeased on our TV screens...

Now, as you should know, this series way back then, was all about a team of ex special forces soldiers of the lam from the military police and (even though they didn't really commit the crime for which they'd been imprisoned) leaves a trail of explosions it wake... But Hannibal, Face, BA and Murdock always stop to help those little guys against some compt locals!

And if you guys, don't know this, well the first ever episode of "The A-Team" went out on January 23th 1983, until, that was in March 8th 1987 when it ended!

* Now, as you should know while this was on, I was not only in my teens, but I was still in High School. But if I can re-call, when it had first started I didn't even think of watching it because I thought it was so stupid! Yes guys! Stupid! But that was when I first saw it!!! Until, that is, when I saw the America Actor, "Dirk Benedict" more, who had played Templeton (Face-man) Peck short for Face as you know! Course, slowly I was beginning to think to myself  'Oh boy! He's nice, as in really fucking NICE guys, if you know what I mean!!!

But, just don't laugh guys, if I tell you all that when I even noticed that, very same Actor, "Dirk Benedict" that played Face in The A-Team" had also, starred in the a sic-fi series called, "Battlestar Galactica" as Lt Starbuck along side Actor, "Richard Hatch" who played Apollo had to definitely watch it!

But don't laugh viewers??? But recently, I have not only saw the box-set of that original series "Battlestar Galactica! But because of that fond memories that I had of watching that TV series course, of thinking how that Actor, "Dirk Benedict" was really so cute had to buy that bloody box-set with ALL COMPLETE episodes! 

* Course, this girl was really mad on that Actor "Dirk Benedict" being someone that always loved Blonde with gorgeous blue eyes and as you know. that smile of his was also part of the reason way I couldn't help myself for maybe falling for him like other Actors that had to be Blonde of course! 

Because first of all guys, I like to tell you if you don't know already that is, around that period in my life, I was always bullied at school - even from a very early age! But as I was also a very shy kid, that didn't really speak to anyone including lads, I wasn't as you would put it, one that later on, slept around! Course, it was mostly how I was truly shy as well as how I was brought-up...

I mean, while everyone that I knew back then, was like that, I was sure wasn't! Which, didn't mean to say guys, I didn't or wouldn't like guys, it's just I wasn't like that!!! I was just a shy person that carried on with what I was doing at school.

* But because of all that, in my own way, that is, while every time watching certain TV shows such as, "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" with Actor, "Gil Gerard" as Buck in that or "Remington Steele" with "Pierce Bronson!  Well every time that each show had finished-like, I would always go onto the next TV show I could like as well as maybe liking someone in it! May sound daft to you, but guys, that's how I was...

* Other TV shows that I watched for maybe liking someone in that, was "Starkey and Hutch" which even though I liked Actor, "David Soul" that played Hutch, but couldn't due to my sister who back then told me "you can't like him, course I like him!  Which then she added, why, don't you like Starkey who was played by "Paul Michael Glaser?  So, being who I was, I did start to like him! As for the "Moonlighting" well no sooner then I saw the Actor, who back then, was fairly young, "Bruce Willis" playing the character of David Addison, thought, 'Oh boy! What a Darl! Course, it was seeing that dam look of his, while every blooming time he looked at Maddie - Actress, "Cybil Shepard" with that smile of his...

* And finally when the TV series of "Dempsey and Makepeace" came on, it was only to watch the America Actor, "Michael Brandon" who before he met his very beautiful wife, Actress, "Giynis Barber" that had played Makepeace in the same series, he was once married to Actress "Lindsey Wagner" that as a very young girl had starred in the hit TV show, "The Bionic Woman! Well that was what I've heard way back then, whether it was true or not I couldn't really say it was just that I heard that...

* And not forgetting, of course, the series "Miami Vice" that starred "Don Johnson" as Sonny Crockett because, it was around then, that this girl had only loved or fancied as some would probably say - guys that had to be blonde, blonde with blue eyes and a lovely smile!

So, I hope you viewers out there, especially, those that had starred in this well-known and oh-so popular series of "The A-Team" back then and who's still around of course, LIKE how I've drawn them? Well should I say those who is really still around of course!

* Course, as you should know John "Hannibal Smith" in that popular TV series that was played by yet another well-known Actor, "George Peppard" had sadly died... But saying that guys, don't you think that if he was still around, then "he would like what I've done? Sure like to believe he would!

* But even though, I had ended up watching this series because I had a very soft spot for Face "Dirk Benedict" I just couldn't help liking the Actor, "Dwight Schultz" that played Howling Mad Murdock because of the way he was, especially, towards making BA crazy course of sometimes they had to knock-out BA out, because he didn't want to go on a any PLANES especially if it involved Murdoch! Course, as you know, every blooming time Hannibal, "George Peppard" mentioned Murdock's name in front of BA, well BA would always go CRAZY!!! 

Poor Murdoch!  I say!

* As for that film of "The A-Team" that went out in 2010, well, I'm sorry to say guys, if any of you out there had really liked it... I didn't! Not because I just feel like saying it, but really the Actors that had played all the characters from that TV series back then or even tried to take on the roles of the original Actors!!!  Well, why couldn't whoever they are, that had thought of re-doing that as a film, left it alone, like didn't even try to make a Film! Course, to me, there was no way that the Actors that tried to play each part of the characters in that film could compare themselves to the original that had starred in the series, just no way!!!

* Course, maybe it's because I was around still a teenager, when the TV series of "The A Team" had first appeared on our screens... So, once again viewers, I've just got to say how the film of "The A Team" was really bloody awful, as in, it was truly RUBBISH!!!

Dazzlepops Self Portrait


Well viewers, out there now you know who's been drawing all these Art work that you've not only seen, but hopefully had liked! And if you wanna know something this portrait of myself was dare to myself by the way, because in the past every blooming time I had tried to draw myself, something would always go horribly wrong! And that's NO fucking joke either!

Even that blooming photo you see of me underneath my drawing of myself... Had gone to a camera shop, then thinking to myself why not just go into a photo-booth Sandy? Like I use to always do so many, many years ago, to take a photo of myself so I can simply draw by it!

Because, looking into any mirror at yourself may be easy to some, but I can tell you it isn't so EASY, because of moving every time you want to either look at yourself and then look down to draw! Think about it? As it would be a bit HARD to just draw yourself if you were to only look at yourself in any mirror then simply go to a a photo-booth or a camera shop.

But, if you really wanna know the reason of why, I've stop in going into a photo-booth to take a picture of me id that... And don't fucking laugh either, because what I'm about to tell you all is that when I was very young and I do mean YOUNG, this girl had always had constantly loved going into any photo-booths as I said!

But the last time when I had which years ago, once again was that no sooner then I had gone into one certain photo-booth, well the following day when I thought I would go into the same ONE again, there right in front of that (photo-booth) machine said and I quote, OUT OF ORDER!  Which as I have a sense of humour thought to myself with a little laugh, 'bloody hell!  "Don't tell me that I must have fucking broken the machine from just going in yesterday!!!

Which, ever since then, I've never even thought of going into one... Because once again, with a sense of humour of minw thought that's probably trying to tell me I must have been fucking UGLY to take a picture of me! If you see what I getting at!!!

But still, never the less, when I asked this person in the camera shop if she could take like a pass-port picture, a small pass-port picture, so I could just try and draw myself for the very first time, since I was - let's say in my early twenties, still in College? And she said Yes! I could! Well while getting the getting the camera so she she take a couple of shots of me... Thought to myself at first, I wouldn't be bloody surprised that with a face like mine, I would probably break the camera. As well as then told her while she was really getting ready to take my picture! As I wouldn't be bloody surprised that with a face like mine had broken that camera of hers shortly after she took a photo of me!!!

And what else, I'm about to tell you, well first of all I just can't believe I am!!! Because, there was this one time this so-call Crazy-chick while still at College loved her hero, Robson Green... And I know what you guys out there must be thinking of that, for you may think what a sad PERSON you are or were shall I say! I mean, for myself back then, for thinking "Robson Green" who I really thought has my hero, was a complete Darl!

* Secondly. while I had admired him so much then, which I know you guys are going to bloody laugh at this, because as I was completely crazy over him, well around then, while Robson and fellow mate Jerome Flynn had their very own Fan-Club - well Muggings here, had went to the Redditch Post-Office to renew her form like other Fan-Clubs Fans, if they wanted to continue to be in the Fan-Club...

* Only, instead of asking for one stamp, with one single Envelope, so that I could basically send it straight to Northumberland! Well this fucking idiot had asked the person behind the counter that, "can I have ONE stamped Address Envelope to Northumberland! And guys! That was No joke! I really had asked this poor person that was behind the counter, for ONE Stamped Address Envelope to Northumberland! Then, and waited for this, but do you know what I did NEXT??? But I not only waited for this ONE Stamped Address Envelope to Northumberland for half an hour!!!

Course, once again, with a sense of humour like my dad was, I always say to myself as well as others to be frank, "my god! "Why, am I always scaring the guys away??? Hey! As like I'm taking the piss out of myself that really don't fucking care... Course, I don't think I really care of how I say things, since I see myself as like my dad was, who was a right proper Geordie with a sense of humour alright!

Because can all of you out there just IMAGINE - someone with a talent like mine, that as always been drawing in her entire life that is, had once upon a bloody time through her High School years, at The Abbey High School that one of her Art teachers who acted like a blooming Nut-case had one day rearranged a very nice surprise for both me and a friend...

Which was allowing us both only, to do a Model, a Model which was not only my very first time in drawing Models - but which was when I so wanted to crown that silly idiot of a our Art teacher...

* Because, like I also mention before, after drawing a picture of my Art Teacher who was posing-like outside the Art Department of the Abbey High School, well on that day, it wasn't just a MODEL, but a MODEL of a young woman first wearing a long robe then after we both got ourselves all sorted-like and LOOKED UP well there instead of the woman sitting with her ROBE ON she was actually NAKED!!!

Yes, guys! She was fucking NAKED alright and to both of us at the time well not only that we were so very young ourselves... But, if you can just imagine the look when all we bloody saw was - NUDDIE! NUDDIE - and then, yours truly had ended up drawing an A 1 drawing of (the model) which, as you guys should really know is the biggest size paper you can get...

But in our cases, all that I drawn because of the SHOCK I was in, was her "Titties!!! BIG BOOBIES in other words!!! And only the most biggest BOOBIES ever!

So, this is your "dazzlepops" signing off to her Self-Portrait... "Over and fucking out!

Ha! De! Ha! Ha!



Now, guys! Surely you must have heard this well-known film of "Ghostbusters? Hey! Course, if not, well you must be on planet of your own, where (Aliens) come from!!! "GREY actually, not GREEN! As the character of Fox Mulder who was played by Actor, "David Duchovny" from that well-known series, that just not long had come back called, "The X-Files" which, I really had liked back then when it started, as well as now!

But, that's if only, ANY - and I do mean if any of you are just completely bloody STUPID, let alone so THICK in their heads to really believe that there are really UFO's out there and Aliens!

Anyway, getting back to that well-known film that first came out in the mid-80's, which I know for a fact guys, that was when it had came out course, that was just one of the films besides "The Commitments" that I went to see in the old Cinema when I was seventeen years of age!

And as you gathered this well-known film was all about these three guys that turned out to be four if you can include Winston that had joined them in the end to get rid of all type of GHOSTS!

But, what I like to add before continuing is that the drawing that you see of the "Ghostbusters" is that how my Neighbour had really took it before helping me put it on my Web-site, if you know what I mean guys... Because, Pete in the film, who is played by the talented Actor, "Bill Murray" isn't like that - slanted! For I've actually drawn it as I always drawn people's faces, which is NORMAL!!! So, viewers out there, please oh please don't think that's how I've actually drawn Peter Venkman, it was just how he had looked-like by slightly turning his head around! 'Okay!

Now, what I've got to tell yeah all is that way, way back then when I was seventeen, and saw that film my first thoughts was that how I thought Peter, "Bill Murray" was maybe cute... In other words viewers, I think way back then, I had a little crush on him! So, by all means guys, think as you wish of ME? As I do now, I was definitely fucking Coo-coo alright, then for thinking he was Cor! Isn't Peter good-looking!!!

Only, just imagine you guys, out there once again, of what that funny and well-known Actor, "Bill Murray" must think if he, maybe one day who-knows will come across this blooming Web-site of mine? Hey! As he may probably think I was CRAZY or just plain DRAFT (as a fucking fruit-cake) or as Nutty, as a BAT!!! Course, I just can't imagine that I've got good taste for thinking he was one hell of a Hunk way back then...

Course, remember guys! Surely everyone and I do mean, absolutely blooming EVERYONE goes through these phrase, when they were younger like I had! And yes, guys! I do mean maybe thinking that they could have fancied someone that they had once thought as a teenager or early twenties "shall I say!

Breakfast at Tiffanys


* Now, first of all guys, don't even think of why I did this sense from the well-known film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Okay! As I probably did it for two reasons... The first was that while my Neighbour had helped me put on these drawings of mine that I did in the past, well after noticing that I had drawn some pictures that involved kissing they told me that and I quote, "why don't YOU, meaning myself of course, draw some more like that again? Which, as you can see I've done, but also, like it to!!! The other reason was that I dared myself to do it, which really sounds stupid to you, but there you all have it! I dared myself to re-do another ROMANTIC sense from a film, any film but turned out to be this well-known film!

* Which, just before I had started to draw this, didn't know who I was going to draw a involving a KISSING sense like I had drawn some in my past...  Until, that is I thought of this old film that I so loved in my past and maybe still do, being a true hopelessly ROMANTIC as I am, but who unfortunately, for me only loves to really DAY-DREAM!

* Yes guys! Just a Day-Dreamer about - what if I was PRETTY as well as, what would it be like if I meet someone who's really so nice and DECENT, decent as in NOT someone that only thinks of just one thing and that as any baggage's from their past... As I had always dreamt in my past of just meeting someone that's single like myself, without having any kids what so ever!

* Because guys, that's just not me!  Or should I say I think I don't really wanna know them if they had been married! But, what I like is to really day-dream of meeting someone that's SHY like myself - yet, maybe at the same time guys, could only just try to come up to me and speak. * Course, at times I do day-dream of that to!!! That's what I mean how romantic I am!

* Anyway, getting back to this picture that I've drawn of these two late but who was also, very well-known Actors, "George Peppard" and "Audrey Hepburn" that starred in this of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" again, that if anyone didn't know was actually based on a Trumam Capote's Novel. * Which, this story is all about a young woman in New York City who meets a young man who moves into her department building.

* Who at first always sees him with an older woman who is very wealthy, while at the same time, wants to be a writer. As for this young woman well she is working as a expensive essocrt and search for a rich older man.

* Now, even though what I just told you, this young woman is a woman that's in a World War II era of New York who hobslob with famous people but who gets in trouble by breaking their hearts!

* Which, brings me to say that another reason of why I had so loved this oh-so ROMANTIC film was that how Paul Varjak who was played by "George Peppard" had really ended up telling Holly Golightly "Audrey Hepurn" first "You know what's wrong with you Miss Whoever-you are? You're chicken, you're got no guts. You're afraid to stick out your chin and say 'Okay, life's a fact people do fall in love people do belong to each other, because that's the only chance anybodys got for real happiness.

* Then telling Holly - You call yourself a free spirit, a 'wild thing' and you're terrified somebody's gonna stick you in a cage. Well baby, you'll already in a cage. You built it yourself... And it's not bounded in the west by Tulips, Texas or in the east by Somali land. It's wherever you go. Because no matter where you run, you end up running into yourself!!!

* Then and only then which was before you see this sense, you see Paul says 'Here I've been carry this thing around for months I don't want it anymore!

* Which, then you see Holly telling Paul I'm like a cat here, a no-name slobs. Who we belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us... Then adding, we don't even belong to each other! Where then you see Paul suddenly tells Holly 'I love you! But all Holly could answer back was so what? So what? So plenty! Paul says, I love you, you belong to me!

* Which once again before saying anything though, all you could see is Holly is looking-like she's in a tearful way - No People don' belong to people. Where then Paul answers of course they do! Only all Holly would say then was - I'll never let anybody put me in a CAGE!

* Which again, all Paul could tell her is that and I quote, but, I don't want to put you in a cage I want to love YOU.  Which guys, when I first saw this film as well as heard Paul "George Peppard" telling Holly that all he wants is to love her is just thinking Aww!!! That;s so nice.

* But, once again, getting back to what happened after Paul tells Holly but, I don't want to put you in a cage I want to love you is that shortly after you see Doc Golightly who was played by "Buddy Elsen" which if none of you had heard of before, was a very old Actor, that had starred in the old comedy series called "The Beverley Hill-billies! Heatd of it? Well, that was where you would most likely to see him in!

* Anyway, guys! If I can remember from that film, Buddy Elsen character Doc Golightly had really believed that he was still married to her, which could have been all in his mind that he had, confesses to Holly, his love but instead saying Holly's name, he says Lula Mad! Which, then you see Holly telling to Paul this time, a girl can't read that sort of thing without lipstick... And then adding - You know those days when you get the mean red?

* The mean red, you mean like blues as Paul answered her. Where then Holly answers back with the reply, blues are because you're fat and maybe it's been raining too long. Which Paul then says, you're just sad that's all... Which all Holly then said was, the mean reds are horrible. But all Paul then said to her suddenly was, you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of! Which, I do believe Holly then said to Paul, do you ever get that feeling? Which then, Paul tells her sure.

* But then, it wasn't until later that Holly says and I quote, "I'll tell you one thing Fred darling... I'll marry you for your money in a minute. Would you marry for money in minute? Which, Paul answers her, "In a minute! Which you see Holly telling Paul "I guess it's pretty lucky neither of us is rich huh?

* Where after that, Paul then says "yeah! Making out I think that he was trying to tell Holly that I'm with you Holly! Which all Holly then said was, "so what?

"So what? So plenty I love you, you belong to me! Which even though after hearing Holly saying to Paul, People don't belong to people, had felt for him even after he replied to Holly, "of course they do! Because all that was going through my mind back then, was that how it was so lovely to hear him say to Holly "how I love you!

* But it was also, how I was probably thinking to myself, being a day-dreamer if only I could meet someone like Paul "George Peppard" that declares they love me...

* As, then and only then, all that I could think of saying was a big Aww!  Because of just dreaming about it through all my entire life-time!

* Which, I like to add, probably just PREFER of Dreaming - what would it really be like if I meet Someone so nicejust de that would just sweep me off my feet by not declaring their love for me again, but to take me in their arms like you see Paul Varjak "George Peppard" in this so very Romantic film, which I really so loved of seeing how it had ended more...

* As that's ME through and through, "an hopelessly ROMANTIC who just loves to DAY-DREAM about what would truly happen if and only if, yours truly could end up like a any girl in a romantic film BY FINDING SOMEONE SO NICE! So, again. here am I dreaming or thinking to myself - Aww!

Only Fools and Horses



Well guys, as you can see I've drawn a picture of both "Del Boy" and "Rodders" as in "RODNEY, YOU PLONKER!!! Which is normally what our loveable Del Boy normally says to his brother, Rodney! Poor Rodney, I say!

Anyway, this well-known Comedy Series of "Only Fools and Horses" as you guys should know starred both the well known talented Actors "David Jason" and " Nicholas Lyndhurst" which they sure both are, starred in this British sitcom created and written by John Sullivan in the year of 1981... And it was the seven series that this popular sitcom were originally broadcast on BBC 1 in the United Kingdom till 1991. Even though their final episode ever was on December 25th 2003. Yes guys! This oh-so very popular Comedy series ended on that Christmas!

Now, even though I had rarely watched it myself, there was a couple of sense from this series I did find that was so FUNNY... The first one I thought was so blooming funny was when you just see both "Del Boy and "Trig" in the bar or the pub as you might like to put it, checking out on someone while holding a drink.

Then, like "Del Boy" would the next thing you see is while Del Boy says, "I think we're on a WINNER ere' Trig play it nice and cool son, nice and cool you know what I mean! Someone behind the bar pulls up the part that allows the staff to come out and in, which as you gather what comes next is... "Del Boy" falls over from thinking he was definitely on a fucking WINNER there, while Trigger was trying to say something to him!!!


See what I'm basically talking about when I mentioned how funny that part was to me even though you guys, out there may think it's FUNNY full-stop!

The Naked Gun


Hi yeah viewers! So, what do you make of this picture that I've drawn of the late great "Leslie Nelisen" and the beautiful Actress, "Priscela Presley" who as you know was married to the late great "Elvis" himself? Alright! Well I sure hope you all like it... As I did it because of my Neighbour last time I saw them had mentioned "why not draw (so-and so) from that well known Comedy film - The Naked Gun! So, I did!

Now, if any of you don't know already, which I'm not saying you don't know, it's just in case any of you don't know this... But this Film was based upon the files of Police Squad!!!

And so in this film the character that Leslie Nelisen plays, plays "Frank Debin" who was a rather cluesless detective that tries to foil a plot to turn innocent people into ASSASSINS though mind control.

This film was filmed in 1988 when (Police Squad) by "David Zucker" was around of course! And if I can remember from way back then, when I saw Polce Squad, as I some times did, well like the film "O J Simpson was also in that to.

It even though it was in the first film of (Naked Gun) that Leslie Nelisen alias, " Frank" had met the beautiful "Jane" played by Priscela Presley well in some of the sense you see is Frank is saying to Jane is - and I quote, "Jane since I met you I've noticed things that I never knew were there before! But it wasn't until in the second film of Naked Gun that Frank falls in Love with her.

In my opinion, I thought when I noticed it was her that is - being who she is, wife of "Elvis Presley" King of Rock & Rock "Priscela Preley" had played that part so brilliantly! So, well done!

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Gimme Gimme Gimme:


Hi yeah guys! As you can see with this picture I've drawn, I've drawn with a charcoal-stick so that's why to you it may just look a bit differently if you know what I'm trying to say.

But I've just got to say that I do feel for poor Tom in this sense when he awaken and notices he's in bed with the oh-so gorgeous Linda!!! Is NOT!

As you should know I mean, even though "Kathy Burke" is a very good Actress as well as Actor "James Dreyfus" that played Tom, there is just no way I think anyone wants to end up themselves, in bed with someone like our Linda!!!

And god help, if there was really ANYONE out there that truly had looked-like her... Then, rather seeing someone that's just playing a blooming good part, by putting loads and loads of fucking MAKE-UP with that sort of hair colour!

Course, just imagine once again viewers, that what Tom must be bloody thinking really again??? As it could have been... "What the fuck happened! "Oh my god! Don't tell me, we did something last NIGHT? Hey!

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Elvis Presley

ELVIS PRESLEY - The King of Rock & Roll

Now, as you can see guys, I've drawn a Portrait of "Elvis Presley" the King of Rock & Roll! But I didn't do it because there's loads of Elvis Fans out there! "No! For do you guys fucking know why, oh why I I drawn this portrait of Elvis hey? Well it's simply because this drawing that I've done is really dedicated to a young chap that works in Costa's that is in the Redditch Town Centre closest to Boots and Barclay's Bank.

His name is James, James as in (Baby Brown Eyes) well actually that's just me, trying to have a sense of humour with you all, as you should know already. But guys, he does have Brown Eyes, even though what I just said James, Baby Brown Eyes...

Course, hopefully I just want to see his reaction on his face when I simply say "I've got YOU! When he eventually sees this! Ha! De! Ha! Ha James! As well as what the rest of his Colleagues would think when they also see what I've done for him! But if you don't know him already, well you can't MISS him cos, the other main two guys that's normally works there are tall.

But guys, there is also another blooming good reason of why I've probably drawn it and that is even though like many of you that adore or simply admire The King, well that fool as he is, but in a nicest possible way, probably do believe he is fucking "Elvis Presley" himself!!!

Course, once, as this girl was heading around the corner to Costa's as usual, I simply heard our James say to one of the others then, "Aha! "Aha! Like he was fucking Elvis

So, Jamie boy! Hope you like? Cos, once again, I've just got to say I've got YOU!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! And boy! You can't get your own back on ME! Not unless you've got Lukie, hiudden away to say he's here Sandy! As I'm indestructible!

God! Aren't I good, hey?


Now, after giving this picture of Elvis Presley that I've done especially for this young chap, James (Baby Brown Eyes) at Costa in the Redditch Town Centre well let me tell you all that the guy himself had decided shortly after I gave the picture to him, to have his hair cut just like how Elvis has in that very same picture!

Only, boy! Does he look far, far better then the Elvis himself...  And James, if you are looking at this again, or any of you out there that might also come across this again, well that's the truth, you sure do James!!!


Allo Allo "you stupid woman"


Well guys, first of all I hope you like what I've done? As you can see, I've drawn a picture of Rene with his oh-so very lovely and beautiful wife, Edith from the British Sitcom 'Allo 'Allo!! But guys come on Edith sure isn't what I just said! Course, if anyone of you out there really does think that... Well guys! All I've got to say to you is, "YOU MUST BE All BLOODY BLIND as a BAT!!! I mean. come on how can anyone possibly say that Edith is - one hell of a Babe... In other words, Cor! Isn't Rene's wife Edith from 'Allo 'Allo! Is GORGEOUS then the rest of them that's in the well-known Comedy sitcom, hey?

For if you guys want to know when this comedy series had first started if you don't already know that is... Well the first ever episode that was broadcast, was actually broadcast on BBC 1 from 1982 to 1992. But if you want to know the actual date that the fist ever episode had went out, well it was on - December 30th 1982. And although, they did eighty-five episodes, which if you think about it is one hell of a lot of episodes!

The story as you gathered is based in a small Cafe owned by Rene, who's wife "Edith" is most Ugliest thing you ever saw, course, really that's what she is, compared to the others! And as for her SINGING, well my god! If I was around, let's say and someone had a GOB-STOPPER then, I would probably tell them to put the fucking thing in her gob to SHUT her UP! Course her voice is really like a awful broken-record that you just can't stand of hearing any longer, if you know what I'm trying to say...

Some would even probably describe her voice as a blooming CAT that's in pain, but course I adore cats, well there's no comparison to her awful VOICE and a moggie! Just no way!

Anyway, the thing I always liked was whenever I see our loveable Rene played by a well-known Actor as you know called, "Gorden Kaye" hanging around a very young beautiful waitress, "Yvette" behind the bar but then suddenly sees Edith pops up from no where and says something to him, then hearing him say, "YOU STUPID WOMAN! Which if you had liked this well-known comedy series knows already that was what he had normally say when Edith catches him with any of those waiters that was around.

Now even though what I told you about this comedy series what I didn't tell you is that both Rene and Edith wasn't my favourite Characters when it was on that is, for my favourite Character in that series had got to be that blooming Police Office Crabtree because as you know whenever he tried to say something it wouldn't like you can really UNDERSTAND him as his speech had ALWAYS, always came out like - "Good morning," then Good Morning! or "I was pissing by the door when I heard two shats," then once again, of what he was trying to say!