Tuesday 8 December 2015

Age 21 with a dazzling Waiter sitting by her side

* Right guys! As you can finally see this is yours truly, but you must REMEMBER this picture that I've done from this photo below shown for YOU was going back a fair while, because I was twenty-one years old on holiday in a small island of Greece called Crete... And sitting right besides ME was a young gorgeous waiter who I not only found out was a "young German waiter called "Stefan!

* For boy! If you guys want to know something else, before I really continue-like is that while I was on HOLIDAY there well there was a time in fact, two times that after we all had a blooming good night out of going to a nearby night club that had those strange Aluminas lights, that if anyone had ANYTHING WHITE-like and I do mean white well they would absolutely show in the DARK which it was!

* Only, guys this was where the FUNNY THING happened to us... and NO!  It wasn't me that made us all laugh but one of our cousins because of every single time she had OPENED her mouth to speak to us well ALL her blooming TEETH had shot out like NOBODY'S BUSINESS, if you catch me drift!

* Then, shortly after that guys, if you must know we had all went to a very small restaurant where yours truly had really got herself so PISS-like and not just ONCE may I add, but TWICE... Because what we had, even though the first time we went there and this Greek waiter had told us all to try this drink very slowly didn't think that I would have any problem in that way! I decided to have yet another one of these drinks when we had all went past another time as it was nice! Which after we did can certainly say that I had felt so funny course of the way I was really walking back to our Hotel, side to side-like...

* Which after we all got back to our rooms well first of all after seeing my bed well let's just say guys, one minute after seeing her bed, this GIRL could only say, "HELLO BED, GOODBYE BED! Then, with a big WHAM-BAM THANK YOU MA ended up going flat on her face on top of her BED! Which I've also got to add, don't think I could even remember of HURTING herself by doing so, since yours truly was STONE COLD like you would not believe!!!

* Then guys, do you want to know something else, well one night while we were at this small coffee place where Stefan worked, well while we were all waiting for something inside the place it was a fairly chilly night as I think we were having something to eat for a change, well as the back door to where all the staff go in and out had opened... What should I see! But Stefan dripping wet with only a white towel around him!!! And that's no joke guys! This girl then, had really truly saw Stefan half fucking Naked, dripping wet in the back! Because it was where some other waiter had opened the door.

* "Only, what was he doing hey?"  Course, I'm telling you, whatever he was doing had certainly got this GIRL so HOT especially, as I'm sure he saw me noticing him by accident mind you! And it was by ACCIDENT that I suddenly turned around and saw my gorgeous Stefan who I thought was truly nice because as I probably made sure we all kept going back there nearly every single night!

* But anyway, as you can see from the PHOTO this young German waiter was actually the very last guy that I had probably had liked as a BLONDE because I would just like to you guys, that way back then, possibly even before I turned twenty, I was always into BLONDE HAIR with BLUE EYES and a not forgetting a really nice SMILE!!!

* As I never thought about liking anyone that could possibly have DARK HAIR with nice DARK EYES a a lovely SMILE!  No! For I simply always thought I really liked BLONDES and BLONDES only!  But as I got a little older well you could say I changed for may be the BETTER...  Because for one thing being like my Dad I had a blooming good sense of humour which is why I'm so fucking glad I'm nothing like my mum or my foul as well as fucking UGLY sister who's like her in every way!  But who I've got to say is DEAD in my eyes now, because of how she had really treated me in the past, which began at my dads funeral seven years ago...

* Because guys, what would you say if I told you that, that very nasty BITCH as she truly is, had first told our mum That MAFIA at the time, "Sandy can walk up to the church with Uncle when he comes over, whilst we all go in the Family funeral car, then after my Uncle had come down with my Aunty from Newcastle got me to walk up to the church with him which when we all arrived, felt that I was a complete stranger then my dads daughter for those BASTARDS to arrive!!!  And after seeing them all arrive including that "BIGGEST FUCKING CREEP" that she had married, which I can basically say which most of us, including when my beloved dad was alive had truly NEVER really liked!  Course, shortly after having their OMEN child, which he really is, if he's half from that fucking ugly CREEP that my sister had ended up marring! 

* My beloved dad kept on telling both me and that MAFIA - that and I quote, because he had said this was, "that I can't believe Anna had made the most biggest MISTAKE of her life by marrying Dean, she should have stayed single or stayed with Mark...  Who, was her last boyfriend by the way guys!

* Well no sooner then we all got into the church that I they all made me sited in the second row with my Uncle and Aunt then the front row... Which do you know they allowed a complete stranger to be sited with them then, rather allowing his younger DAUGHTER "ME! To be amongst them and that did include that Creep that she married of course...

* Only don't you guys agree, that if someone like him that's ONLY MARRIED INTO a FAMILY then really thinking they are PART of the family now, like myself, isn't the FAMILY "Dazley" but should have been sited somewhere else?  As well as, driven themselves there and back then rather getting into that funeral car with them, that I should have gone into MYSELF!!  Hey! Not forgetting guys, if it weren't for my cousins, who comfort me so, where my dad was buried well they had all completely made me feel like I was a NOBODY!!!

* Thank God though! There's a saying "WHAT COMES AROUND, WILL ALL GO BACK TO THEM ALL! In other words what calmer comes will always come back to them!!!

I'm just so glad that the rest was being sarcastic-like in PRETENDING that they liked that major-CREEP, like I was most definitely for sure...
It's just guys, it's so FUNNY how that piece of TRASH couldn't see how I didn't like that CREEP that she had ended up with yet, when I was very young-like and I do mean very YOUNG, well like most kids then, had pretended we weren't well so we would STOP at HOME! Which after being told by our mum that, "could you stop at home and watch your sister while I go to work?

Well lets just say she only knew then, how I was so- pretending like course the one time I wanted to stop at home and mum had asked her once again, to look after Sandy? I couldn't control my smile of coming!

Which what I'm trying to say is Boy! After ALL those years, and there was most of us as in the family mind never fucking liked that THING! Who guys, as always from the moment I saw him had really and truly made me think of "THE MASTER" from one of Stephen Kings Films, called "SALEM'S LOT" starring "David Soul" and the later great Actor, "James Mason! And that's NO fucking joke! As he really had made this girl think of "THE MASTER" from that Classic Film of Stephen Kings "SALEM'S LOT!!!

Which is all about a small Town that after this old gentleman "James Mason" had played comes into it to take over this very big old house that was on top of the hill, but who also, secretly ends up bringing up a very old coffin which contains the Master of ALL VAMPIRES!!! Which if you see it for yourself, would probably know what I'm trying to say!

Because when my sister wanted to bring him around to the house to introduced us to the family well lets just say guys, even way before he had OPENED his mouth, my gut instinct was telling me I DO NOT LIKE THIS ONE AT ALL! And was I wrong! "No! I was NOT! For no sooner then he had and said, "Why, hasn't she got a lovely smile! Then, I said to myself, 'Yelp, I was right, he's really a bloody CREEP alright!

But they do say that in most families, not ALL though, "that ONE BAD EGG, DOES PROBABLY DESERVES ANOTHER! Even though once a upon time she was my sister, she's NOW definitely met her MATCH!!! As in WANTING to be the other half to a ROTTEN BAD EGG that probably does DESERVE him then, like me who wish someday that I could MEET a really lovely SHY guy that is DECENT and who would like me for who I am then thinking of just one thing or who could be tied down!

Anyway, I'm just so glad that I wasn't the ONLY one that thought of this of him!!! So, the joke is really ALL on her, for NOT NOTICING most of us didn't really like him in the FIRST blooming PLACE! As we were being total sarcastic, to her, well I know I was... As in saying we were ALL pretending in say "Yes! He's so nice, welcome to the family! While ALL the time WE was thinking well actually if you want to know NO! "WE ALL DON'T LIKE HIM! Well I know I for a fact, that I sure DON'T!!! Because, he is just SOMEONE that no sooner then YOU would see, would also feel make YOU want to throw-UP!!! And I certain do mean YOU guys would really want to THROW-UP if you saw this biggest CREEP! As I sure did, when I first saw him standing in the door way to our kitchen door! Or should I say how I really wanted to throw-UP in his horrible and Ugly face!

But anyway, lets simply carry on here with how I was so glad I've turned out like my beautiful Dad with a funny sense of humour because at one stage of my life I can remember telling one of the Managers as well the Area Manager that, "Why, can't you guys, make my wish ANSWERED! As I added, "Why, can't you guys just simply get me ONE TALL, DARK HAIR, NICE EYES WITH A LOVELY SMILE NOT FORGETTING WHO'S GOT TO BE BOARD for ME? Hey! "Just why don't YOU, course I would be so happy if that WISH of mine could probably happen to ME!

Mean while, I'm still a DAY-DREAMER that wonders what if it did happen to me some day, as I think I truly love it to HAPPEN to ME!!!

But why! Well you may say it's because a friend of mine as always been REMINDING me that you Sandy is definitely an hopelessly ROMANTIC...
Which I sure am guys! But who I just can't seem to see her DREAM of ever meeting that certain special SOMEONE may I add to swept me off my feet!

But if only!!!

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