Thursday 25 February 2016

The A Team


* Hope you out there like how I've drawn this picture as it was not only a well-known series, but also, quite popular to called, as if you wouldn't already know, but, "The A Team! As, it was in the 80's that this series had first appeased on our TV screens...

Now, as you should know, this series way back then, was all about a team of ex special forces soldiers of the lam from the military police and (even though they didn't really commit the crime for which they'd been imprisoned) leaves a trail of explosions it wake... But Hannibal, Face, BA and Murdock always stop to help those little guys against some compt locals!

And if you guys, don't know this, well the first ever episode of "The A-Team" went out on January 23th 1983, until, that was in March 8th 1987 when it ended!

* Now, as you should know while this was on, I was not only in my teens, but I was still in High School. But if I can re-call, when it had first started I didn't even think of watching it because I thought it was so stupid! Yes guys! Stupid! But that was when I first saw it!!! Until, that is, when I saw the America Actor, "Dirk Benedict" more, who had played Templeton (Face-man) Peck short for Face as you know! Course, slowly I was beginning to think to myself  'Oh boy! He's nice, as in really fucking NICE guys, if you know what I mean!!!

But, just don't laugh guys, if I tell you all that when I even noticed that, very same Actor, "Dirk Benedict" that played Face in The A-Team" had also, starred in the a sic-fi series called, "Battlestar Galactica" as Lt Starbuck along side Actor, "Richard Hatch" who played Apollo had to definitely watch it!

But don't laugh viewers??? But recently, I have not only saw the box-set of that original series "Battlestar Galactica! But because of that fond memories that I had of watching that TV series course, of thinking how that Actor, "Dirk Benedict" was really so cute had to buy that bloody box-set with ALL COMPLETE episodes! 

* Course, this girl was really mad on that Actor "Dirk Benedict" being someone that always loved Blonde with gorgeous blue eyes and as you know. that smile of his was also part of the reason way I couldn't help myself for maybe falling for him like other Actors that had to be Blonde of course! 

Because first of all guys, I like to tell you if you don't know already that is, around that period in my life, I was always bullied at school - even from a very early age! But as I was also a very shy kid, that didn't really speak to anyone including lads, I wasn't as you would put it, one that later on, slept around! Course, it was mostly how I was truly shy as well as how I was brought-up...

I mean, while everyone that I knew back then, was like that, I was sure wasn't! Which, didn't mean to say guys, I didn't or wouldn't like guys, it's just I wasn't like that!!! I was just a shy person that carried on with what I was doing at school.

* But because of all that, in my own way, that is, while every time watching certain TV shows such as, "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" with Actor, "Gil Gerard" as Buck in that or "Remington Steele" with "Pierce Bronson!  Well every time that each show had finished-like, I would always go onto the next TV show I could like as well as maybe liking someone in it! May sound daft to you, but guys, that's how I was...

* Other TV shows that I watched for maybe liking someone in that, was "Starkey and Hutch" which even though I liked Actor, "David Soul" that played Hutch, but couldn't due to my sister who back then told me "you can't like him, course I like him!  Which then she added, why, don't you like Starkey who was played by "Paul Michael Glaser?  So, being who I was, I did start to like him! As for the "Moonlighting" well no sooner then I saw the Actor, who back then, was fairly young, "Bruce Willis" playing the character of David Addison, thought, 'Oh boy! What a Darl! Course, it was seeing that dam look of his, while every blooming time he looked at Maddie - Actress, "Cybil Shepard" with that smile of his...

* And finally when the TV series of "Dempsey and Makepeace" came on, it was only to watch the America Actor, "Michael Brandon" who before he met his very beautiful wife, Actress, "Giynis Barber" that had played Makepeace in the same series, he was once married to Actress "Lindsey Wagner" that as a very young girl had starred in the hit TV show, "The Bionic Woman! Well that was what I've heard way back then, whether it was true or not I couldn't really say it was just that I heard that...

* And not forgetting, of course, the series "Miami Vice" that starred "Don Johnson" as Sonny Crockett because, it was around then, that this girl had only loved or fancied as some would probably say - guys that had to be blonde, blonde with blue eyes and a lovely smile!

So, I hope you viewers out there, especially, those that had starred in this well-known and oh-so popular series of "The A-Team" back then and who's still around of course, LIKE how I've drawn them? Well should I say those who is really still around of course!

* Course, as you should know John "Hannibal Smith" in that popular TV series that was played by yet another well-known Actor, "George Peppard" had sadly died... But saying that guys, don't you think that if he was still around, then "he would like what I've done? Sure like to believe he would!

* But even though, I had ended up watching this series because I had a very soft spot for Face "Dirk Benedict" I just couldn't help liking the Actor, "Dwight Schultz" that played Howling Mad Murdock because of the way he was, especially, towards making BA crazy course of sometimes they had to knock-out BA out, because he didn't want to go on a any PLANES especially if it involved Murdoch! Course, as you know, every blooming time Hannibal, "George Peppard" mentioned Murdock's name in front of BA, well BA would always go CRAZY!!! 

Poor Murdoch!  I say!

* As for that film of "The A-Team" that went out in 2010, well, I'm sorry to say guys, if any of you out there had really liked it... I didn't! Not because I just feel like saying it, but really the Actors that had played all the characters from that TV series back then or even tried to take on the roles of the original Actors!!!  Well, why couldn't whoever they are, that had thought of re-doing that as a film, left it alone, like didn't even try to make a Film! Course, to me, there was no way that the Actors that tried to play each part of the characters in that film could compare themselves to the original that had starred in the series, just no way!!!

* Course, maybe it's because I was around still a teenager, when the TV series of "The A Team" had first appeared on our screens... So, once again viewers, I've just got to say how the film of "The A Team" was really bloody awful, as in, it was truly RUBBISH!!!

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