Thursday 31 March 2016

Charlies Angels


* Now, if you don't know already this was the real "Charlie's Angels" as it featured three beautiful police academy private detectives whose cases had always seem to require that they don bikinis evening gowns and other sexy clothes...

* Not forgetting of course, the unseen Charlie Townsend that Actor, "John Forsythe" had always relays instructions via over the speaker-phone, which I'm sure that every so often I wouldn't be at all surprised that the three Angels Kelly Garrett that was played by "Jaclyn Smith," Sebrina Duncan" was was played by "Kate Jackson" and finally, Jill Munore, played by "Farreh Fawett Majors" had may be dreamt of seeing him...

But really that is the whole point of the mystery behind of it all for the girls NOT to see Charlie!

As for our Bosley, that was played by Actor, "David Doyle" well, who knows of whether he had saw Charlie? Course, again, that may be the mystery - as anyone really knows who Charlie looks-like?

* The first episode of this series went out on September 22th 1976, so that film that starred "Drew Barrymore," "Cameron Diaz" and finally the Actress, "Lucy Liu" can't ever replace those original Actresses that starred in that well-known series from the 70's! Sorry guys! But there is NO way you three Actress, can beat or even try to be the real Charlie's Angels!

* For the ONLY reason and I do mean the ONLY reason, of why I really loved watching the film of "Charlie's Angels" including the sequel, Charlie's Angels "The Full Throttle" was that the character that had played Natalie's boyfriend Pete... Who has you guys should know was played by "Luke Wilson" who always puts this girl in a world of her own!  And that's no fucking joke! He really does!!!

* For that Actor, "Luke Wilson" always knocks this girl out and puts her in a little world of her very own, but do you blame me? Hey! Course, every single time I see that look of his followed by that lovely smile well, it's like I've fallen more for him!

* Which brings me once again, to why I truly love Charlie's Angels "The Full Throttle" because not only do I see "Luke Wilson" who plays Pete a lot more then in the first film! But that whenever it always comes to that particular sense of seeing Natalie and Pete going to their old school reunion - and then start seeing them both dancing on the floor with others...

* Well shortly after you see Natalie "Cameron Diaz" character do a little dance with someone else, well the next, you see Pete "Luke Wilson's" character drawing in and take her into his arms to dance.

* Because, I truly love the way Pete "Luke Wilson" just take Natalie "Cameron Diaz" in his arms while dancing, but while they were, he tilts her just slightly and before you know it, you see Pete kisses her!

* Which was what I mean, if ONLY I was Natalie in that film. Because really being swept in "Luke Wilson's" arms, then, suddenly being kissed would really make my dream come true... Course, it's like all of a sudden, without knowing-like that happens!

* Which, may sound a little stupid to say - but that had always made me say to myself quickly a huge big Aww!  Course, that part had always made yours truly dream... Oh Why! If only I was Natalie right there and then in the film!

* Course, for someone like me, of NOT be kissed in her entire life, well if it ever came true, which I know would very much doubt, would...

* But that way, for NOT only being swept into someone's arms and tilted-like how Pete had done to Natalie in that sequel to Charlie's Angels - The Full Throttle... But also, how I think I would truly love if I was taken by surprise thinking would they take me back up or just did what "Luke Wilson's" character Pete did... Which, was once again, kisses her!!!

* But to all three Actresses that had played the Angels in this film - Well if you "Drew Barrymore" "Cameron Diaz" and finally to "Lucy Liu" well if and I do mean, a very big IF you come across to my Web-site, well once again, I'm just sorry to say that you guys, just couldn't be our Charlie's Angels even if you tried...

* Because, like I'm trying to tell you, the original Angels was "Jaclyn Smith" who had played Kelly Garrett, "Kate Jackson" who played our Sabrina Duncan and finally "Farrah Fawatt Majors" who had played Jill Monroe back in the 70's with "David Doyle" that played the real Bosley!

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