Thursday 14 September 2017

"Wild Blondie"

Before I start, I would like to really dedicate this so-call picture that I've drawn of our Blondie to a dear old friend, that's if she's watching, "Roz!  Because, she really liked her so much as I do, but how every fucking time I went into her work that used to be opposite to mine, those many years ago, well, let's just say she always had me in stitches!  That's Laugh so much viewers!

 Especially, this one bloody time just before I was due to start work one day and went straight into her work to say hi to everyone, including herself... 
Only, when I tried to say hi to Roz, Roz asked me first, "Hey Sandy! "Have you seen our new item?"  Which of course, how could I since I only came in!

Anyway, let's put it this way when she pulled me towards the back of their store, this girl got herself embarrassed because it was what she had wanted to show me! 
But do you all think I'm fucking STUPID to really tell you guys, what my friend Roz had wanted to show ME!!!            
As, that is really between her and me if some day she NOT only comes across this Website of mine and see what I've draw for her...  but also, try to REMEMBER that time for WHAT IT WAS that she NOT only wanted to show me, but that CRAZY Roz had also put that new item ON!      
Which, as I said before, had me in fucking stitches!!!  Cos, of what this item did, in front of me, then, when her Manageress, saw me with Roz, laughing so, she to would have to join in by putting that new item on!  Which, I'm still NOT saying nout of what this very NEW ITEM of theirs was!!! 
But it SWINGS sideways!
And Roz, if you girl is seeing this, it was bouncing up and fucking down as well as, it did blooming SWING sideways!

Ha! De! Ha! Ha guys though!  As, you should know by that, that I've given all you a biggest CLUE to what the item may be! Just maybe that is! 
Only, I'm NOT going to say what sort of shop she flaming worked at! NOPP!!!
But, seriously Roz Babe!  I just wanna say I've got you girl, for all those flaming times I just could NOT stop laughing!!!
So, anyway, getting back to "BLONDIE" who as a very girl teenager, loved listening to her songs...  The Lead Singer to Blondie (Debbie Harry) was born on the 1st of July 1945 in Miami Florida United States... Which of course, would now make her 72 years of age! 
And if you wanna know her full name well, she was born as Deborah Ann Harry.    
Only, I hate to say this, but even though she was quite something between the 1970's like, well, she as really let herself go!  Just like so many out there, that you could say looks awful! No offence! 
But come on guys, even though she maybe in her 70's now, some in her age wouldn't look a right state!  As I thought I was fucking scaring all the guys away with my looks...  But if you guys, saw what she looks-like now well, then you would probably under-stand!!!  So, sorry, Roz!  Blondie as certainly looks-like she's gone DOWN-HILL! Meaning, that she really looks like she had Plastic surgery, but very BADLY with make-up! 

Some Like It Hot



 * Now, guys if any of you haven't really heard of this well-known, but Old film, of "SOME LIKE IT HOT" well, it me just tell you all what's it really about...
 Okay!  As, first of all this film is a 1959, American romantic comedy set in the year of 1929!  Which, you would have thought guys, by now of course, that I would probably love this so-call film due to it being Romantic should I say..

*  But, if you really must know guys, that film wasn't my cup-of-tea!!!  Meaning of course guys, however I like to think I'm a really romantic person, which I am!  I couldn't see that as a truly romantic film like others that I use to watch!  Which I had in the past! 
 * Because, this film didn't really appeal to me, for one and maybe it was that I didn't like those very old Black and white Movies when I was younger, which this was!  Still don't!  As well as, I wasn't keen on that Actor "Tony Curtis" even though, I know that there are a lot of you out there, mainly women, of course that loved him!!!

* But, seriously guys!  If none of yeah hasn't really seen this film well, let me just tell you all about what this so-call crazy film was about!  Alright guys!  As it was really about to musicians called Joe and Jerry.  Joe was more like a ladies man while I would say Jerry was more stupid as in funny ha! ha!  If you can get my drift!
 * Anyway, after witness a Mafia murder, slick saxophone Joe that was played by "Tony Curtis" and his long lost suffering buddy Jerry, played by Actor, "Jack Lemmon" improves a quick escape from Chicago with their lives.  They ended up disguising themselves as women!  Yes! I did say "WOMEN!
 Because, first of all, to escape to sunny Florida, they both saw that the train was full of woman that was in a jazz band...  Which, if you saw this film, was lead by their lead singer, SUGAR that
was played by the sexy (Marilyn  Monroe).
And if I didn't mention this already, well guys, while you see Joe, "Tony Curtis" character pretend to be a millionaire so he could win the heart of the sexy SUGAR... 
Well, you see poor Jerry that's "Jack Lemmon" character being blooming chased by let's say a daffy but who's a real fucking Millionaire.  Who was played by "Joe E Brown!  And yet the crazy thing was, if I can remember, Jerry even though, still dressed as a WOMAN didn't tell him that he was a feckin' MAN!!!  NOT A WOMAN!!!
 Though, saying that viewers, I do think he had... because something tells me that "Joe E Brown's" character in the film which of course, was "Osgood Fielding the III" said something like to Jerry who yes guys! Was still dressed as a fucking woman, "Daphne" "Well, nobody's perfect!!!    

Blondie and David Bowie Early Years

Kevin Costner in Robin Hood The Prince Of Thieves

KEVIN COSTNER                   
Hi viewer's out there!  As you can see from this picture, I've drawn a picture of the Actor, "Kevin Costner" from when he starred in that well-known Film "Robin Hood in The Prince of Thieves!
And as you guys, know it was really said to be based on a American romantic action adventure...  
Of a Nobleman crusader called Robin Hood of Locksley which our (Kevin Costner), played the part has and that in the film he first breaks out of a Jerusalem prison with the help of Moorish fellow prisoner called Azeer!
Which, was played by another well-known Actor (Morgan Freeman) who after travelling far and wide back to England, where both had discovered on their arrival Robin Hoods dead father in the ruin of his family estate, killed by the vicious Sheriff of Nottingham.
Now, if you guys have seen this film, well surely you guys should know that the very Evil Sheriff of Nottingham was played by the very well-known Actor, but who also sadly died, "Alan Rickman!
And yes viewers!  Like in all Rood Hood Movies there was a Maid Marian...  As she was played by the very talented and beautiful Actress, as most guys would probably find her "Mary Elizabeth Mash!
And if any of you don't already know, this film was released on the 14th June 1991 (USA).  Directed by Kevin Reynolds and featured the song (Everything I Do I Do It For You)  Which, Bryan Adams sang so well!   

Tommy Steele from the Musical Movie HALF A SIXPENCE

Now, many of you out there won't probably have heard of this well-loved Actor, who as a child, adored him so much in this Musical Film that was called "Half A Sixpence!  Which, don't worry as I understand guys, as he's a very old Actor...  It's just as a young girl you could say "when I heard that film was going to come on around certain Christmas time," by my beloved Dad well, you just IMAGINE guys, a little girls face, light up with a huge smile!  And guys, that's NO joke!  I was always crying out for joy to hear that "Half A Sixpence" was coming on by my dad!  Yeah!!!
Half of the reason though, that I was so glad to hear that this film was coming on, was at a young age, this girl NOT only like "Tommy Steele" so much, but guys, this very little girl back then only liked blonde hair and may be blue eyes!  But only through watching, either TV series or Films!
Anyway, if viewers don't know, this film "Half A Sixpence" was a musical comedy based on the novel Kipps by the author H G Wells.  The film went out or should I say was released on the 21st December 1967 and of course, it was a British musical filmed and directed by George Sidney and the choreograph was Roger Ebert! 
And both had really felt the Actor "Tommy Steele" was the right performer for that sort of schmaltz...  and wallop but very little warmth or soul, the helpless star would attempt to carry the film by grinning throughout!  And along with the star, played the Actress "Julia Foster" who if anyone doesn't know already, is the mother to the presenter "Ben Foyle" well, that's what I've heard once.
But getting back to this film because as a young child I also loved films that either ended happy or romantic-like...   course I to felt deep in me would imagine ending up with a really decent guy, that's shy when I would become older that is!!!  But all that now guys as changed, as I don't feel like I want to imagine, what would it be like if I meet someone???
Because, if the truth must be told, being older now, I find a lot of guys, around Redditch these day muck of how I used to dream or believe in my early years!   
But anyway, getting back to this Actor "Tommy Steele" who as a very young child had so truly adored him in this well-know musical Film of "HALF A SIXPENCE!!!  Maybe, it's because the ending was so nice and romantic, especially when I kept watch Tommy's character in the film of
trying to get Ann (Julia Foster) back by going to where she worked has one of the Maids in some Mansion!  Aww!
Course, I tell you guys, that part had always used to get to me...   Maybe, it was that he told Ann how it's her he really loved and NOT who he was going to be MARRIED to!  


Now, Queen if anyone of you out there don't know already is a British rock band, they formed in London in the year 1970.
And, even though they had so many songs that we all love, course if I'm not mistaken to say, there's
a lot of people that love QUEEN'S music!  Hey guys?  Me included! 
Well, let's just say, "they were one of my so-call favourite songs, of growing-up that I always liked
to listen to...  And the songs I most liked of theirs was really "Bohemian Rhapsody," "We won't Rock" and "Don't Stop Me Now!
Although, saying that guys, I did love to listen to "I Want To Break Free" and "FLASH!  Which, they sang as you guys should know to the theme tune of "Flash Gordon!  Starring, "Sam J Jones" as Flash of course and "Max von Sydow" as the Evil Ming!  Now, do you guys remember that film???
Anyway, let's say I loved that tune!  After the Lead Singer, "Freddie Mercury" died, you could I thought the group QUEEN was not the same, even though, many had sang in his place!  I always believed, which I don't know about you that no one could replace or take over the late great "Freddie Mercury!  Because, for one thing our Freddie, had the most powerful voice that no one else, had, if you know what I mean!  Course, boy!  Every time he sang any song, that is I always thought  again, 
'Wow!  'What a voice!


                 * Before, I start to really talk about this picture that I've drawn of one of my many
                 favourite groups that as a younger age, had liked to listen too, may I just start with
                 if anyone that is interested in seeing the picture that I've drawn of "Julie Walters"
                 as being the silly Mrs Overall in "Acorn antiques... 
                 * As, I've drawn a picture of her below this one of the group POLICE... 
                 So, all you guys, just have to do, if you want to see this picture of her is CLICK 
                 onto Old post because that extra one is there for all you viewers to see!  Okay!
                  Right let's get back to this Group POLICE...
                 * Course, if you guys out there don't know the Police were an English new wave
                 band formed in London in the year 1977. 
                 For the most of their history the band consisted of String, Andy Summers and
                 Stewart Copeland.  Their most famous songs as we can remember were...
                 "Message in the Bottle," "Roxanne" and finally "Every Breath You Take"
                 which as you guys know, even though they had done many more in their years
                 * But to me though viewers, those three songs were the most popular ones that I
                 can really remember them singing!
                 "Message in the Bottle" went out in the year, 1979.  As for the other two, well
                  first of all "Roxanne" had went out in 1978.  And as for "Every Breath You 
                  Take"  well that went out on the year 1983.       

Julie Walters as our devery "Mrs Overall" from Acorn Antiques

                     JULIE WALTERS has our "Mrs Overall" from "ACORN ANTIQUES"
                     Well, first of all guys, have you all missed me?  Or should I rather say have you                      all missed seeing my Art since the truth would be told, I haven't really had
                     any help...  
                     But, guys, as you can all see, I'M BACK!!!  
                     So, I just hope you viewers out there, still like what you see?
                     ACORN ANTIQUES was a parodic soap opera written by our late great 
                     Victoria Wood as a regular feature in the two seasons of Victoria Wood
                     "As Seen on TV!  If any of you guys out there remember!!!
                     Which, if NOT!  Well, I'm not saying anything... 
                     But, like the Comedy series, "The Dinner ladies" which I'm sure you know,
                     well, Julie Walters star in this Comedy Sketch as "Mrs Overall" the devery Tea
                     lady who most of the time, either trips slightly with the tray while coming to the 
                     customers that wants their cups of tea or coffee, which as you guys know would
                     tip their bloody drinks onto the floor, so when she finally arrives to their table
                     as our "Mrs Overall" thinks that the customers as already FINISH their drinks!!!