Thursday 26 February 2015

John Lennon - "MAKE PEACE, NOT WAR" Imagine (all the people)


The reason of why I really wanted to do this picture of the late great "John Lennon" was that each time I heard that song of his, "Imagine" well, it had always brought back some good time memories of a little lad called Nick, that as a little girl I had loved. Only, sadly for me and all his family who will always love him, this person in question now, has died. He had died around the same year, as my beloved dad who I really love, back in 2008. But, everytime I hear that song "Imagine" now, I would like to say, I like to dedicated that to my Nicky as I always use to call him as a littlen. Cos, of how Nick is still very much loved and missed from all.

So, Nick you will always be remembered as well as missed by yours truly and who knows my dad will be looking after you for all your family that loves you so much too!

So, "Sweet Dreams, my dear friend Nick," "Sweet Dream." xx

Father Ted - Now, who says, "Drink," " Feck," Ass," "Girls?" hey!


Well, guys, as you know, this picture is from the very well known comedy series "Father Ted" which I've got to admit, was bloodly funny in every way, as well as, it was a Class Act Comedy Series. Because, one mintue, you would see "Mrs. Doyle" saying, "Tea anyone." The other, you may see "Father Dougal McGuire" doing he's usual stupid thing, which could probably be anything! Sending of course, "Father Ted" too his limits, of going a little crazy at times. Which, brings me to "Father Jack Hackett" who, like "Dougal" doesn't help poor "Father Ted," cos, "Jack" is totally Nuts in every way! And I certainly do mean, Nuts, in every way by always saying, "Drink," Feck," "Ass," "Girls."

Thursday 12 February 2015

Jimmy Nail "Ah Bollocks Man"


Guys, if you've come across of seeing this picture of this well known Actor, "Jimmy Nail" who's not only appeared in "Auf Wiederse Pet" back in the 80's, but who also, had appeared in "Spender! Well, like most of those brillant actors that had also starred with our Jimmy, was that "Auf Wiederse Pet" was especially, my beloved dads favourate series. And that's no blooomin' joke guys! It really was. But, I've got to add, his Character as "Oz" was a right cracker to me, cos, of everytime he sort of spoke to the other guys in the series, well all he said was, "Ah, Bollocks Man! Which, again, thought was Ace!

Bucks Fizz "You've Got to Speed It Up" "You 've Got to Slow It Down!


After "Bucks Fizz" had won the Eurovision Song Contest of singing "Making Your Mind Up" back in 1981, well, for me, I thought that this so-called new group just maybe something that I would like to really listening too. For I only just turned in my teens around when this had occurred.

Also, "BUCKS FIZZ" was the very first Album that I brought as I think I couldn't help myself because you must remember I was really starting to like their Songs!