Wednesday 11 November 2015

Mark Hamill


* What can I basically say for this picture that I've done but simply that when I first saw the original film to "STAR WARS MOVIES" on the cinema back in the mid-70's, which I've got to say was the (ORIGINAL FILM) and not the fourth or fifth or even the sixth to "Star Wars" because of those blooming new ones that some time ago, had been made!  Which because they had already SHOWED the film in the 70's. don't agree on saying it was the FIRST ONES... 

* So, guys, if anyone of you do think BUT IT IS!  Well I can tell YOU it sure isn't!  Because if they way back then, had already showed it starring "Harrison Ford" as Han Solo "Carrie Fisher" as Princess Leah and not forgetting, "Mark Hamill" who had played our Luke Skywalker which being 11 years old as I was then, had liked..  As for "Harrison Ford" character, Han Solo, well one of my cousins had fancied him...

* So, between the two of us, we were probably was bad as each other of fancying these two different Actors that played those two CHARACTERS in this well-known film that had really came out sometime in the Cinema around the mid-70s!

* Though guys! If you go onto Google and search for the name of "MARK HAMILL" right now, well may be like myself when I saw him as he once was then, which hopefully you can see today would be in total SHOCK!  Because you may think to yourselves that surely that can't be that very Actor that had played in that (original STARS WARS Movies), as "Luke Skywalker" back in the 70's?  Now, can it!

* Only, you guys, really do need to take a quick look at what I bloody mean!  Course, "oh boy guys!   Even myself had to really have a second look of how "Mark Hamill" had look-like today! * Because, I didn't even recognise him...  "Why! You could say as he really let himself go!  And to think this was someone that I actually liked when I first saw those Movies, as you can basically see above!

* Though, saying that about how "Mark Hamill" does look like today-like... Can say that "Harrison Ford" is probably far more better then how "Mark" as really turned out now!  Sorry, "Mark Hamill," if you do happen to stumble on my Web-site one day, but that's the truth!  You really do look absolutely bloody awful now!   For really what went wrong with you, through all those years? Hey! 

* But once again guys, it was all of them that had played all the ORIGINAL Characters to that well-known Films "STARS WARS" then, those, that was recently done!
Which I have to say was NOTHING like the best that was done way back then, because what I think of it all those RECENT ONES and I'm sorry to say was a total CRAP!!!

As you can't beat those BEST that was the "ORIGINAL FILMS" to the "STAR WARS MOVES!!!