Wednesday 27 January 2016

Mr. Humphries "Are You Free?


Now, guys can you remember a sitcom called "Are You Being Served? Well can yeah? Hey! Because, I always use to like only seeing Captain Stephen Peacock saying to Mr. Humphries, "Are you Free Mr Humphries? Which all you see as well as hear from Mr. Humphries himself is "I'm free!

Mr Bean and TEDDY!


Now, first of all guys, there's no fucking way I would put "Mr Bean" under the category as a blooming good-looking guy or simply saying "Cor! "Isn't he absolutely gorgeous," because come on, even though this Crazy Chick may see to herself at times as I'm just (ONE SCARY thing) as got some taste, as in noticing who is or who isn't good-LOOKING shall I say! And Mr Bean isn't one of them once again... I mean with the expressions he gives us when he does those stupid looks on his face to try to speak to anyone, not forgetting to his beloved TEDDY!!!

But what I think of the "Rowan Atkinson" the Comedy Actor that plays him, well that's completely different because as a Comedy Actor, I think he's absolutely FUNNY that's all though!

For instance, take one of those silly films that he made called Bean - "The ULTIMATE DISASTER MOVIE" because after seeing that his bosses at the British formidable Royal National Gallery want to fire him but had ended up transferring him to America instead which, if you can remember guys? In that film "Rowan Atkinson" goes to stay with a family of someone that works in one of the Gallery's over in America...

Only, while Bean does stay with Dave Langley and his family, who shall I say at first sight doesn't say much about him, until that is stupid little accidents occurs around their house which as you should gathered always involves him as usual!!!

But getting back to our supernaturally clumsy "Mr Bean" as a care-taker that he gets entrusted with one of the most well-known Paintings ever called the "Whistler's Mother" for whom was painted, if I'm not mistaken, by an Artist called "James McNeil Whistler who could well be related to the Whistler's Mother! Who knows there, only that it was this Artist that had painted it! Before, General Newton who was played by our faithful loveable "Smoky and the Bandit" star, "Burt Reynolds" if you guys can remember him? Hey! As he always had a the most unusual loud and funny laugh ever!

Anyway, like I said way before the General was due to come to show that famous painting for everyone to see, Bean as always did something that no other would probably do, if they had some common sense. And that was, while left alone for a while, Bean went to this well-known Painting so close and sneezed right-bang upon the Whistler's Mother face. Which, being "Bean" had decided to rub this of the the famous painting with one of his handkerchief that he had, and I certainly mean RUBBING IT so hard guys, discovered that while rubbing it, he found out that his HANDKERCHIEF had what looked-like one big dirty mark!

Which as you gathered, had certainly left one enormous mark of her face as I just tried to mention... And being Bean of course, well that was where the idiot made that painting much, much worst as it was already! Because if you haven't seen that film of BEAN, well what happened next was that as he thought he could try to reappear the painting by taking the actual Painting from the frame without letting anyone seeing it, so if he could try to get that stain off, could then return the painting back to it's righteous place, so no one would actually be any more the wiser! If you know what I'm trying to say to you all!

Though, while the clumsy-idiot as he is, "Bean" went into a small stock-room that was filled with all sort of things like spirits to re-move stains, Tins of paints, and certain other chemicals that you could possible imagine that involves the Art Gallery. Also, such as pencils, knife-platelets and paint brushes in different sizes, Bean had suddenly picked up what he thought would re-move that Big BLACK stain that was still there...

Only, what Bean had gone and done for trying to take that big BLACK stain that he did, was he picked up some unknown paint-varnish and with his handkerchief had put a small dollop of this onto it and rubbed as hard as he could, thinking to himself that he will eventually removed that stain that he had done, from that famous painting!

Yet, it was only after removing this cloth that did Bean discover by that painting that what he had done was even much worst then seeing a blooming great big black mark that was. Because what you see next would probably make you guys laugh so much! And why, you may add, well it's because after thinking he had removed that awful mark with what he probably thought was some kind of remover for any stains noticed what he had done was REMOVE the hole blooming FACE of the Whistler's Mother!

Which after panicking so, and guys, I really do mean PANICKING he thought with that silly grin on his face, ha! Ha! I've got an idea to try and do something! But guess what Bean had decided to do next? Hey! Course, first of all, all I'm going to say is, did anyone of YOU out there while you were younger maybe, at school-like did loads of doodling? Because, oh boy! What "Bean" had gone and done was so ridiculous for trying to think no one would probably NOTICE-LIKE...

As he just simply drawn a very big and stupid HEAD where the Whistler's Mother's head once was, because there was a clear Canvas patch that was the result to what Bean had just gone and done, did you guys, did some doodling as a youngster? With two huge eyes adding a little dot to indicting the eye-ball, a very, very big CONK that as you would draw a huge balloon going towards you from their face not forgetting putting a silly smile to this bold-headed face? Hey! Because that's what Bean had done!!!

Then, once again guys, he tried to take this well-known painting straight back without anyone to see if they had past past him by, that what he had hidden underneath a very big sheet was that painting. So, when he gets back, can put it back in it's frame and then store it back behind a false wall that was, until the General would come to reopen, so people could come and see it!

But, before General Newton had come to re-open it, Dave Langley was shown by Bean, because as he noticed something about Bean that what I think had got him suspicious about him... So, while Bean tried to say prepare yourself! Slowly pressed the button that triggered the false-wall to re-open, so, where once "Whistlers Mother" painting was, was now one gigantic huge bold-head man face with one silly big eye and a biggest conk you would not believe again, that was more like a balloon going way out! As well as that silly smile don't forget, then the Whistler;s Mother face!

Only, that was when disaster struck, because the expression you then see on Dave's face had showed every thing... Because of really finding out that what Bean had gone and done to this actual well-known painting that he was told way before he was left alone by Dave himself, "DON'T TOUCH THIS PAINTING Bean or EITHER GO NEAR TO IT was now one hell of a painting that was so ruined big time alright!!!

As I will show you what I mean later on... So, if I can, just watch this SPACE???

Cos, oh boy! If any of YOU are simply like (Muggins) here! Which I am talking about myself mind you, will get what I am on about by simply telling you all, Bean had really ruined this blooming painting of - The Whistler's Mother! okay viewers! So, again, watch this SPACE? As, I will or hopefully try to show all of you this, Oh-so - FABULOUS and Exquisite painting that he tried to fix by re-doing the face of The Whistler's Mothers head!

But, I tell you something guys! Knowing what know is good Art or isn't, is that if Bean was still at School as a youngster and entered this for one of his Art Exams as his version of that well-known painting or even a Student from College which I can't see that from happening... Well he wouldn't pass with flying Colours! Course, he would get a blooming (F) or an (U) if he was in any Art Class for sure.

So, guys! As promised, what do you really think of this oh-so blooming amazing, NEW Version of "The Whistler's Mother's face" from the man himself Bean? Hey!!! RUBBISH! FUNNY or My god! That's fucking BRILLIANT Bean! Brilliant!

Because truly guys, if I hadn't already said this, the very first time that I saw this film of BEAN - The Ultimate Disaster Movie well I just couldn't help myself from laughing so much, I mean come on guys, just look at that FACE?

Course, if all of YOU can out there! Well can you first just imagine, if any of you that is as a blooming good sense of humour "such as myself" that is, but who loves seeing any fucking old Western films or let's say it can be even just any films that's like recent ones, including comedy westerns, such as "Shanghai Noon" or "Shanghai Knights" for example! Because it was sort of like those films that I was really referring to... Which, starred in both those two very well-known, but talented Actors as well as who was so FUNNY in them, Actors, "Jackie Chan" and "Owen Wilson!

Because, it was also, basically asking all you guys to just IMAGINE those WANTED POSTERS that you do see of all those baddies, but with a face like that STUPID drawing of what Bean had drawn as you can see above??? Hey! Well can you? But saying "WANTED! - "The Big Conk" 1p DEAD OR alive!!!

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Fawlty Towers


Now, everyone should fucking know this great sitcom series "Fawlty Towers" starring "John Clesse" who was absolutely awesome as Basil Fawlty and others that was also great in that very popular Comedy series, like "Andrew Sachs" who as you guys should know, had played "Manuel" so brilliantly, because for (1) - It was mainly that he had always kept on saying every now and again, "I'm from BARCELONA! With that daft look on his face or should I say with a stupid grin on his face as well as "John Cleese" as our "Basil slapping his head at times!

And if no one knew this, "Fawlty Towers" was in fact, first broadcast on the BBC 2 in Sept 19th 1975 from 1979 I think! As they only made twelve episodes. And without a doubt, "Fawlty Towers" has many classic lines mostly delivered from the man himself Basil...

But would you believe it as been in fact, 40 years since it's been on-like, well would you! Because it sure as been as well as it's more popular then ever...

Now, if anyone of you guys would ask me "which episode was your most favourite Sandy? Well I would have to say it was the one that if I can remember, an hotel inspector was due to inspect the Basil's Hotel, only to discover through Manuel's room that he had kept a (FEDERGREE HAMSTER) in a fairly large cage near to his bed, which what Manuel had probably tried to say, "my PEDIGREE HAMSTER," which he had called, BASIL!!!

Only, to find out that while Basil was yelling at him as always but to "get the bloody thing OUT from the hotel, before an Hotel Inspector was due to arrive! Manuel was also told by Basil that "it's a RAT not a bloody HAMSTER, A RAT! Because Manuel had all along kept this thing in his room from the moment he was there.

Which after finding Polly around down stairs, told her that Mr.Fawlty had tried to tell me that (BASIL) my Hamster was a RAT! Which probably thinking to himself that Polly was going to say "take no notice Manuel! She actually told Manuel to "prepare yourself Manuel! Because it was then and only then, that she had told him that it was a RAT Manuel! And so, with the Hotel inspector was due to come Polly then told him that "don't worry Manuel, I know where we can put him," which she led him with the rodent in it's cage to the back outside.

Yet, once again guys, the next CLIP that you see is Manuel going straight outside to feed his FEDIGREE HAMSTER as he normally says in that episode about his beloved HAMSTER - is NOT! Because, as he thought he needed to be fed then, well all we see is Manuel opening a white door to a shed to feed his pet and bending over with the most silly grin on his face, he said while rubbing his hands as if he was washing them cried out BASIL!!! Which, as we already knew... Was probably for me, the most funny part to that episode because of the way Manuel had just kept crying out to this thing, "Basil! "Basil!

Though, not forgetting as well that CLIP where we all see that moment where the Hotel Inspector is not just sitting down at a table looking at a Menu but also, it was where Basil had handed him a Biscuit tin which before opening it up, had thought WOULD YOU LIKE A BISCUIT OR TWO!!!
To only discover that when he had, well while noticing poor Manuel was running around the place because he was trying to find where his pet BASIL was hiding - well what should pop up in that BISCUIT TIN that Basil was just about to hand over to the Hotel Inspector, but that bloody RAT of Manuel's! Which again was so FUNNY because of the look on Basil's face when he really finally discovers there right in front of everyone to see was that dam RAT...

Only guys, the way it had popped up as it did was like a stupid pop-up TOY similar to one of those JACK-IN-THE BOXES! Or if not, like one of those ridiculous things that we probably do tend to see at times!

Also guys! There was that blooming episode where you see Basil hires his usual incompetent builder, O'Reilly to do some of the carpentry around the hotel lobby while he and Sybil goes out for the afternoon, leaving Polly in charge while they get back. But while Polly decides to have a nap left Manuel on call that is, until the builders come or anyone if needed!

Only to discover on their return, that this so-call Irish builder "O'Reilly" that came while Manuel was so busy but did try to awakening Polly from her nap but didn't! Ended up blocking off the part where the dining-room was with a solid wall not to mention where the door to the kitchen was, which, Sybil says to Basil "I-told you so!

But viewers, that isn't what I thought was most funny again, even though I had mentioned that episode from Fawlty Towers called THE BUILDERS... Because, if I'm not mistaken the part I would also like to share with you all, is probably from that episode THE GERMAN! Why! You may add, well it's the way that stupid giant of a Moose's head had fallen right-bang onto Basil's head, while Basil tries to put the blooming head of the Moose correctly!

But it's was more to what happened later on from that episode, that I personally had thought it was absolutely so FUNNY... Course, it was where we all see that old befuddled "Major Gowen" talking to that Moose's head while it was placed on top of the desk at the reception, because he had thought it had spoken to him!

And yes! I did say where that old idiot had thought it had spoken to him! Not knowing though, that all along it was Manuel talking. As he was actually leaning behind the desk talking to himself like he was the BOSS of the place, because as the result of that blow that Basil had from that Moose's head, well Basil had to go into hospital to be checked out properly!

Not forgetting, if you can remember, that part where shortly after Basil escapes from the hospital from the result of that bang on his head... Thinking that he was perfectly alright and no need to be still in the hospital even though his doctors had told him, "Mr Fawlty, you shouldn't be going just yet, as we still need to take some more tests," which as you know Basil didn't listen to them as he just thought don't be stupid, as I'm perfectly alright!!!

Anyway, getting back to where you now see Basil still wearing that bandage on his head in the hotel after he escapes from the hospital of course, because as you know this episode was from THE GERMANS where now you see some Germans sitting around a table in the diner, waiting to be served by Manuel but where Basil ends up barraging in by first saying loads of things which he couldn't help mentioning the word - WAR in any conversation that he was trying to say to them.

Which, as you viewers out there should know, that's if you have seen this one particular episode to Fawlty Towers - Basil ends up doing that FUNNY, STUPID walk with one leg right up and then the other!!! If you know what I mean... For it was the way he tries to walk like Germans had way back when they were at WAR - plus guys, Basil had indicted he was the EVIL dictator in History which, I won't mention, but, just say by putting one of his fingers under his nose and the other, putting his arm right up, but slanting at times!

But guys! You must remember that all this, was due down to that blooming big BUMP that he had from that Moose's HEAD that while trying to put it straight, had fallen right-bang on top of it! Not forgetting of course, that while he was hospital and before escaping, he didn't listen to what his doctor was trying to tell him about YOU MUST STAY IN BED Mr Fawlty!!!


As you gathered guys, this clip from "Basil the Rat" was just one of my favourite CLIPS as there was one more which you should know, was seeing at the end before it finishes, Basil handing the hotel Inspector a box of biscuits in the diner but when he opens it finds that there right in front of their eyes to see was Manuel's fucking Basil the RAT!!!

Rab C Nesbitt


Yes guys! As you can see, I've now carried on with drawing well-known people then just drawing anyone or anything that all of you may NOT recognise, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, this picture which I'm sure you guys should bloody know is "Rab C Nesbitt" because if NOT! Well all I can basically say to you is that YOU all must be fuckin' stupid because it was a very well known Comedy Series while it was on-like!

Rab C Nesbitt was a Scottish Comedy series which if no one really knew, began in 1988... Produced by the BBC Scotland and starred as Rab was the Comedian Actor "Gregor Fisher" as that Alcoholic Glasgow git! And yes guys, you did hear me say as a blooming stupid old GIT or FART may I also, add!!!

Who as you probably know by now, was an unemployment lifestyle choice for us to watch, the first ever episode was put on, on the 21st December 1988 which lasted from till the 2nd of January 2014.

And which I didn't realised until recently that is, is that while I was over at my Neighbours one evening with his girlfriend, typing away something on my Web-site they had decided to put on one of the episodes from "Rab C Nesbitt" because they had really wanted me to recognise this someone that I should know very well as they both kept telling yours truly, after putting this CLIP on, from this certain episode, which this person was on!

Only, no sooner then I had saw this person that they both wanted me to see well let's just say I was "gob-smack" because of who this person WAS!!! Which meant as you guys know, I had RECOGNISED this Actor IMMEDIATELY and I do mean immediately... Because guys, guess who I saw dressed as a transsexual barmaid? Yes guys! I did say who was dressed as a transsexual barmaid! But "David Tennant" who once starred as our Dr WHO! Can you guys remember? Maybe not! Because it was a while ago that he was our loveable Dr to same that is! To others well they probably liked another Actor that had played the character.

Anyway, getting back to "David Tennant" who really had starred this transsexual barmaid called "Davina" and that's NO fucking joke, it really was HIM! And boy! No matter how I also liked him as (Dr Who) well seeing him dressed up in an out-fit that so looked-like the Country Western Singer, "Dolly Parton" in some ways, because of those very, very big Boobs that whoever it was that was responsible in making David look good or so FUNNY as this character, because it was absolutely funny, you know seeing this CLIP of "David Tennant" dressed as a fucking (WOMAN) with big TITS that really had looked-like to me, was going the OPPOSITE ways to one another... Course, it just did't seem like it was right

So, I wouldn't say, "Cor! "What a WOMAN!!! As I will mention why, in a minute.

And yes! I did say that he had big BOOBIES that you just couldn't MISS by noticing, if you also saw what I had with what looked-like David's very hairy chest showing just slightly in-between! If you know what I mean!

But guys, I will warn you, if you haven't seen it but would like to now, well if you like "Rab C Nesbitt" that is, well all I'm going to say is, he really looked FUCKING UGLY as a W.O.M.A.N even though he was suppose to be a transsexual in it!

I'm sorry David! if you do happen to see this Web-site of mine, but you were you know, you did look absolutely Ugly! For you had really reminded me of that stupid PLASTIC DOLL that Dorian, played by "Lesley Joseph" in one of the episode of "Birds of a Feather" which, if I can remember, was a Christmas episode because the plastic doll was suppose to be a blooming FAIRY! Which funny enough, Dorian had split that ugly doll's leg apart like she was doing the SPLITS because of the way she was! But who knows, she probably did it because like myself guys, thought this horrible doll that was Tracy and Sharon's only fairy I think was just that! Fucking horrible!!!

So, with that look that David Tennant had really showed as a transsexual barmaid called, "Davina" in Rab C Nesbitt Comedy series had made me think he could well be just ANOTHER UGLY FUCKING FAIRY like that Plastic Dolly that Dorian had so split it's blooming legs apart!!!

Which all I thought then was YES! As I think if she wouldn't have done it, well if I was there, I WOULD without a doubt!

My Neighbours best friend with his dog, Prince


In this picture as you guys can see is of a best friend of my Neighbour with his dog Prince that he so loved but lost...

Only, I'm sure his dog "Prince" to him will always, always be loved as well as remembered!

Wednesday 13 January 2016

The Plus Net Guy


Now before I say anything and I do mean absolutely ANYTHING, if by any chance this guy from that Advert you guys may come across while watching something on either Cable or on Sky as that's the only chance you may catch to see him in an Advert of PLUS NET BOARD BAND...

But can I just say if YOU on that Advert stumble upon my Web-site by accident let's say well I not only hope you don't mind in me drawing a portrait of YOU! But I also hope YOU like it!

And why you may say did I decide to draw you! That's if you see this Web-site of mine, well it's because YOU certainly make this girl SMILE so at no end, as I will mention anyway.

As for all of you guys! If any of you out there don't really know who this guy maybe, well you normally would see him in an ADVERT called as you know "The Plus Net! And the reason why I've drawn him is that every single blooming time I see him in an Advert of "Plus Net" he always seems to manage to make yours truly smile so. And why, you may add! Well it's just something about him that cheers me UP at no end! As I truly think he's so FUNNY!
And guys, I do mean so FUNNY

But, oh boy! If I weren't in love already with my so-called (BROWN EYES) who every time I watch those films of his because let's just say that if this guy from that Plus-Net Advert again, who's called "Craig Murray" by the way and who's a Comedian was around here well I would probably would truly fall for him instantly, then the person I've been so in LOVE!

Still say what have you done to ME, you lovely big (BROWN EYES) you, from whom I love your FILMS!!! Aww!!! But again, I'm NOT complaining for what you have done to ME! NO fecking way!

Because this so-call Comedian, "Craig Murray" would really be just SOMEONE that I once told you all about, that how I always had dreamt of meeting some day! Can you guys remember of me describing myself in one of my other pictures that I've done as I would really WISH to meet someone who's got to be - TALL, DARK HAIR, NICE SMILE, NICE EYES with a WACKY SENSE of HUMOUR! But not forgetting who's got to be BOARD and slightly SHY!!!

Well, can you guys, remember now! As this guy from that Ad would honestly be SOMEONE that I would maybe like to know as MEET...

Only, there is one thing I would like to add and that is, if YOU "Craig Murray" do happen to see this well can you just PLEASE, PLEASE CARRY ON with your Adverts that you've been doing? Because oh boy! like I already said, EVERY single time I see YOU, my face always seems to light up with the most biggest SMILE ever, followed by blushing with a slight SHY look!!!

So, Thanks Craig Murray for just doing this to ME!


Who again, thinks you are truly, truly FUNNY!!!