Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Two Ronnies


Hi yeah guys! "Well, I bet you had thought, I've forgotten about you now?" "hey Well, not a chance, only all I'm going to say is, "As anyone seen the Phantom-Raspberry Blower?" "Hey? ""Well, have yeah?" Ha! Ha! Ha! "And so, it's Good Night from me." "And it's Good Night from him." "Good Night!

Nick Knowles


Now, I sure hope "Nick Knowles" or any of his team from "The DIY SOS the big build," programme sees my blog, cos, I just want to say, first of all, that I think you're brillent! The whole bloomin' lot of you. Only, will you Nick, "leave poor Billy alone," as in stop pickin' on him, cos, from the lot of you guys, he's the only one, that's really funny and brighten things up when I see your show. So, what ever you do, make sure you guys, don't lose our Billy! "The Spark." As he's known to us all! Hope you get this, if any of you guys though, does log-on to my blog?

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio "Mamma Mia"


* Well, if anyone of you guys had never really heard of these two, well-known chiefs all I'm going to say is, you will probably come across them at certain times, that is, if you like to watch the food Channel! As they are well-known as "The Two Greedy Italians!
But, cos, I just can't help myself, I'm always saying, when I see "Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio" cooking away, it's like seeing an old TV American series called "Starkey and Hutch" as they also act like a bloomin' married couple.  But, being a lot more like my darling, darling Dad who came from "County Durham" then, my mum, who's Italian...  As she came over here from her own Village "Naples!

* Anyway, getting back to these two very well known chiefs "Gennaro Contaldo" and "Antonio Carluccio" because, very single time I watch their programme, I always seem to laugh a little, because of how Gennario sometimes act around Antonio!

* By the way Antonio, if you happen to see this one day, along with your very young hard working Colleagues that works in your RESTURANT, where Shakespeare had once lived, "Stratford upon Avon" well, this picture of "YOURSELF with Gennaro," is all for all your young girls and guys that works in your restaurant for your very good service, while I was always there with a nice gentleman who I know called, "Algy!

* But, this picture is really dedicate to YOU "Antonio Carluccio!

Sandy Dazley


Wednesday 4 March 2015


MORECOMBE AND WISE "RUBBISH" Says, Morecombe... Ha! De! Ha! Ha!

Everytime they put "Morecombe and Wise" show around each Christmas, as they do like all the other shows they put on, well, I just can't help laughing at them both.

Especially, of seeing Morecombe acting so daft when some well known Actor or Actresses appears on their show as well as messing with his dam glasses. Also, I love seeing that clip of theirs, when they show those two playing around in a Kitchen, cuting things up, throwing plates at each other, not forgetting, squeezing an Orange then banging the cupboards and drawes to keep up with the music you hear.

Stephen Tompkinson - Drop the Dead Donkey


Now if anyone of you guys had never really seen or heard of this Comdey, called, "Drop the Dead Donkey" well, first, let me tell you that this series had started way back in 1990 til 1998. And secondly, the reason of why I wasnted to draw this picture of "Stephen Tompkinson" as Damien Day was that way back in 2002, when I got myself a job, working in a fashion shop, well, my Manager that had given me that job of course, had truly reminded me of Stephen Tomkinson's Character, "Damien Day."

Not because, that my Manager was tall like the Actor but who also, had the same hair cut like he had, back then, when he played, "Damien Day" and that's no joke! Also, it was the way he acted around us while we were working there, and I'm not joking guys, my Managaer was totally funny.

The only thing was, my Manager was Welsh and loved "Mr. Tom Jones," so, every bloodly time we was around or even myself working or trying too, my Manager would always, always put up his collar and sing "it's not unusall to be loved by anyone," as well as "My! My! My! "Delilah," followed by a stupid but, little dance. Only, the fool as he was, only changed that sang too, "My! My! My! "Oh, Sandy." then the real ture.

Not forgetting, guys, I've just got to tell you that one of our friend's from "Bon' Marhes" got one of her staff to call him, pretending to be a customer called, Mr. G Raff. which after leaving the number, called them back, but he called the bloomin' ZOO then, the shop, asking to speak to a "Mr. G Raff." Which as you should know was a joke.

So, Ryan, wherever you maybe, "Got yeah now! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Robert Powell

ROBERT POWELL In "Jesus Of Nazareth"

I sure hope you, the Actor, "Robert Powell" will maybe, just maybe, that is, come across to my blog, one day, cos, I just want to let you know, you're just one amazing Actor that truly deserves so much, cos of seeing you playing this part of Christ in "Jesus Of Nazareth" back in the early 80's, well, I think it was in the eighties that I first saw your film! Only may I say, from all the other actors that had played this part, well, you were the only actor that did justice cos, of making this girl cry so much.

And I truly mean, that! But, maybe, it's because you have got such amazing deep blue eyes that really, truly made me believe you were actually, Christ then a bloomin' good Actor. and that's no joke!

This picture I like to dedicate to the two brothers.