Saturday 21 November 2015

My Nan Emily Dazley


Hi guys! As you know by now I've done a picture of my nan, "Emily Dazley" was her name but first of all, that's if my Uncle Jimmy is looking on my Web-site... This is a picture especially for YOU, my Sunshine you!   And you only Uncle!  Because basically, I just wanted you to know that I was sorry that what happened when you and Aunty Margaret had came around that time to visit my dads grave, but may be also to see me, you should have really understand that I was still very much hurting by losing the ONE person in my entire life that had really showed me they loved me like any parent should! As I really loved my dad so much, still do...

* Anyway, the other reason guys of why I would like you to see this picture that I've drawn of this lovely beautiful picture of my nan, was that at the very younger age of nineteen, this girl whilst still on the "Youth Training Scheme" which some of you may not know of because I am going back a bit now, had a slight accident after going out one evening course the nights was drawing darker nearer by each day...

* Which I can vaguely remember was it was certainly around late October-like, that I fell and banged her head in a certain way that after remembering saying "Awes" like I'm sure anyone would, if they had also had banged their heads! *  Anyway, after I had banged my head all I can remember was that I was floating, floating into what seemed complete darkness...  And I certainly do mean, I was floating into what looked-like pitch BLACK SPACE!  But what I couldn't seem to understand then was that while floating as I did, forward and forward...  Well this girl just couldn't seem to see her body, legs or arms!

Then, suddenly, I noticed I was going towards what looked -like a misty white effect as if I was now coming through the end of a tunnel... Which I didn't seemed scared what so ever, even when I went through it because what I saw a a very beautiful place, a place that ALL I could see was loads and loads of peoples faces, young and old greeting me with their SMILE...   Which, ONE may I add, had SMILED at ME the more, which I didn't understand of why, since they had all smiled at me!

* Anyway, what I'm about to tell all YOU guys next may even sound a lot more weird to understand because shortly after I had that "EXPERIENCE" which it was, suddenly decided that I should clear out some stuff in our cupboard why! Well I do not know at the time only that I felt like I had to!  Only, while clearing some of the things out I came cross some very old photos of people. A young man and a young woman which I noticed there was two different pictures of this woman.

* Which at first all I could think of was "who are they?  That was until I had asked my dad of who he reckoned these people were?  Or should I say I had asked my dad "dad, look what I've found, these old photos of people I don't even know! Thinking to myself that what he was about the say was the same... But he didn't, in fact, at first all I saw was my dad expression on his face which was that he went white as a blooming sheet!!

* After asking him, "what's wrong dad?"  All he said was "where on earth did you find these Sandy," so, after telling him, "I find them in the cupboard!  All he said then was "these are my parents!  Which now, I can understand why, my poor darling dad had looked as he did!

* So, really getting back to this picture that I've done once again, of my "Nan Emily" the true reason of why, I've drawn it besides for my darling Uncle Jimmy, that before saying does so very much LOVE because he's so like a twin-brother of my beloved dad... Anyway, that ONE of these photos of my lovely Nan was that it was the same face that I saw in that strange EXPERIENCE that I had, but couldn't explain to myself of it while going through this! Or even after shall I say course what I do know is, every DREAM I had ever had can remember every thing that what happened - and I can tell you it was NO DREAM!

* Why! Well lets just say that no sooner then I told both my mum and dad shortly after this incident that I had while I was on the Y.T.S Scheme, then all they said with a strange look on the faces was, "my god!  "That sounded as if YOU had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE Sandy!!! Which was what I'm trying to tell all you guys, as I sure couldn't understand for what they were on about!

* Now, as for all you guys out there, I can understand that if anyone of YOU may think that what I've been trying to tell you have been a load of rubbish or sumat, but really guys what I've been telling you all as actually happened to ME way back then...

* It's just that it may be difficult for ALL YOU GUYS to understand that what I went through, way back then, was really a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE!!!  SPOOKY as it may seemed! But guys, truly, that's what had happened to this young girl way back then!

Wednesday 11 November 2015

The Monkees


Well what can I say on this picture first of an old group from the 70's as well as it was also yet another favourite group of mine like "Showaddywaddy" called "The Monkees" For every time I heard "The Monkees" come on, well this girl had always go a little CRAZY... Because it always seems to starts with "HERE WE COME WALKING DOWN THE STREET WE GET FUNNIEST LOVE SONGS EVERYONE WE MEET... Then, ending up singing as you should know Hey! Hey! With the Monkees!!! Course way back then guys, I would always loved watching their half an hour series on every Saturday Morning, if the series called "The Six Million Man" starring "Lee Majors" as Steve Austin weren't on!

For who as a very young child, had always thought.. And this is NO joke either guys had Loved course, I always use to say to myself "I love you my Steve Austin! But may be it was partly because when that dam series had always started on every Saturday Morning around 9am-like, well it was every blooming time I had heard the theme tune as well as hearing "Oscar Goldman" who was Steve Austin's boss in these series say, "STEVE AUSTIN, ASTRONAUT, A MAN BARELY ALIVE, WE CAN REBUILD HIM, WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY... Then ending up saying "BETTER THEN HE WAS! "BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER!!!

Then, with it carrying on-like with the turn Da! Da! Da! Da!

Which, if anyone out there that can remember that TV series had started

Anyway, getting back to my second most favourite Groups "THE MONKEES" Which I would like to dedicate this picture that I've done for "Davy Jones" who was the lead Singer to that group to his family... But more so to YOU "Micky Dolenz" who was the drummer and singer! Course, practically because how you felt of losing a very close friend that was also more like a family of yours to... Okay you Smiler! Who you Micky had made this young girl smile so when she saw you clowning around in that series! Which I've got to say was a "Class A" by the way!

So, Micky Dolenz! If you do happen to see my Web-site well this picture is for probably more YOU because of how you really had felt after now Davy can't ever be around... But he will always though, be LOVED, MISSED as well as REMEMBERED by all Micky! And that's a fact!!!

Hope you like what I've done though?

But can I just say I loved YOU more while watching all YOU guys, course a lot of us then had probably preferred Davy... but ME well I couldn't help MYSELF I really loved YOU! Maybe it was due to the fact, you had always acted so blooming WACKY which I like to say, I now acts like how you had back then! So, thank you my sweet Micky Dolenz for tha!

love you guys always!

Calamity Jane


Now guys! As you can see from this picture I've drawn of one of the well-known Actress of all times, "Doris Day" who starred in many films with Rock Hudson" "James Garner" and "Frank Sinatra," she also starred with "Howard Keel" in the best film I ever saw her in called "Calamity Jane! Which I would like to dedicate this to a very dear friend of mine that not only started me off in doing all this for YOU GUYS to see out there but who also had helped me think about writing my autobiography on my lap-top...

Not forgetting though that they simply adores her in that film!!!

So, if you're looking on my Web-site, this is especially for YOU!

Mark Hamill


* What can I basically say for this picture that I've done but simply that when I first saw the original film to "STAR WARS MOVIES" on the cinema back in the mid-70's, which I've got to say was the (ORIGINAL FILM) and not the fourth or fifth or even the sixth to "Star Wars" because of those blooming new ones that some time ago, had been made!  Which because they had already SHOWED the film in the 70's. don't agree on saying it was the FIRST ONES... 

* So, guys, if anyone of you do think BUT IT IS!  Well I can tell YOU it sure isn't!  Because if they way back then, had already showed it starring "Harrison Ford" as Han Solo "Carrie Fisher" as Princess Leah and not forgetting, "Mark Hamill" who had played our Luke Skywalker which being 11 years old as I was then, had liked..  As for "Harrison Ford" character, Han Solo, well one of my cousins had fancied him...

* So, between the two of us, we were probably was bad as each other of fancying these two different Actors that played those two CHARACTERS in this well-known film that had really came out sometime in the Cinema around the mid-70s!

* Though guys! If you go onto Google and search for the name of "MARK HAMILL" right now, well may be like myself when I saw him as he once was then, which hopefully you can see today would be in total SHOCK!  Because you may think to yourselves that surely that can't be that very Actor that had played in that (original STARS WARS Movies), as "Luke Skywalker" back in the 70's?  Now, can it!

* Only, you guys, really do need to take a quick look at what I bloody mean!  Course, "oh boy guys!   Even myself had to really have a second look of how "Mark Hamill" had look-like today! * Because, I didn't even recognise him...  "Why! You could say as he really let himself go!  And to think this was someone that I actually liked when I first saw those Movies, as you can basically see above!

* Though, saying that about how "Mark Hamill" does look like today-like... Can say that "Harrison Ford" is probably far more better then how "Mark" as really turned out now!  Sorry, "Mark Hamill," if you do happen to stumble on my Web-site one day, but that's the truth!  You really do look absolutely bloody awful now!   For really what went wrong with you, through all those years? Hey! 

* But once again guys, it was all of them that had played all the ORIGINAL Characters to that well-known Films "STARS WARS" then, those, that was recently done!
Which I have to say was NOTHING like the best that was done way back then, because what I think of it all those RECENT ONES and I'm sorry to say was a total CRAP!!!

As you can't beat those BEST that was the "ORIGINAL FILMS" to the "STAR WARS MOVES!!!

Bob Hope


What can I say about yet another well-known and much loved Actor who will always be remembered, "Bob Hope" but just that whatever he had starred in whether it was in films with "Bing Crosby" another well-known Actor back in the 40's, which I can't really expect a lot of you out there to remember or heard of... Because they were old Actors!

But guys, I'm not saying that I'm enchant or really old-like it's just that I can remember seeing most of theirs films on the TV when I was a small child... Like Films that even "Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis" had made together which I can you now, was a right SCREAM!!!

Especially when "Jerry Lewis" acted so daft in front of the cameras maybe on purpose... I don't know there all that I do know is it's really the same for "Bob Hope" who when he always stars along with "Bing Crosby! As like "Jerry Lewis" in his films was always the main FUNNY ONE then his so-call partner!!!

Inspector Clouseau


Now guys, as you should know by this picture that I've done, this is the well-known and may I also add was the best Actor of all times... And must loved by all that had always played the part of "Inspector Clouseau" in those best films of "THE PINK PANTHER" "Peter Seller! For he was the greatest and that was NO mistakes!!!

Because every blooming time he gets back from work to his Apartment you can be sure that his loyal and faithful Servant "Kato" is just lurking around somewhere to ATTACK him! But ends ups fighting each other like they were CLOWNING around until something happens or goes off like to get Inspector Clouseau ATTENTION to try to tell his bloody daft as a FRUIT-BAT Kato to stop what you are doing! If you guys get my drift by that!

Course, come on guys, whatever does get the Inspector Clouseaau ATTENTION to try to tell his so-call Wacky Servant, "Keto" to try to STOP...
Well Kato doesn't, in fact he just simply carries on while poor "Clouseau" does try to either speak to his boss on his phone about something or do something by!!!

But I tell you guys whenever I see Cluseau in a sense with his boss, "Inspector Dreyfus" well I would probably have to say it's more FUNNY seeing his boss "Inspector Dreyfus" going slowly CRAZY by the minute because of every time he as to ask Clouseau that DO THAT! Well Clouseau as you know don't!

For instead, what does that blooming stupid fool "Clouseau" always goes and do? But he goes out and does the complete opposite what he thinks is best then rather to listen to what his boss had just told him to do in the first PLACE!!!

Which isn't fucking surprising that by the end of these films it sends his boss, "Inspector Dreyfus" LOOPY! Not forgetting guys, he turns into a bad and evil criminal that trys to get Clouseau for everything he deserve!