Tuesday 8 December 2015

Age 21 with a dazzling Waiter sitting by her side

* Right guys! As you can finally see this is yours truly, but you must REMEMBER this picture that I've done from this photo below shown for YOU was going back a fair while, because I was twenty-one years old on holiday in a small island of Greece called Crete... And sitting right besides ME was a young gorgeous waiter who I not only found out was a "young German waiter called "Stefan!

* For boy! If you guys want to know something else, before I really continue-like is that while I was on HOLIDAY there well there was a time in fact, two times that after we all had a blooming good night out of going to a nearby night club that had those strange Aluminas lights, that if anyone had ANYTHING WHITE-like and I do mean white well they would absolutely show in the DARK which it was!

* Only, guys this was where the FUNNY THING happened to us... and NO!  It wasn't me that made us all laugh but one of our cousins because of every single time she had OPENED her mouth to speak to us well ALL her blooming TEETH had shot out like NOBODY'S BUSINESS, if you catch me drift!

* Then, shortly after that guys, if you must know we had all went to a very small restaurant where yours truly had really got herself so PISS-like and not just ONCE may I add, but TWICE... Because what we had, even though the first time we went there and this Greek waiter had told us all to try this drink very slowly didn't think that I would have any problem in that way! I decided to have yet another one of these drinks when we had all went past another time as it was nice! Which after we did can certainly say that I had felt so funny course of the way I was really walking back to our Hotel, side to side-like...

* Which after we all got back to our rooms well first of all after seeing my bed well let's just say guys, one minute after seeing her bed, this GIRL could only say, "HELLO BED, GOODBYE BED! Then, with a big WHAM-BAM THANK YOU MA ended up going flat on her face on top of her BED! Which I've also got to add, don't think I could even remember of HURTING herself by doing so, since yours truly was STONE COLD like you would not believe!!!

* Then guys, do you want to know something else, well one night while we were at this small coffee place where Stefan worked, well while we were all waiting for something inside the place it was a fairly chilly night as I think we were having something to eat for a change, well as the back door to where all the staff go in and out had opened... What should I see! But Stefan dripping wet with only a white towel around him!!! And that's no joke guys! This girl then, had really truly saw Stefan half fucking Naked, dripping wet in the back! Because it was where some other waiter had opened the door.

* "Only, what was he doing hey?"  Course, I'm telling you, whatever he was doing had certainly got this GIRL so HOT especially, as I'm sure he saw me noticing him by accident mind you! And it was by ACCIDENT that I suddenly turned around and saw my gorgeous Stefan who I thought was truly nice because as I probably made sure we all kept going back there nearly every single night!

* But anyway, as you can see from the PHOTO this young German waiter was actually the very last guy that I had probably had liked as a BLONDE because I would just like to you guys, that way back then, possibly even before I turned twenty, I was always into BLONDE HAIR with BLUE EYES and a not forgetting a really nice SMILE!!!

* As I never thought about liking anyone that could possibly have DARK HAIR with nice DARK EYES a a lovely SMILE!  No! For I simply always thought I really liked BLONDES and BLONDES only!  But as I got a little older well you could say I changed for may be the BETTER...  Because for one thing being like my Dad I had a blooming good sense of humour which is why I'm so fucking glad I'm nothing like my mum or my foul as well as fucking UGLY sister who's like her in every way!  But who I've got to say is DEAD in my eyes now, because of how she had really treated me in the past, which began at my dads funeral seven years ago...

* Because guys, what would you say if I told you that, that very nasty BITCH as she truly is, had first told our mum That MAFIA at the time, "Sandy can walk up to the church with Uncle when he comes over, whilst we all go in the Family funeral car, then after my Uncle had come down with my Aunty from Newcastle got me to walk up to the church with him which when we all arrived, felt that I was a complete stranger then my dads daughter for those BASTARDS to arrive!!!  And after seeing them all arrive including that "BIGGEST FUCKING CREEP" that she had married, which I can basically say which most of us, including when my beloved dad was alive had truly NEVER really liked!  Course, shortly after having their OMEN child, which he really is, if he's half from that fucking ugly CREEP that my sister had ended up marring! 

* My beloved dad kept on telling both me and that MAFIA - that and I quote, because he had said this was, "that I can't believe Anna had made the most biggest MISTAKE of her life by marrying Dean, she should have stayed single or stayed with Mark...  Who, was her last boyfriend by the way guys!

* Well no sooner then we all got into the church that I they all made me sited in the second row with my Uncle and Aunt then the front row... Which do you know they allowed a complete stranger to be sited with them then, rather allowing his younger DAUGHTER "ME! To be amongst them and that did include that Creep that she married of course...

* Only don't you guys agree, that if someone like him that's ONLY MARRIED INTO a FAMILY then really thinking they are PART of the family now, like myself, isn't the FAMILY "Dazley" but should have been sited somewhere else?  As well as, driven themselves there and back then rather getting into that funeral car with them, that I should have gone into MYSELF!!  Hey! Not forgetting guys, if it weren't for my cousins, who comfort me so, where my dad was buried well they had all completely made me feel like I was a NOBODY!!!

* Thank God though! There's a saying "WHAT COMES AROUND, WILL ALL GO BACK TO THEM ALL! In other words what calmer comes will always come back to them!!!

I'm just so glad that the rest was being sarcastic-like in PRETENDING that they liked that major-CREEP, like I was most definitely for sure...
It's just guys, it's so FUNNY how that piece of TRASH couldn't see how I didn't like that CREEP that she had ended up with yet, when I was very young-like and I do mean very YOUNG, well like most kids then, had pretended we weren't well so we would STOP at HOME! Which after being told by our mum that, "could you stop at home and watch your sister while I go to work?

Well lets just say she only knew then, how I was so- pretending like course the one time I wanted to stop at home and mum had asked her once again, to look after Sandy? I couldn't control my smile of coming!

Which what I'm trying to say is Boy! After ALL those years, and there was most of us as in the family mind never fucking liked that THING! Who guys, as always from the moment I saw him had really and truly made me think of "THE MASTER" from one of Stephen Kings Films, called "SALEM'S LOT" starring "David Soul" and the later great Actor, "James Mason! And that's NO fucking joke! As he really had made this girl think of "THE MASTER" from that Classic Film of Stephen Kings "SALEM'S LOT!!!

Which is all about a small Town that after this old gentleman "James Mason" had played comes into it to take over this very big old house that was on top of the hill, but who also, secretly ends up bringing up a very old coffin which contains the Master of ALL VAMPIRES!!! Which if you see it for yourself, would probably know what I'm trying to say!

Because when my sister wanted to bring him around to the house to introduced us to the family well lets just say guys, even way before he had OPENED his mouth, my gut instinct was telling me I DO NOT LIKE THIS ONE AT ALL! And was I wrong! "No! I was NOT! For no sooner then he had and said, "Why, hasn't she got a lovely smile! Then, I said to myself, 'Yelp, I was right, he's really a bloody CREEP alright!

But they do say that in most families, not ALL though, "that ONE BAD EGG, DOES PROBABLY DESERVES ANOTHER! Even though once a upon time she was my sister, she's NOW definitely met her MATCH!!! As in WANTING to be the other half to a ROTTEN BAD EGG that probably does DESERVE him then, like me who wish someday that I could MEET a really lovely SHY guy that is DECENT and who would like me for who I am then thinking of just one thing or who could be tied down!

Anyway, I'm just so glad that I wasn't the ONLY one that thought of this of him!!! So, the joke is really ALL on her, for NOT NOTICING most of us didn't really like him in the FIRST blooming PLACE! As we were being total sarcastic, to her, well I know I was... As in saying we were ALL pretending in say "Yes! He's so nice, welcome to the family! While ALL the time WE was thinking well actually if you want to know NO! "WE ALL DON'T LIKE HIM! Well I know I for a fact, that I sure DON'T!!! Because, he is just SOMEONE that no sooner then YOU would see, would also feel make YOU want to throw-UP!!! And I certain do mean YOU guys would really want to THROW-UP if you saw this biggest CREEP! As I sure did, when I first saw him standing in the door way to our kitchen door! Or should I say how I really wanted to throw-UP in his horrible and Ugly face!

But anyway, lets simply carry on here with how I was so glad I've turned out like my beautiful Dad with a funny sense of humour because at one stage of my life I can remember telling one of the Managers as well the Area Manager that, "Why, can't you guys, make my wish ANSWERED! As I added, "Why, can't you guys just simply get me ONE TALL, DARK HAIR, NICE EYES WITH A LOVELY SMILE NOT FORGETTING WHO'S GOT TO BE BOARD for ME? Hey! "Just why don't YOU, course I would be so happy if that WISH of mine could probably happen to ME!

Mean while, I'm still a DAY-DREAMER that wonders what if it did happen to me some day, as I think I truly love it to HAPPEN to ME!!!

But why! Well you may say it's because a friend of mine as always been REMINDING me that you Sandy is definitely an hopelessly ROMANTIC...
Which I sure am guys! But who I just can't seem to see her DREAM of ever meeting that certain special SOMEONE may I add to swept me off my feet!

But if only!!!

My Bobby Dazzler by his very own dazzlepops



What can I say about my beautiful "Bobby-Dazzler" hey! But that this was my beloved Dad who was simply acting like a blooming fool as he always was, at times though...  But that was more like him anyway!  As. he was a proper Geordie boy!  Like his younger brother "Jimmy" my Uncle, who every blooming New Years Eve had called my dad up to wish him a Happy New Year!  But, as my dad was a Geordie, which as a young girl didn't realize my dad was a Geordie!  So, he had to put on his Geordie accent for him!

Why! I can even remember-like, that while he was always talking to my Uncle Jimmy over the phone I basically kept on saying to him, "BIN and BEN the FLOWER-POT MEN and I'm the blooming WEED that can't get away!!!

Just hope you guys out there get what I was trying to tell my dad while speaking to my lovely Uncle Jimmy, as he really is!

So, viewers, just imagine the look on my face that when I suddenly heard my dad talking as he did then?  Course, I'm telling you all, I was in switches, with laughter because of hearing him talking as he did!  As I thought, it was absolutely funny of hearing this new accent of his!  And as so yours truly had couldn't help herself by giving my dads accent a nick-name which was "THE SWINGY-VOICE" which I think had always made his day when we sort have brought his accent up into any conversion! Or basically anything that would probably remind him that his a "Geordie-Boy!

Though, what I would also like to tell you all which is to REMINDER you basically is that way, way back when this young girl was only four or five shall I say well every blooming Saturday morning as well as loving seeing that half an hour of "The Monkees" had loved "The Six Million Dollar Man" starring "Lee Majors" who boy! As a five year old had seriously thought 'oh do I love him! Which, I did, but may be it was something to do with the theme song to that series that made me like him more as well as to watch it!

Anyway, guys, getting back to my lovely "Bobby-Dazzler" because okay!  As I thought as a small kid that I loved her "Stevie baby!  Which I did shorten "Lee Majors" character, "Steve Austin" and always use to blooming kiss his god-dam poster from a comic that I always use to get called "LOOK-IN" well thought that her Dad could well be the next "SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN" any flaming day, because of the way he was!!! That's a joke guys!

And ever since I can remember, this very young GIRL from the two was the only ONE that was so really more CLOSER to her him! Ans that's a gods honest truth! I was!!! Course come on guys, what would think if I told YOU if my Dad gave yours truly her nick-name, called "Dazzlepopes" at the age of four then, his other daughter who is more like their mum!  The Italian Mafia!  Which, thank god to say, Thank god I wasn't like her! Because as a proper Italian, she hasn't got any sense of humour what so ever like my darling Dad...

But guess what guys! If I haven't told you already is like he nick-named me "DAZZLEPOPS" his nick-name was "BOBBY-DAZZLER" as he told ME at a younger age, his Ma my Nan had also given him that name! But if that was so, well I sure would like to know if she had given my Uncle Jimmy one as well? Course, if you could only meet my Uncle Jimmy then you would probably realised what I meant...

Because, YOU can differently tell there brother, alright! By that truly lovely LOOK that my Dad had always given to ME and me alone! Why! Do you know when I first met my Uncle Jimmy at a younger age, he more then less looked like a twin then just a brother of my beloved Dad! Oh Dad how I really, really love YOU but who also truly miss so!

love you always

Your Sandy "Dazzlepops"

P.S /

By the way guys, what I would like to add is, if anyone of you out there does want to see this photo of my Dad smiling away to me close-up to well just IMAGINE to yourselves now that yours truly look-like her Dad, "DARK HAIR and FLAT CHESTTED" course, you got to remember guys, my dad did have once upon a time dark hair, so just IMAGINE right now that if you see anyone wondering around, listening to her Music on her MP-3 player that I've nicked-name her "ipoddywaddy" after her favourite Group "Showaddywady" well like I had already describe herself to you guys already I'm DARK HAIR and FLAT CHESTED!!!  It's me, that you see!

Not really guys, as that's my sense of humour coming out of me right now, as I'm sure you guys had already gathered by now! Ha! De! Ha! Ha!

Only, boy! "Aren't I good though, Ah!

Saturday 21 November 2015

My Nan Emily Dazley


Hi guys! As you know by now I've done a picture of my nan, "Emily Dazley" was her name but first of all, that's if my Uncle Jimmy is looking on my Web-site... This is a picture especially for YOU, my Sunshine you!   And you only Uncle!  Because basically, I just wanted you to know that I was sorry that what happened when you and Aunty Margaret had came around that time to visit my dads grave, but may be also to see me, you should have really understand that I was still very much hurting by losing the ONE person in my entire life that had really showed me they loved me like any parent should! As I really loved my dad so much, still do...

* Anyway, the other reason guys of why I would like you to see this picture that I've drawn of this lovely beautiful picture of my nan, was that at the very younger age of nineteen, this girl whilst still on the "Youth Training Scheme" which some of you may not know of because I am going back a bit now, had a slight accident after going out one evening course the nights was drawing darker nearer by each day...

* Which I can vaguely remember was it was certainly around late October-like, that I fell and banged her head in a certain way that after remembering saying "Awes" like I'm sure anyone would, if they had also had banged their heads! *  Anyway, after I had banged my head all I can remember was that I was floating, floating into what seemed complete darkness...  And I certainly do mean, I was floating into what looked-like pitch BLACK SPACE!  But what I couldn't seem to understand then was that while floating as I did, forward and forward...  Well this girl just couldn't seem to see her body, legs or arms!

Then, suddenly, I noticed I was going towards what looked -like a misty white effect as if I was now coming through the end of a tunnel... Which I didn't seemed scared what so ever, even when I went through it because what I saw a a very beautiful place, a place that ALL I could see was loads and loads of peoples faces, young and old greeting me with their SMILE...   Which, ONE may I add, had SMILED at ME the more, which I didn't understand of why, since they had all smiled at me!

* Anyway, what I'm about to tell all YOU guys next may even sound a lot more weird to understand because shortly after I had that "EXPERIENCE" which it was, suddenly decided that I should clear out some stuff in our cupboard why! Well I do not know at the time only that I felt like I had to!  Only, while clearing some of the things out I came cross some very old photos of people. A young man and a young woman which I noticed there was two different pictures of this woman.

* Which at first all I could think of was "who are they?  That was until I had asked my dad of who he reckoned these people were?  Or should I say I had asked my dad "dad, look what I've found, these old photos of people I don't even know! Thinking to myself that what he was about the say was the same... But he didn't, in fact, at first all I saw was my dad expression on his face which was that he went white as a blooming sheet!!

* After asking him, "what's wrong dad?"  All he said was "where on earth did you find these Sandy," so, after telling him, "I find them in the cupboard!  All he said then was "these are my parents!  Which now, I can understand why, my poor darling dad had looked as he did!

* So, really getting back to this picture that I've done once again, of my "Nan Emily" the true reason of why, I've drawn it besides for my darling Uncle Jimmy, that before saying does so very much LOVE because he's so like a twin-brother of my beloved dad... Anyway, that ONE of these photos of my lovely Nan was that it was the same face that I saw in that strange EXPERIENCE that I had, but couldn't explain to myself of it while going through this! Or even after shall I say course what I do know is, every DREAM I had ever had can remember every thing that what happened - and I can tell you it was NO DREAM!

* Why! Well lets just say that no sooner then I told both my mum and dad shortly after this incident that I had while I was on the Y.T.S Scheme, then all they said with a strange look on the faces was, "my god!  "That sounded as if YOU had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE Sandy!!! Which was what I'm trying to tell all you guys, as I sure couldn't understand for what they were on about!

* Now, as for all you guys out there, I can understand that if anyone of YOU may think that what I've been trying to tell you have been a load of rubbish or sumat, but really guys what I've been telling you all as actually happened to ME way back then...

* It's just that it may be difficult for ALL YOU GUYS to understand that what I went through, way back then, was really a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE!!!  SPOOKY as it may seemed! But guys, truly, that's what had happened to this young girl way back then!

Wednesday 11 November 2015

The Monkees


Well what can I say on this picture first of an old group from the 70's as well as it was also yet another favourite group of mine like "Showaddywaddy" called "The Monkees" For every time I heard "The Monkees" come on, well this girl had always go a little CRAZY... Because it always seems to starts with "HERE WE COME WALKING DOWN THE STREET WE GET FUNNIEST LOVE SONGS EVERYONE WE MEET... Then, ending up singing as you should know Hey! Hey! With the Monkees!!! Course way back then guys, I would always loved watching their half an hour series on every Saturday Morning, if the series called "The Six Million Man" starring "Lee Majors" as Steve Austin weren't on!

For who as a very young child, had always thought.. And this is NO joke either guys had Loved course, I always use to say to myself "I love you my Steve Austin! But may be it was partly because when that dam series had always started on every Saturday Morning around 9am-like, well it was every blooming time I had heard the theme tune as well as hearing "Oscar Goldman" who was Steve Austin's boss in these series say, "STEVE AUSTIN, ASTRONAUT, A MAN BARELY ALIVE, WE CAN REBUILD HIM, WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY... Then ending up saying "BETTER THEN HE WAS! "BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER!!!

Then, with it carrying on-like with the turn Da! Da! Da! Da!

Which, if anyone out there that can remember that TV series had started

Anyway, getting back to my second most favourite Groups "THE MONKEES" Which I would like to dedicate this picture that I've done for "Davy Jones" who was the lead Singer to that group to his family... But more so to YOU "Micky Dolenz" who was the drummer and singer! Course, practically because how you felt of losing a very close friend that was also more like a family of yours to... Okay you Smiler! Who you Micky had made this young girl smile so when she saw you clowning around in that series! Which I've got to say was a "Class A" by the way!

So, Micky Dolenz! If you do happen to see my Web-site well this picture is for probably more YOU because of how you really had felt after now Davy can't ever be around... But he will always though, be LOVED, MISSED as well as REMEMBERED by all Micky! And that's a fact!!!

Hope you like what I've done though?

But can I just say I loved YOU more while watching all YOU guys, course a lot of us then had probably preferred Davy... but ME well I couldn't help MYSELF I really loved YOU! Maybe it was due to the fact, you had always acted so blooming WACKY which I like to say, I now acts like how you had back then! So, thank you my sweet Micky Dolenz for tha!

love you guys always!

Calamity Jane


Now guys! As you can see from this picture I've drawn of one of the well-known Actress of all times, "Doris Day" who starred in many films with Rock Hudson" "James Garner" and "Frank Sinatra," she also starred with "Howard Keel" in the best film I ever saw her in called "Calamity Jane! Which I would like to dedicate this to a very dear friend of mine that not only started me off in doing all this for YOU GUYS to see out there but who also had helped me think about writing my autobiography on my lap-top...

Not forgetting though that they simply adores her in that film!!!

So, if you're looking on my Web-site, this is especially for YOU!

Mark Hamill


* What can I basically say for this picture that I've done but simply that when I first saw the original film to "STAR WARS MOVIES" on the cinema back in the mid-70's, which I've got to say was the (ORIGINAL FILM) and not the fourth or fifth or even the sixth to "Star Wars" because of those blooming new ones that some time ago, had been made!  Which because they had already SHOWED the film in the 70's. don't agree on saying it was the FIRST ONES... 

* So, guys, if anyone of you do think BUT IT IS!  Well I can tell YOU it sure isn't!  Because if they way back then, had already showed it starring "Harrison Ford" as Han Solo "Carrie Fisher" as Princess Leah and not forgetting, "Mark Hamill" who had played our Luke Skywalker which being 11 years old as I was then, had liked..  As for "Harrison Ford" character, Han Solo, well one of my cousins had fancied him...

* So, between the two of us, we were probably was bad as each other of fancying these two different Actors that played those two CHARACTERS in this well-known film that had really came out sometime in the Cinema around the mid-70s!

* Though guys! If you go onto Google and search for the name of "MARK HAMILL" right now, well may be like myself when I saw him as he once was then, which hopefully you can see today would be in total SHOCK!  Because you may think to yourselves that surely that can't be that very Actor that had played in that (original STARS WARS Movies), as "Luke Skywalker" back in the 70's?  Now, can it!

* Only, you guys, really do need to take a quick look at what I bloody mean!  Course, "oh boy guys!   Even myself had to really have a second look of how "Mark Hamill" had look-like today! * Because, I didn't even recognise him...  "Why! You could say as he really let himself go!  And to think this was someone that I actually liked when I first saw those Movies, as you can basically see above!

* Though, saying that about how "Mark Hamill" does look like today-like... Can say that "Harrison Ford" is probably far more better then how "Mark" as really turned out now!  Sorry, "Mark Hamill," if you do happen to stumble on my Web-site one day, but that's the truth!  You really do look absolutely bloody awful now!   For really what went wrong with you, through all those years? Hey! 

* But once again guys, it was all of them that had played all the ORIGINAL Characters to that well-known Films "STARS WARS" then, those, that was recently done!
Which I have to say was NOTHING like the best that was done way back then, because what I think of it all those RECENT ONES and I'm sorry to say was a total CRAP!!!

As you can't beat those BEST that was the "ORIGINAL FILMS" to the "STAR WARS MOVES!!!

Bob Hope


What can I say about yet another well-known and much loved Actor who will always be remembered, "Bob Hope" but just that whatever he had starred in whether it was in films with "Bing Crosby" another well-known Actor back in the 40's, which I can't really expect a lot of you out there to remember or heard of... Because they were old Actors!

But guys, I'm not saying that I'm enchant or really old-like it's just that I can remember seeing most of theirs films on the TV when I was a small child... Like Films that even "Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis" had made together which I can you now, was a right SCREAM!!!

Especially when "Jerry Lewis" acted so daft in front of the cameras maybe on purpose... I don't know there all that I do know is it's really the same for "Bob Hope" who when he always stars along with "Bing Crosby! As like "Jerry Lewis" in his films was always the main FUNNY ONE then his so-call partner!!!

Inspector Clouseau


Now guys, as you should know by this picture that I've done, this is the well-known and may I also add was the best Actor of all times... And must loved by all that had always played the part of "Inspector Clouseau" in those best films of "THE PINK PANTHER" "Peter Seller! For he was the greatest and that was NO mistakes!!!

Because every blooming time he gets back from work to his Apartment you can be sure that his loyal and faithful Servant "Kato" is just lurking around somewhere to ATTACK him! But ends ups fighting each other like they were CLOWNING around until something happens or goes off like to get Inspector Clouseau ATTENTION to try to tell his bloody daft as a FRUIT-BAT Kato to stop what you are doing! If you guys get my drift by that!

Course, come on guys, whatever does get the Inspector Clouseaau ATTENTION to try to tell his so-call Wacky Servant, "Keto" to try to STOP...
Well Kato doesn't, in fact he just simply carries on while poor "Clouseau" does try to either speak to his boss on his phone about something or do something by!!!

But I tell you guys whenever I see Cluseau in a sense with his boss, "Inspector Dreyfus" well I would probably have to say it's more FUNNY seeing his boss "Inspector Dreyfus" going slowly CRAZY by the minute because of every time he as to ask Clouseau that DO THAT! Well Clouseau as you know don't!

For instead, what does that blooming stupid fool "Clouseau" always goes and do? But he goes out and does the complete opposite what he thinks is best then rather to listen to what his boss had just told him to do in the first PLACE!!!

Which isn't fucking surprising that by the end of these films it sends his boss, "Inspector Dreyfus" LOOPY! Not forgetting guys, he turns into a bad and evil criminal that trys to get Clouseau for everything he deserve!

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh


Well guys! As you can see from this, I've done a picture of the well-known Presenters from "The X Factor! Only, why on earth can everyone tell that so-call (Big Head) as he really is to just take a blooming break from showing his Ugly MUG in that popular series, "The X Factor" once again, whether he thinks he's "Mr know it all" and had also started that dam series! For once, take a blooming BREAK for all our sake! Please do it!

Which as you guys should know I was referring to "Mr. Simon Cowell! who I wouldn't be at all surprised that he loves himself so much! Hey Simon! You do, don't YOU! Loves yourself! Course, can you guys, just imagine the guy is looking at himself in front of a MIRROR and simply saying to himself, "God! "Aren't you Sexy Simon! Then, with his lips, of course, looks like he's kissing himself... Like saying Kissie-Kissie! Well can YOU? Just try to imagine? Course, if you can, well like myself that would be a blooming NIGHTMARE for everyone of us all! Why! Well you could say that's "Freddy Krueger" there, down to a tree! Then, "Simon Cowell! Then, really seeing some Actor dressing up as a part of a character for that Film!!!

Anyway, just MOVE OVER and allow these two take OVER your place for a change! Why, you may ask! Well it's course every time they get together and I do mean get together and hear someone that hasn't got a voice and even more so, of maybe how they appear, if you know what I mean, well those two when they start to laugh, they are like myself in some ways, they just can't blooming STOP!!! In fact, some times it's course one slightly falls over from their seat with laughing to much! While the other in fact, looks like they are wetting themselves by it all!

Now, that's FUNNY!

So, that's why, I think can't YOU Simon simply give those two much loved a turn to take over your series that you started? Hey! Why can't YOU! Also,, and in away, I hope Sharon sees this, but I just want to let her know that you're Absolutely Fab Sharon! Really YOU are! So, just think about going back to our Louis on The X Factor? If it can happen one day, which I sure hope you do hun!

And it's also because YOU and Louis are just prefect to take over, you know who! As I really think you two are GREAT!

Hope though that you like this picture of YOU and Louis as it's especially for you guys really, for making this girl smile even join in with you when someone just appears looking the way they may do and start to sing with no voice of course, start to LAUGH!

Two Little Boys


* Which by the way, "Uncle Jimmy" this picture is also, dedicated to YOU my darling, you!!!

* Well to everyone out there that may be looking onto my Web-site now, this picture that I've drawn of these two likely lads and yes! Guys! Even the little one!

* The little one with the lovely blonde hair is most definitely a little laddie in what we Geordie's call a little Boy then thinking it's a girl!  And how do I know of this, well you could say that when I found this photograph I asked my Dad at first, "who the blooming hell was the young lad by that baby girl?  Course, and wait for it guys! But then, I said, to my Dad "course, boy I think I could well have a crush on him!  Even though he seemed like a young lad you also have got to remember that then, I also was very young...

* So, anyway, after my Dad looked at this photo with a smile, he immediately looked at me and said, "Oh Sandy! "What are you like," course then he told me "that you can't have a crush on this little lad or even fancy him, because this was ME when I was only 9 years old!  Which you can just imagine the look on my face then, when he told me of this! Then, to top it up all, I then asked my Dad, "well who's the little GIRL with you then?"
Which once again he not only smiled but he also got a little laugh because he then added, "IT'S NOT A LITTLE GIRL Sandy, it's your Uncle Jimmy!

* Which back then didn't realise that my Dad even had a brother who may I add really do LOVE  so very much, course every time I see him reminds me of who I will always love even now, but as you know Uncle, if you are looking onto my Web-site, I really totally MISS my Dad so very much! As you should know that, course it was only him and him ALONE that had made me feel constantly LOVED, with showing signs of AFFECTION!

* Sorry for the time you and Aunty came, but really I did felt that my entire world was falling apart! Okay Uncle!

So this is especially for YOU my darling Geordie-boy!

Love Dad's little Dazzlepops which he had also, told me he was also, Nick-named himself when I was at a younger age from your very beautiful Ma!  My Nan "Emily Dazley!  okay! xxx

My Art Teacher


MY ART TEACHER - "DICKIE-POOHS" But, that isn't his real NAME...

* To my Art teacher that I had way back when I was still in The Abbey High School! Thanks for everything you did for me then, and I mean that with all my heart, course if it weren't for you well I would probably won't know what I would be doing now! As well as you know it was you that brought this young girl out of her shell as I was a very SHY young girl when she was seventeen.

* So if you are still around out there and may be looking on my Web-site, who knows! Well this is for YOU, you Crazy guy who as you can see loved to pose.  Course, come on just look at YOURSELF then, lying on the grass as well as that one I've drawn outside the Art Department posing away! But can you remember ME? Hey! Well can YOU! As you knew me by Sandra Dazley! Not Sandy as I'm now known to everyone!

* Also, I will always remember YOU! Being the funniest Teacher back then. especially of how that one time if YOU can recall had asked your STUDENTS that you had in one class which had included ME to do a Model! And being my first one that I had to do way back then, was a "WOMAN" a slightly older WOMAN" in fact, stack Naked posing... Which, course I was really SHY then, like I couldn't say boo to a goose, to anyone even any of the teachers, besides you because like I mentioned, it was "YOURSELF" and YOU only, that had truly brought this young girl out from being truly Shy to having a Wacky Personality - meaning that I was starting to show that I had a WACKY, but BUBBLY sense of humour!

* Anyway, getting back to this one time when we was asked by YOURSELF that this is a TREAT ON ME for this "WOMAN" posing in front of all of us... Course, as I was in total SHOCK by seeing this Modal, had DRAWN on the BIGGEST PAPER her "BOOBIES!!!

* And that's NO joke either! I really had drawn her "BOOBIES" but so it MASSIVE that really had filled the entire my paper that we were given, which as you guys, should know is an A1!!!

* Course, yes guys! This girl way back then, had really drawn this WOMAN'S "BREAST" then rather the actual MODAL "herself" which when we all had finally finished and had to hand our pictures over to him, as you guys can see from the photo above, didn't want to because of what his expression may be!

* As I found him a little CRAZY at times, now weren't YOU! Hey! "Crazy! If you are happen to be looking at this "CRAZY" as in FUNNY as a Hatter!!!  Course YOU had afterwards blooming decided to only pin up my PICTURE that I did of that so massive "BOOBIES" above your ART ROOM door so that everyone that had walked past could see it with my name UNDERNEATH OF IT ALL!!!   Because, you just wouldn't allow me to rub my name OFF from it, which left me really EMBARRASSED!

* Well wouldn't ALL of you guys be? If that had happened to YOURSELVES! And don't say "NO you wouldn't!!! Course, I know that there must be a few of YOU out there that would! It's just it had to happen to MYSELF!

* Now, surely you got to REMEMBER ME, you silly Moo  But again, you will never be forgotten by this girl!  "You silly Dickie-Pooh!

Wednesday 21 October 2015

The Young Ones


First of all I like to dedicate this Picture that I've done to ALL of Rick's friends and family because it wasn't just a talent Actor that Actor that made us all laugh which I sure you got to agree guys, because if you haven't heard of this really funny sitcom from the mid 80's I would say called "The Young Ones" well surely YOU must have heard the Comedy Series called "Bottom." Which Rick had starred along side his best mate once again, like he had way back then when they first started in the Sitcom,

Which, I've got to admit even though Rick's Character back then was extremely funny, I thought Viv in The Young Ones was a Class A Act, Meaning as you know I had thought he was more funny, but there again, so was Neil, especially when he always use to say "HEAVY! So, I do hope you guys out there like what you see!

By the way my all time favourite Episode of that Sitcom was actually the very last ONE when you see all of them in a DOUBLE-DECKER BUS singing "We are going on a Summer Holiday," then, seeing them ALL go over a blooming CLIFF! Do you guys get that? Over a blooming Cliff, whilst singing to that one song of "Cliff Richard" which Rick adored so much!

Well all I'm going to say on that is, they sure didn't GO blooming FAR to enjoy themselves! Hey! I mean, guys, going to have a Holiday, away from it all then ending up going over a Cliff! So, all I can say on that is that should have probably teach Rick to love his idol, "Cliff Richard!

Don't you guys think!

So, "Bye, bye guys! "Bye! "Bye!

Just Good Friends


* This Painting that I've done as you can plainly see is of "Robson Green and Jerome Flynn" who I would also like to dedicate to because as they knew way back then I really simply adored them, probably still do, in some ways because I'm NOT just anyone that can switch ON and OFF their feelings of how I felt for those guys then! 

* And also way back then, when I was at College well something had told me to do this picture of the them! Because let's just say I really loved them in that well-known TV Series called "Solider, Soldier" can you guy remember that Series? As it was where the guys was discovered by "Simon Cowell" who as you guys should know is from "The X Factor" when they had first sang that well-known song by "The Righteous Brothers" Can you guys Remember???  "Unchained Melody? * Well that's what shocked me the most then, because of hearing those two guys singing in one of the episodes to that Series to just one of many favourite songs of mine! .

* So to end on this NOTE, I'm a person that as got genuine feelings that may be shy but they are DIFINITELY genuine. So, Yes! I do believe that I could still very much like them those guys, even now, but more so of "Robson Green" especially, since I only saw him as my Hero then! And who once again, my beloved Dad had always used to say because he loved winding this girl up while I was always watching him is "He's NOT a Geordie! "But a NUTTY NODDLE FROM NORTHUMBERLAND!  Which of course, got to tell you ALL out there drove this Chick CRAZY!  Course of how I really liked "Robson Green" as my Hero, big time!

* Though saying that also, do you guys want to know that at one time whilst I was in the back garden just looking around mu Dad had suddenly shouted out to me to come on back in because he made out that (Blue Eyes) "Robson Green" was on the TV which as you know if I knew he was on would always have to watch him...

* Anyway, getting back to after my Dad had cried out to me to come back in back so I won't miss seeing Robson on one of the Channels!  As my Dad was standing half-way in-between our living-room door and the floor room door, smiling away course the portable TV in our front was SWITCH ON, I just RUN straight IN without thinking-like course all I thought then, was I didn't want to miss seeing "Robson" on the TV!!!   SWITCHED ON the main TV that was in our living-room, still thinking he's on JUMPED UP and DOWN so many times yelling to myself whilst again my Dad was still watching ME do this for the TV to "blooming hurry up," course I just couldn't wait to see him as well as I was still thinking I didn't want to MISS "Robson" of course! No way!

* Only, guys! And don't laugh!  Even though I reckon you guys probably will, but when it did come ON and I asked my Dad, "what blooming Channel is "Robson on?  Said, "he seems to be on Channel-2 Sandy!  Still very much smiling away at me course, no sooner then I had, that all I saw on the TV scream was the very old TV Comedy Series of "The Addams Family" with their tall butler LURCH walking in saying as usually, "You rang!  Or it could have been from the old Comedy "The Monsters!   Either way, that was what was ON then, thinking I was expecting to be see my Hero, "Robson Green" right there and then!

* Hope you guys though know of what I'm trying to tell you about all this! Course, even myself now especially, have really got to admit to herself that I would see that blooming FUNNY!  I mean guys, just imagine my look on my face when I blooming saw LURCH then, "Robson Green! As I really could have crown my Dad for doing that to me at the time, but I didn't!  Why! Well I don't know why, shall I say guys!!!  Maybe it's course, ME and my Dad are so-alike! That means we both love acting so daft!!!

* As for my Dad though, well I've got to tell you guys, all my Dad did then, was laugh! Laugh! And laugh!   Why! He nearer tripped over by doing so, course of just seeing me as ALWAYS doing something completely daft-like and thinking at that same time that I was really going to see "Robson Green" but I love him anyway!

The X Files


Now guys! Surely must have heard of the series called "The X Files! If NOT well this well-known and most popular series was about UFOs and it was on around the early 90's I think, because as it's been quite a while I just can't remember the exact year it was on, so I'm sorry there! But once again, I sure hope you guys out there like this! And all I'm going to end on that is "It's SPOOKY Mulder! Hope you get that, if you know of this well-known series and what they call Agent Mulder!

Van Gogh


As you should know guys, this well-known Painting that I done of one of "Van Gogh" many Paintings is called "The Sun-Flowers" while once again, I was at College those many years ago! There was more I did of course, but unfortunate for all of YOU I can't show you the rest of them, because even though they are all stored in the Attic I can't seem to get to them! So, I'm truly sorry if you wanted to may be see more Paintings after these three!

Anyway, just to let you also know one of the many Paintings that I done whilst still at College was yet another well-known Famous Paintings of that Artist "Van Gogh" called, "The Starry Night! Can you guys remember that ONE?

Hope you like my version of it though?

Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Mannequin


This painting as you can see was one of my Exams that I did at College that i had pass with flying colours... Like others I may add, which ONE in particular, was a young gorgeous Male Model near to my age, that had dark short wavy hair with dark brown eyes called Steve asking ME as I had ended up on my own, as there was really suppose to be yet another girl with myself of doing this "Semi-Nude Mode"l as part of our EXAM, but had decided at the very last minute that she of course, didn't want to blooming do this ONE, but doing something else, as part of her Exam then, if yo guys, know what I mean!

So, anyway, that meant this GIRL was left to do this on her own which I've just got to tell YOU didn't know what to say when this young Model said in front of me, "NOW, WHAT PART DO YOU WANT ME TO TAKE OFF?

Now, do you see what I'm getting at! When I tell you he asked me "NOW, WHAT PART DO YOU WANT ME TO TAKE OFF? Course, I just didn't know where as well as to what to say, but ALL that this GIRL could say was, "The Top!!! "The Top!!!

Only, guys can you just IMAGINE for moment that this Modal was posing Nude? Well can you! Course if so, well I wouldn't know WHERE to blooming LOOK, even though the guy was a looker! And boy! Do I mean this guy was a looker, as in he was major CUTE! Also, I I would't be at all SURPRISED that I would even get a little HOT in doing this...

Anyway getting back to my painting as you know I used one of my pallet-knifes to do the swivels like how Van Gogh had done to all his well-known paintings! Maybe it was just something about how Van Gogh had inspired me to do my painting like how he had, if you know what I mean? Because using a pallet-knife then a paint brush was to me so easy to Paint. Like showing more textures to how I had paint in the first place! So, I hope you like it! But sadly shortly after we all did our Exams, some stupid idiots as in kids got on top of the roof one night of the Art Block and started a fire, which as you know destroyed the entire Art Block which to me was more like a SECOND HOME! Because of spending more time in there then anyway else!

Luckily for me all my work wasn't in there as I had always stored my Art work in the Cabin where all us students had our coffee break, even my tool-box! But that didn't mean to say I hadn't lost anything, course later on I had found out that someone had took my tool-box that I had always did store it in their storage room.

As for all the rest of the students that did their Art work for their Exams well they had all sadly lost theirs, including one that I'm afraid to say that left their Great, Great Grandmother's Wedding Dress with Veil and Ring as well as their shoes, as it all got burnt with the rest!

Purple Lily


Right guys! Once again this is just another of O'Keeffe Paintings that I did whist I was still at College those many years ago, but because my two favourite Artist was "Van Gogh" and "Rembrandt" well whenever I used to paint, I sometimes like to pain with a pallet knife then a using a paint-brush which I sometimes had so don't get me wrong! It's just like I said course one of those Artist that I like was "Van Gogh" who had trouble in hearing because it was known that he had cut his ear off! But just don't ask me why! Maybe he was a blooming idiot, who knows even though that he was a well-known and most talented Artist around, well that's ONE of many TALENTED Artist! He must have been STUPID IDIOT don't you guys think? Course, I do!

Anyway, getting back to this Painting of mine called "The Purple Lily" because as you can see it's mostly purple but that was only course I had saw it from one of O'Keeffe' books that I had. So, I hope you like how I painted it like how that idiot "Van Gogh" who if you guys have got a pretty good imagination of knowing anyone like Van Goghv of doing that, then saying while talking to them, but all they may say back to YOU is, "You what! Or "Can you say that again, as I can't hear you properly! Well can you!

Horses Gathering


This Painting that I've done may seem unusual to you guys seeing, course I normally love to draw or paint like I did in my past Portraits of just anyone that catches my eye and then say to myself I like that! But what can I say is back then I like this picture that I saw from one of my Art books and said to myself, "Why not! "Do it, course it wasn't just that is was different but I truly had wanted to paint these horses that seemed that they are gathering. Hope you like it though and yes! This is yet another Paintings that I've done while I was at the Redditch College.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Tom Conti


As for this painting, well if you guys don't really know this painting is of another very well-known and much loved by his family and friends the Actor who did more Films I think in the late 70's and maybe early 80's "Tom Conti" so, again I really do hope you guys like what you are seeing.

Laurence Olivier


As for this Portrait of this wonderful and very well-known Old Actor, "Sir Laurence Olivier" well what can I I say but I sure loved his Films, especially, that old film called "Rebecca." I just hope if any of his family and dear friends looked on my blog LOVES this Painting!

Alan Rickman


Hi guys! Well these 3 Paintings that you can see, is slightly different to what you guys had saw from last time! Hope you still like it though! Course, as you can see this Portrait that I've done while again, was still in High School is a Portrait of the a very well-known and very talented Actor of "Alan Rickman" who if some can REMEMBER way back, had starred in the Romantic Film called "Truly, Madly, Deeply! Remember now?

Anyway, he did, but in that film he was more like a Ghost that had kept on coming back to his beautiful Sweetheart, that after he died, MISSED him so very much. Which is understandable, but still that was what the film was about! Then, if I can remember he had also starred in the film with Actor, "Kevin Kline" The January Man. I think! Then, if you guys loved the "HARRY POTTERS" films, well he starred in all those films as one of the WIZARDS, which to be perfectly frank, if you saw couldn't exactly MISSED! Because, he was the main Wizzard that had BLACK HAIR! Which normally as BLONDE HAIR!

And once again, he dyed his hair for this Film of "ROBIN HOOD the Prince of Thieves" as the Evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Which he starred along side the Actor Kevin Cosner who had played Robin Hood!

But I've just got to say that if you ever looking onto my Web-site Alan, well you really had looked more SEXY then you had when you had your normal Blonde hair! And I'm not joking there either, YOU really had!!! But I'm not saying that I find you dull with having BLONDE hair of course, it;s just I think you are far more SEXY when YOU had to dye your hair to BLACK for a part in a film!

As I think you are so BRILLIANT in whatever YOU do, just don't even think about ever stopping in ACTING! Okay!

Wednesday 30 September 2015

The Boot


* This painting of "The Boot" wa s the very first Painting that I think I can remember of doing. * And I did it with "Poster Paints" then using "Acrylics!  Which, later on in my life had used to paint all my Paints. Also, if I can also REMEMBER, I did this PAINTING when I was still in "The Abbey High School" just before I left and went onto the "Youth Training Scheme." Which if you like to know had joined in the Graphics and Design team where not only we all had a chance to design our own thing for their Canteen Wall, which was something like 19 foot-long, but who this young girl had discovered when she had got back from being poorly that she was the ONE that had WON her Design for their Canteen Wall!!

* And not only that, myself with a few others from the Graphic Design team but with half of my Design that I had done as well as organised don't forget was photo in 4 different Papers which one was the Redditch Advertiser, but was called then, the "Redditch Inductor"  I think! As you must remember all this was going back a bit! Okay guys! As for the others well they were "The Daily Mail" "The Standard" as well as the Bromsgrove paper!

* Anyway, when I discovered all this, that was of ME being in the Paper, well I didn't want to tell any of my Family, especially most of ALL my Dad, because I just wanted to really SURPRISE him and see that look on his face when he would take that look at the Redditch Indicator and discover his "Bonny-lass" as he always told me I was, in FRONT of this PAPER!!!

* The other 3 PAPERS that had the News of ME winner to design my own Mural was only on the second page!   But the one that my Dad had saw me in, course we normally get that paper every week well the title on the top of the PHOTO with ME and one that had help me not forgetting part of my Design said in bold yet capital LETTERS was, and I quote,"ARTIST GOES UP THE WALL!

* Only, guys, do you also get the funny side of that title to?  Well, do YOU!  "The ARTIST GOES UP THE WALL! Ha! Ha! "Blooming Ha! HA!  That's all I could say at the time!  But again, now if I thought about the title that they printed above my photograph in Bold letters once again, it is actually FUNNY!  I mean, the Artist, meaning MYSELF of course, as gone UP the blooming WALL!

* Now, do you guys out there, see what I was getting at by saying that, well do yeah!  Well, I sure hope YOU do!

* Anyway, getting back to this Painting of "The Boot" as made me think of that classical old Movie called, "Oliver Twist" with "Mark Lester" who back in the 70's was Oliver Twist that as you guys should know had always said "PLEASE, SIR I WANT SOME MORE!

The Poppies


Now, you guys may think this is so DIFFERENT of you, meaning myself of course, to do! Well let me tell you once again, while I was at College those many years ago, practically if I thought I liked a Picture, then this girl would do it! As nothing or no one would or could STOP me from doing it!

So, getting back to this so-call Painting that I did back then, was from a Book by the Artist "O'Keeffe" which you guys may NOT have heard of! But there you are guys! As it's just my version of O'Keeffe PAINTINGS or how I liked unusual Paintings too!

Christ Looking Down


Right guys! With this paintings that I done of "Christ Looking Down" was while I was still at College those many years ago, I just hope you guys LIKE it! As it's like someone so very SPECIAL, up above is DEFINITE WATCHING OUT FOR EVERYONE!

But I'm not saying that those people who've DONE WRONG to NOT JUST MYSELF in my past "and I do mean MY PAST," which I can tell you there were will be safely looked after! Course they won't! As there's a saying THOSE WHO DID WRONG, WILL ALL COME BACK TO THEM and STAY with them for the rest of their lives! Expect that was my Manager, that had given me that Job in the first place! Course the rest was fucking BASTARDS! And that's NO JOKE! They were ALL utter BASTARDS and ONE a total BITCH that was amongsted them! And who when you saw them can DEFINITELY tell that they looked like a COMPLETE and total SNOB, with their nose in the air. But who also, had really reminded ME of one of those NASTY BULLIES that you get at school, as a bullies!!! "And I certainly mean who was a NASTY ONE! .

So, whether it was from my OLD WORK-PLACE or those that called themselves my Family, since my beloved Dad who I truly loved so much and still do, may I add, had died! As I only see my Dad as my FAMILY! NOT THEM!!! Which I'm sure they know who they are if they saw all this! But again, thank god! That "WHAT COMES AROUND, WILL MOST DEFINITELY ALL COME BACK TO THEM and STAY with them FOREVER!

And that does SADLY include the ONE that I had truly cared about, way back then! And I'm not sorry to say that either, course, they was ONE of these that just couldn't help their FUCKING selves by joining in with the rest of those horrible Shiite BASTARDS! But luckily it all did and will stay with them their rest of their sad lives, even though I cared for them!

A, for myself, well okay! If I hadn't meet this PERSON well I wouldn't have really DISCOVERED or KNOWN that I'm totally SMITTEN with their DOUBLE who does the same thing whenever they were around which had made this girl go so SHY in herself! And that's NO joke! Maybe, it's course I know that I can't get HURT being in love with that PERSON! Course of knowing if they are like the REST of them, out there that ALL they are after is ONE THING and one thing only, which isn't at all what I like in someone as I always wanted to meet SOMEONE that is DECENT and SHY! But who does come around to me, course they may truly like me for who I am!

But as for that person that Okay! May still think of them, which I know I shouldn't but I do, well as theres a saying goes LEAPODS DON'T EVER CHANGE THEIR SPOTS! Which, I am talking about that TRASH now and I'm sure you know what I plainly mean by saying that!

So, really thank god they had really showed their TRUE COLOURS then! As I can certainly tell you right now, I wouldn't want to know ANYONE like that, if all they want is one thing. Course that only really shows that what they are like! Which is showing that they are one GIGANTIC peace of TRASH or one huge peace of FIRTH! Even more so, now! And I'm not even sorry in saying all that now, about that so-call person that I truly had cared about, these many years ago!

Course, frankly that saying "WHAT COMES AROUND AND WILL ALL COME BACK TO THEM! As well as to STAY with them for the rest of their LIVE! As I can say it sure as to that TRASH or SCUM-BAG that me being stupid, still really care about, even though what I just said! It's just really, back then, how they A;; treated me, so they all deserves that WHAT COMES TO THE, WILL ALL COME BACK TO THEM and STAY!

So, viewers out there, if you have already been on my blog or this Web/site of mine or that you are well all that I written down here, PLEASE! Oh very please forgive this girl's language, as I was only letting off some steam! As well as hoping those that had worked at my old work-place then, sure knows how they had truly HURT ME badly! So, just try to understand now, how deeply HURT I was from how they had all treated me! Even more so, that one I still cared so much about! I'm SORRY viewrs!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

David Duchovny


What can I say about this Actor, "David Duchovny" but only that in the mid 90's I think, he appeared in that well known Si-Fi Series called, "The X-Files" Remember guys, that Series!!! But then again, most of you probably won't Remember that Series, being maybe how old you guys are! But I'm telling you that series was a blooming good series. As his Character was called, Mulder and his partner was called Scully. You must have heard of it? Anyway, again it was a really good series!

Robson Green


Now, what can I say about Robson Green! Only that ever since I was seventeen and I do mean SEVENTEEN guys, first noticed Robson in the BBC series Casualty as Jimmy the Porter well it was like I was hypnotist by his lovely smile not forgetting those deep blue eyes of his. And I'm not even joking there! I really did fell under his spell by just looking at him, each time I saw him as Jimmy the Porter, but then again it could have also been his sense of humour that did it! Course, as you should know Robson is a true Geordie.

But in this Painting that I've done of the guy, was while he starred in the well known hit TV series of "Soldier, Soldier" as our lovable, Dave Tucker who couldn't help himself in getting into so much trouble!

But if my Dad was still alive to see this well I'm sorry to say that he wouldn't say Robson is a Geordie! Which Robson, if you are looking on my blog at any time well then please don't take this to hard, will you? Because like yourself man! My beloved Dad who I will always love is also a true Geordie with a sense of humour which you should know very well, that ALL Geordies like yourself like to always have a blooming good laugh and a joke!

Which beings me to tell you that course I had always thought the world of you as an hero of mine then, well my dad had always use to like to wine me up by saying how YOU wasn't a Geordie, but "A NUTTY NODDIE FROM NORTHUMBERLAND."

So, Robbo I'm sorry there, but you have got to understand how my Dad was truly like being a true Geordie himself that came from South Shields "County Durham" But not forgetting me of course, being like my (Bobby-dazzler) Dad as he was also given this NICK-NAME by his Ma, my Nan! Cos, "Geordies HERE, Geordies THERE, Geordies every bloodly WHERE! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! La! So, now, I've got you Robson, over and Out!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!