Thursday 31 March 2016

Charlies Angels


* Now, if you don't know already this was the real "Charlie's Angels" as it featured three beautiful police academy private detectives whose cases had always seem to require that they don bikinis evening gowns and other sexy clothes...

* Not forgetting of course, the unseen Charlie Townsend that Actor, "John Forsythe" had always relays instructions via over the speaker-phone, which I'm sure that every so often I wouldn't be at all surprised that the three Angels Kelly Garrett that was played by "Jaclyn Smith," Sebrina Duncan" was was played by "Kate Jackson" and finally, Jill Munore, played by "Farreh Fawett Majors" had may be dreamt of seeing him...

But really that is the whole point of the mystery behind of it all for the girls NOT to see Charlie!

As for our Bosley, that was played by Actor, "David Doyle" well, who knows of whether he had saw Charlie? Course, again, that may be the mystery - as anyone really knows who Charlie looks-like?

* The first episode of this series went out on September 22th 1976, so that film that starred "Drew Barrymore," "Cameron Diaz" and finally the Actress, "Lucy Liu" can't ever replace those original Actresses that starred in that well-known series from the 70's! Sorry guys! But there is NO way you three Actress, can beat or even try to be the real Charlie's Angels!

* For the ONLY reason and I do mean the ONLY reason, of why I really loved watching the film of "Charlie's Angels" including the sequel, Charlie's Angels "The Full Throttle" was that the character that had played Natalie's boyfriend Pete... Who has you guys should know was played by "Luke Wilson" who always puts this girl in a world of her own!  And that's no fucking joke! He really does!!!

* For that Actor, "Luke Wilson" always knocks this girl out and puts her in a little world of her very own, but do you blame me? Hey! Course, every single time I see that look of his followed by that lovely smile well, it's like I've fallen more for him!

* Which brings me once again, to why I truly love Charlie's Angels "The Full Throttle" because not only do I see "Luke Wilson" who plays Pete a lot more then in the first film! But that whenever it always comes to that particular sense of seeing Natalie and Pete going to their old school reunion - and then start seeing them both dancing on the floor with others...

* Well shortly after you see Natalie "Cameron Diaz" character do a little dance with someone else, well the next, you see Pete "Luke Wilson's" character drawing in and take her into his arms to dance.

* Because, I truly love the way Pete "Luke Wilson" just take Natalie "Cameron Diaz" in his arms while dancing, but while they were, he tilts her just slightly and before you know it, you see Pete kisses her!

* Which was what I mean, if ONLY I was Natalie in that film. Because really being swept in "Luke Wilson's" arms, then, suddenly being kissed would really make my dream come true... Course, it's like all of a sudden, without knowing-like that happens!

* Which, may sound a little stupid to say - but that had always made me say to myself quickly a huge big Aww!  Course, that part had always made yours truly dream... Oh Why! If only I was Natalie right there and then in the film!

* Course, for someone like me, of NOT be kissed in her entire life, well if it ever came true, which I know would very much doubt, would...

* But that way, for NOT only being swept into someone's arms and tilted-like how Pete had done to Natalie in that sequel to Charlie's Angels - The Full Throttle... But also, how I think I would truly love if I was taken by surprise thinking would they take me back up or just did what "Luke Wilson's" character Pete did... Which, was once again, kisses her!!!

* But to all three Actresses that had played the Angels in this film - Well if you "Drew Barrymore" "Cameron Diaz" and finally to "Lucy Liu" well if and I do mean, a very big IF you come across to my Web-site, well once again, I'm just sorry to say that you guys, just couldn't be our Charlie's Angels even if you tried...

* Because, like I'm trying to tell you, the original Angels was "Jaclyn Smith" who had played Kelly Garrett, "Kate Jackson" who played our Sabrina Duncan and finally "Farrah Fawatt Majors" who had played Jill Monroe back in the 70's with "David Doyle" that played the real Bosley!

The Professionals - CI5


Hi guys! Now, this picture I've drawn was one in many that I use to love watching has a young teenager. And don't worry, I can understand if there is a few of you out there that can't really remember these three that starred in this brish crime-action television drama series that was produced by Avengers MK 1 Production for the London Weekend Television that aired on the ITV network from 1977,

So, the first episode has you know, had went out in 1977, until the year, 1983, when their final episode was on February 6th.

For me thugh! Well back then, when it was on every single night on a Friday, around 8 o'clock you could always vouch that I would a;ways sit down and watch them. But guys, do you want to know something else? Well around then, all my friends from School had a big thing for the Actor that played Bodie!

Now, don't get me wrong, even though, Bodie that was played oh-so, brilliantly by the late great Actor, "Lewis Collins" who I'm sure will always be loved as well as not have been forgotten by us that really growing up watching, "The Professionals" I was the only one that liked his partner, Doyle that was played by "Martin Shaw! As well as I did like that Actor who had played Bodie but in yet another series...

Only, this series was't like any other drama series, as in such, for it was a sitcom called "The Cuckoo Waltz! Which, if any of you out there has never heard of this sitcom, well first of all, it was a British television sitcom that was made by Granade television for the ITV network between 1975 to 1977.

And secondly, this comedy was based on a married couple called Chris and Fliss that had a simple life with a few possession and twin babies until, their life changes when once again, the Actor "Lewis Collins" come in as their lodger, Gavin!

By the way, if and I do mean a very big IF-like that the Actor, "Martin Shaw" that had played Doyle in that hit TV series of The Professionals has stumbled on this Web-site... Well I not only hope he likes this picture of all three? But if he does, well I sure hope I've done justice in how I've drawn YOU guys!!!



Abba was yet another group that I loved to listen to while I was growing-up besides, Showaddywaddy, The Monkees, Slade, Mud, ELO, Blondie, Spandau Ballet, Bucks Fizz, Queen, Madness, Billy Fury, Bobbie Vee, Roy Orbison, Shakin Stevens and many more because I so love my music!

Anyway, getting back to ABBA because yes! All their entire songs may be brilliant, but my all time favourites have got to be "I Do I Do I Do" "Ring, Ring" "The Winner Takes It All" "Thank you for the Music" "Take A Chance On Me" and finally, "Hasta Mananna! Which, was released in 1974, when their Album called "Waterloo had came out!

Course, every time one of them comes on, well you can be sure this girl had always loved to sing along to these tunes on her own... Well I always used to like I was, because when my beloved Dad was around and just came walking into the front-room well you can be sure this girl had stopped singing, let alone tried to lower the music to her CD Player!

Which, my Dad had always used to tell me with a smile on his face, "I don't know why, you think you had to stop singing Sandy, course, I can hear you from inside! Making, me of course, start to blush just slightly because I don't see me as a singer-like only that I used to love singing on her own to most of her favourite songs.

Call me MAD! Course, now a days I don't fucking care to what anyone really thinks of me...

But, come on, I'm sure any of you out there may also like to sing to your own favourite songs like myself, the only thing is, which I'm sorry to say is - these days the music industry that makes all music you all hear is NOT real music to what it was!

And if you guys, think I'm just saying this to you well let me tell you first of all, I'm not the only one that may think or say any of this to you, if anyone !

As there's many like myself that would also tell you these days the music isn't MUSIC... As real music had all STOPPED early around the 90's!

There is probably another reason of why I should say this and that is basically I'm in a few that grew-up listening to all sorts of music, throughout the years!

Why! Do you want to know something else, guys? Well in my early teens when Walkmans was around I had always loved to listen to all my different favourite music then!

The Cannonball Run

THE CANNONBALL RUN - Burt Reynolds and Dom De Luise

Well viewers! What do you think of this picture that I've drawn from that well-known film called "The Cannonball Run? Which, first of all was a film about a daredevil J J McClure and other characters (Roger Moore) get in the fast cars and take off on a cross country race! Hey! Like it!

Course, the reason of why I thought I wanted to draw these two well-known Actors, was that way back then, when first of all that this film was more then less shown on our screens was that when I saw the film had thought it was so FUNNY!

Especially, when I saw near to the end "Dom De Luise" character, Captain Chaos had tried to run to the finish line while all the others had problems... Because, if you guys out there had saw it yourselves then you would know what I mean, course, what happened was - instead of running has fast has he could, for J.J who Burt Reynolds had played he simply decided to stop because of hearing a lady crying out!

Well, that's what Captain Chaos had thought at the time, then listening to all that was really telling him to go and RUN!!! Course, after leaping what looked-like a hedge Captain Chaos had came out all dripping wet with a small dog, then once again, thinking to himself that he was going to save the lady!

But after seeing J J and the others telling him you idiot you, for you could have won the race you know that "Dom De Luise" character decides to change his costume for "CAPTAIN USA" then Captain Chaos!!! While, not just allowing one of the other racing drivers to win the race as they did... But it was shortly after "Burt Reynolds" character, J J and the rest telling him off that Dom De Luise character Captain Chaos had said to all of them, "I don't care course, I always wanted to be - CAPTAIN USA!

Which, as you guys gathered, was when you see him change suddenly into "Captain USA!!! Course, one minute you see him has Captain Chaos then, the next, after "Dom De Luise" character quickly turn around, with him holding one side of his cape hiding his face-like well it was then we meet our Captain USA!

Which, was when you see all of them burst into laughter!

Only, I've got to say this I only loved when all of a sudden you see J J (Burt Reynolds) character start to blooming laugh, because his laugh is so FUNNY to hear!

The Great Showaddywaddy


These two pictures are especially for you once again to "Dave Bartram"

* First of all viewers, I know that I've drawn my guys, who I like to think of course of how their lead Singer "Dave Bartram" back then, when I was a little girl had done to me when once again say to all of you - no sooner then she saw Dave singing away to that one song of theirs... "Under The Moon Of Love" and seeing that lovely smile, felt like she had immediately fell under his spell! Or should I really say their spell!

* In other words, it was like saying I fell under the Moon in Love with all of them, from "Showaddywaddy" but more so, with their lead singer "Dave Bartram" because of the smile of his once again!!! As I simply couldn't help it! I mean, I was only six years old when I first saw them on Top of the Pops...

* Why! I could even remember that when our lovely "Dave Bartram" who I so adore and always will had sang that song "Under the Moon of Love" course, in one of the old Top of the Pops  I saw he was singing while it looked like he had one of his legs up on a wall-like, with a tall tree just showing... Which, behind this tree-like you can plainly see a huge Moon!  Aww!!!

* But secondly! Only, this is to all the guys from Showaddwaddy and Dave of course, because guess who's got her ticket already to see you once again? Hey! Well you guess is right! It's your very own Teddy Girl... 

* Who just recently guys, had NOT only thought of nick-naming herself has "Your Teddy Girl" but also, I've named her MP3 player has her "ipoddywaddywaddy!

* Anyway, to Dave Bartram and the rest of Showaddywaddy yours truly will be seated in row DD at the bottom row of the Palace Theatre near to wear I was seated before.

* The only thing I would truly love that is, is that if it's possibly for my dream of maybe meeting you Dave in person afterwards, because this year all of you will be coming around near to my Birthday...  Well actually it will only be after just two days after when my Birthday goes! Course my Birthday will be on the 27th April

* So, I sure hope my wish or dream could come true.

* By the way Dave those two drawing that hopefully, one of your guys from Showaddywaddy will see, will be left for YOU again!

Love Sandy Dazley

Your "Teddy Girl"


This is a very special message to only Showaddywaddy and no one else, okay!

* First of all I would truly love to say that I had the most wonderful time when you came over to the Redditch Palace Theatre and sang those all time favorites of mine, which once again, if you hadn't noticed in the Audience I to was singing away to the songs that you Andy was singing away!

* But I've always sang to your songs ever since our Dave Bartram had sang them at a very younger age...

* So, once again, thank you to Dave Bartram for giving this young girl a huge smile when she first saw you singing away to your song and hopefully, which I could call mine, "Under the Moon of Love" since Andy said before singing this song, this is dedicated to Sandy!  Which is me when I first saw your guys coming over in 2014.  Remember???  Hope you do!!!

I also hope you Dave, if you're looking on my Web-site at any time had really loved those two large A2 drawings of one when you were the lead singer to the very best Showaddywaddy in the 70's and the other, of your guys, Showaddywaddy has they are now!!!

Course, you really mean a lot to me Dave!

* And just to add Dave, whenever your group comes over to Redditch well don't be so surprise you will ALWAYS receive something from this girl!

love you always

Sandy Dazley

Your very own Teddy-Girl



From Yours truly their "Teddy-Girl" Sandy

* Next time you guys come over to the Redditch Palace Theatre, well, first of all I sure hope "Dave won't mind that I had drawn a picture of him with his lovely wife Cathy holding their baby.  Daughter, Holly!  As I think it deserved to have the title under it of "UNDER THE MOON OF LOVE" because of how both Cathy and you Dave are looking down on her then, okay! And it will be for your eyes only.  Aww!


Hi Andy! This is Sandy Dazley that had always drawn those special drawing for our smiler, "Dave!  Just really wanna say a very huge Thank you to you for actually REMEMBERING me through your audience on the 23th September 2017.  As I was sited in the second row to the bottom of the "Place Theatre in Reddich" - singing away to all your brilliant songs that I've known through growing-up and hearing ALL those Great songs of "Showaddywaddy that when Dave song!

So, Andy! Once again, Thank you for saying that you remembered me, from the Audience of yours on the 23th September 2017! 

Saturday 19 March 2016

Little Britain


Before, saying anything really, I think I would really like to dedicate this picture that I've drawn to both "David Walliam" and "Matt Lucas!

Hi guys! Well what do you think of how I've drawn these two well-known crazy characters Lou and Andy from that popular TV sitcom "Little Britain??? "Like! Well I sure hope you all do!

Especially, that is, if the guys, themselves, "David Walliam" and "Matt Lucas" that played them had suddenly now stumble upon on this Web-site of mine and saw this picture that I've drawn of them! Well can you imagine their look if those two very well-known duo had saw this? Only, god knows!

Anyway, if you guys are slightly intrigued of maybe wanting to know if you don't know already that is, when this sketch show as it is had first went out, well their first episode had came out on February 9th 2003... But first it was broadcast on the BBC radio before, it had turned into a television show.

And as you viewers out there should know, if that is you are a big fan of the show, the show of "Little Britain" was written and preformed by "David Walliam" and "Matt Lucas" themselves because the final episode of this sketch-show was shown on December 24th 2006

Mother and Child


First of all viewers, this picture is really especially for someone that not only admired my Art work when she first saw my work but also had requested shortly after seeing my Art that if I wouldn't mind in drawing a picture of her with her little daughter as you can plainly see from the photo underneath my drawing... but it was also that she is one in a many that is helping me with a few things.

So, Abby this is especially for you, hope you like?

love Sandy xx

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Hannibal Hayes and Jededicah "kid Curry as ALIAS SMITH AND JONES



Now. I can sure understand if a lot of you out there have never heard, let alone seen this old TV series called "Alias Smith and Jones" starring Ben Murphy and Pete Duel! But what I can tell you is from remembering watching this series as youngster is that it was a really good series... Honestly guys, it sure was a really good series!

But as you can see from that picture I've drawn it of from is that the series was a American Western series that originally aired on ABC from January 1971 till January 1975. But really the series was all about those two characters that, "Pete Duel" who played Hannibal Hayes and "Ben Murphy" who had played his cousin Jedediah "Kid" Curry was trying to reform...

And even though, the first ever episode of this series had went out on January 5th 1971, till January 13th 1973, sadly the Actor that had played "Hannibal Hayes" - "Pete Duel" had suddenly died half way in the series, which I've got to say, wasn't the same at all without him...

So, what they did after by bring yet another Actor n his place was WRONG! Course, of how I look at it, if anyone starts in a brand new TV series, but something like this happens well no one should ever take their place or role as maybe playing another part in that series! NO ONE!!!

So, once again, guys, what they did of bring someone else, on after the Actor, "Pete Duel" who as a young child thought he's nice, suddenly died... What I again, say is that they really shouldn't have brought another in Peter's place! Course, Roger Davis that took his role can NEVER be our "Hannibal HAYES" just no fucking way! As that was a very big MISTAKE!

Course, whoever thought of bring him or any Actor that is to carry on Pete's role should have just ended it then and there... Not thinking we'll carry on, allowing someone else, to take the role of what I always thought was a blooming good Actor that will never be FORGOTTEN in my BOOK!!!


As in the past I can tell you now, if knowing the series of "Alias Smith and Jones" would come on my screen, but with "Pete Duel" in as our "Hannibal Hayes" then the other one that came later, well I would always watch him along with "Ben Murphy!

Course, in my BOOK even though I was a very young girl then, that TV American Western series starred both "Pete Duel" and "Ben Murphy" was a blooming good series... It's just it was a shame that they had reined it by putting that other into it shortly after our beloved Pete Duel had sadly died!



Now, to all you guys, that really love or should that be is completely Mad on this most loved science fiction series that came out in September 8th 1966, but which I first saw in the mid 70's being a young girl that I was, that had always sat and watched it in front of my Auntie's living-room television every blooming Wednesday evening at around 6 pm precisely, as I have a good memory in that respect... Remembering certain things and when!

And if it really wasn't for that original TV Series that had went out way back then, but again only saw in the mid to late 70's shall I say, well all those up-dated version of the series, like "The Next Generation" - of Star Trek, "The Voyager" and all those other science fiction series that came out like Babylon 5 & 7 and 10! But please don't quote me on saying that there was actually any series of Babylon 7 or 10! Okay guys! Course, frankly I'm not truly sure that they had done those... And finally not forgetting, of course, "Deep Space 9!

Which, getting back to what I'm trying to tell you all, course, what I believe is no matter how all you guys out there really love those other versions of the original - "Star Trek" like I've just mentioned, well let's just say if it won't for those Actors, "William Shatner" as Capt James T Kirk "Leonard Nimoy" as Spook, Doctor Leonard McCoy who as you guys should know was played by "Deforest Kelly," and "James Doohan" as Scotty not forgetting the Actress that played our Uhura are sorry to say in my BOOK don't think any of those new up-dated si-fi series can ever REPLACE that ORIGINAL Star Trek!

Course, they were the only "STAR TREK" to me and I truly mean they were the ONLY ONE... The others just can't ever beat it even though you may otherwise! Sorry!

Course, the original "STAR TREK" will always be the ORIGINAL to me once again!!!

But what I would like to add is if and only if, those original Actors that starred in that well-known loved series back then, of "Star Trek" but who is left from it of course!

So, really I sure hope they all like this drawing of the three main characters that I've done including all the others that starred in it!



Well come on viewers out there, surely you must have remembered this very well known and oh-so best-loved comedy sitcom that again, you see our very lovable, "Ronnie Baker" but this time had starred along side "Richard Beckinsale" which, I've got to add, was the up-most wonderful Actor that even from this day on is always going to be loved ad never forgotten by maybe those that had remembered him in that comedy series such as "PORRIDGE," "RISING DAMP" and "GOING STRAIGHT" of course!!!

Which, if you guys, have never seen it, never mind heard of well it was like Porridge, but how they both were after they came out from prison okay! So, just remember that if you want, in time that "Going Straight" is just like another version of "Porridge! But again will never be forgotten... Just like our dear "Ronnie Baker" that played all his characters in any sitcom he did in the past but, is also, no longer with us!

Now, if none of you out there don't know this already well this well-known popular comedy series of "PORRIDGE" was first broadcast on the BBC 1 from 1974 till 1977, and the first ever episode of this series went out on September 5th 1974 till March 25th 1977

Open All Hours - "Ger! "Ger! "Ger! "GRANVILLE!!!


Well guys! Practically everyone should truly know this well-know comedy series that starred the late great but talented comedy Actor, "Ronnie Baker" and also the talented Actor, "David Jason" who just recently as done an up-dated version of that very popular sitcom "Open All Hours" that began in the early 70's. Well in fact, the very first episode of that, was in 1973, till 1985... It run for 26 episodes in four series, if no one knew of this of course, and which premièred in 1981, 1982 and eventually in 1985 where the Final episode was last seen to all of us - as in shown on TV viewer! The created and written was by Roy Clarke

And that new version of this series is called "Still Open All Hours! Which, you should know was a BBC television sitcom sequel from the original that was around way, way back in 1973 till 1985... Which may I add, can't ever beat the original series that was maybe far, far better then that sequel they just really recently brought out!!!

So, first of all if there is any viewers out there that thought they really like that new version of "Still Open All Hours" well I'm sorry to say that's if I hadn't mentioned it already... That I don't think it can ever beat the original one that had Ronnie Baker in as our "Arkwright" and when the very young David Jason was his Nephew "Granville!

Not forgetting that it was when you see "Arkwright" was the proprietor on old fashioned Yorkshire and who always use to chase after his "Nurse Gladys Emmanuel" that was played by Actress, "Lynda Bardon" and longed to be with her!!!

Which, I'm sorry to say, didn't, course, what I know is that in the very last episode of "Open All Hours" all you see is Nurse Gladys reveals that her and Arkwright remain just engaged until his death.