Wednesday 5 November 2014




Hi guys! I sure hope you are turned into my blog? bcause, first of all, I really had an awesome time watching all of you when you came over to The Palace Theatre in Redditch on 1st of this Month, hosestly I did! And secondly, what I would like you guys to know is that I'm half way in posting a portrait of all of you, so it will be on my blog very soon! ok! Take Care of yourselves now?

And to the lead Singer, "Andy" I would just like to say that you truly had sang all those Showaddywaddy songs, brillently! as I just couldn't help myseif from singing along to you while I was there watching you guys playing to all my fovorite tracks, including that last One, you sang, "Under the Moon of Love! So, Thank you Andy from my bottom of my heart for singing that one for ME! But, most of all, can you Please thank your Manager, "Dave Bartram" for maybe, asking you guys to play that ONE song for me? As I really loved it! I will always love you guys and Dave Forever and ever.

All my love Sandy Dazley "dazzlepops" xx

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