Thursday 25 February 2016

Only Fools and Horses



Well guys, as you can see I've drawn a picture of both "Del Boy" and "Rodders" as in "RODNEY, YOU PLONKER!!! Which is normally what our loveable Del Boy normally says to his brother, Rodney! Poor Rodney, I say!

Anyway, this well-known Comedy Series of "Only Fools and Horses" as you guys should know starred both the well known talented Actors "David Jason" and " Nicholas Lyndhurst" which they sure both are, starred in this British sitcom created and written by John Sullivan in the year of 1981... And it was the seven series that this popular sitcom were originally broadcast on BBC 1 in the United Kingdom till 1991. Even though their final episode ever was on December 25th 2003. Yes guys! This oh-so very popular Comedy series ended on that Christmas!

Now, even though I had rarely watched it myself, there was a couple of sense from this series I did find that was so FUNNY... The first one I thought was so blooming funny was when you just see both "Del Boy and "Trig" in the bar or the pub as you might like to put it, checking out on someone while holding a drink.

Then, like "Del Boy" would the next thing you see is while Del Boy says, "I think we're on a WINNER ere' Trig play it nice and cool son, nice and cool you know what I mean! Someone behind the bar pulls up the part that allows the staff to come out and in, which as you gather what comes next is... "Del Boy" falls over from thinking he was definitely on a fucking WINNER there, while Trigger was trying to say something to him!!!


See what I'm basically talking about when I mentioned how funny that part was to me even though you guys, out there may think it's FUNNY full-stop!

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