Wednesday 26 November 2014

Showaddywaddy Live - "Right Let All Those Kids Get Up On Your Feet Now, Showaddywaddy, well, Showaddwaddy well, hey Rock And Roll"


First of all guys, these two Pictures that I've drawn especially, for "Showaddywaddy" are basically all togather-like then just two, so, please don't think that!

Anyway, this is really to "Showaddywaddy"

if any of you guys are tured into my blog, which I do hope, well, this is specially for you for making this girl smile so much, when she saw you preform live in The Redditch Palace Threate on November 1st. Because, seeing you guys had truly made my dream Come True! As, I was the only One that first of all, could see, was singing her heart away to all your Songs, while you was preforming on Stage. Not to mention, I was the one that when you guys had finally came out at the back door had sang a bit of "Under the Moon of Love to the lead Singer, Andy and the one whose birthday it was! So, I do hope you remember Me in some way?

Thank you and I hope you like what I've done?

Your very own Teddy Girl Sandy

Wednesday 5 November 2014




Hi guys! I sure hope you are turned into my blog? bcause, first of all, I really had an awesome time watching all of you when you came over to The Palace Theatre in Redditch on 1st of this Month, hosestly I did! And secondly, what I would like you guys to know is that I'm half way in posting a portrait of all of you, so it will be on my blog very soon! ok! Take Care of yourselves now?

And to the lead Singer, "Andy" I would just like to say that you truly had sang all those Showaddywaddy songs, brillently! as I just couldn't help myseif from singing along to you while I was there watching you guys playing to all my fovorite tracks, including that last One, you sang, "Under the Moon of Love! So, Thank you Andy from my bottom of my heart for singing that one for ME! But, most of all, can you Please thank your Manager, "Dave Bartram" for maybe, asking you guys to play that ONE song for me? As I really loved it! I will always love you guys and Dave Forever and ever.

All my love Sandy Dazley "dazzlepops" xx

Shakin Stevens


* Ok guys! You could say, I liked "Shaken Stevens" and probably still do, in small amounts especially, whenever I hear his songs, "Merry Christmas Everyone" as I tend to go a little Nuts or Wild not to mention, crazy should I say, by singing that track along with "Mariah Carey" Christmas song, "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMATMAS!

* Course, guys, don't laugh!  But this fucking "NUT-CASE" which, to be perfectly frank, does see herself has, because I see myself as more as a Geordie girl, then, rather looking more like fucking MARFIA, meaning, of course, looking more like my mum who's Italian, which, I had always felt so sorry for my Dad before he had died!!!

* Anyway, getting back to our loveable "SHAKEN STEVENS" because, every single blooming time I hear "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE" as well as the original Christmas song from "Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas is YOU!!!   Well, let's just say this Wild Chick just can't help herself singing away to those two tunes!

* And guys, that's no joke either!  I always seem to go complete NUTS when I hear those TWO tunes...   And if you guys, want to know something else, about yours truly, well whenever I seem to hear "Mariah's Song "All I want for Christmas is YOU!  Well, yours truly, always seem to end up singing, "is YOU Luke Wilson! 

* Hope all you viewers out there though, understand WHY I always have to end up singing that song with "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU LUKE WILSON!!! 

Because, I just love to DREAM - what if that truly happened to me???  hey!  Course, that's what I think I would so love to happen to ME!

* See guys!  I told you I always seem to go COMPLETE WILD-LIKE whenever she hears these TWO songs!