Thursday 31 March 2016

The Great Showaddywaddy


These two pictures are especially for you once again to "Dave Bartram"

* First of all viewers, I know that I've drawn my guys, who I like to think of course of how their lead Singer "Dave Bartram" back then, when I was a little girl had done to me when once again say to all of you - no sooner then she saw Dave singing away to that one song of theirs... "Under The Moon Of Love" and seeing that lovely smile, felt like she had immediately fell under his spell! Or should I really say their spell!

* In other words, it was like saying I fell under the Moon in Love with all of them, from "Showaddywaddy" but more so, with their lead singer "Dave Bartram" because of the smile of his once again!!! As I simply couldn't help it! I mean, I was only six years old when I first saw them on Top of the Pops...

* Why! I could even remember that when our lovely "Dave Bartram" who I so adore and always will had sang that song "Under the Moon of Love" course, in one of the old Top of the Pops  I saw he was singing while it looked like he had one of his legs up on a wall-like, with a tall tree just showing... Which, behind this tree-like you can plainly see a huge Moon!  Aww!!!

* But secondly! Only, this is to all the guys from Showaddwaddy and Dave of course, because guess who's got her ticket already to see you once again? Hey! Well you guess is right! It's your very own Teddy Girl... 

* Who just recently guys, had NOT only thought of nick-naming herself has "Your Teddy Girl" but also, I've named her MP3 player has her "ipoddywaddywaddy!

* Anyway, to Dave Bartram and the rest of Showaddywaddy yours truly will be seated in row DD at the bottom row of the Palace Theatre near to wear I was seated before.

* The only thing I would truly love that is, is that if it's possibly for my dream of maybe meeting you Dave in person afterwards, because this year all of you will be coming around near to my Birthday...  Well actually it will only be after just two days after when my Birthday goes! Course my Birthday will be on the 27th April

* So, I sure hope my wish or dream could come true.

* By the way Dave those two drawing that hopefully, one of your guys from Showaddywaddy will see, will be left for YOU again!

Love Sandy Dazley

Your "Teddy Girl"


This is a very special message to only Showaddywaddy and no one else, okay!

* First of all I would truly love to say that I had the most wonderful time when you came over to the Redditch Palace Theatre and sang those all time favorites of mine, which once again, if you hadn't noticed in the Audience I to was singing away to the songs that you Andy was singing away!

* But I've always sang to your songs ever since our Dave Bartram had sang them at a very younger age...

* So, once again, thank you to Dave Bartram for giving this young girl a huge smile when she first saw you singing away to your song and hopefully, which I could call mine, "Under the Moon of Love" since Andy said before singing this song, this is dedicated to Sandy!  Which is me when I first saw your guys coming over in 2014.  Remember???  Hope you do!!!

I also hope you Dave, if you're looking on my Web-site at any time had really loved those two large A2 drawings of one when you were the lead singer to the very best Showaddywaddy in the 70's and the other, of your guys, Showaddywaddy has they are now!!!

Course, you really mean a lot to me Dave!

* And just to add Dave, whenever your group comes over to Redditch well don't be so surprise you will ALWAYS receive something from this girl!

love you always

Sandy Dazley

Your very own Teddy-Girl



From Yours truly their "Teddy-Girl" Sandy

* Next time you guys come over to the Redditch Palace Theatre, well, first of all I sure hope "Dave won't mind that I had drawn a picture of him with his lovely wife Cathy holding their baby.  Daughter, Holly!  As I think it deserved to have the title under it of "UNDER THE MOON OF LOVE" because of how both Cathy and you Dave are looking down on her then, okay! And it will be for your eyes only.  Aww!


Hi Andy! This is Sandy Dazley that had always drawn those special drawing for our smiler, "Dave!  Just really wanna say a very huge Thank you to you for actually REMEMBERING me through your audience on the 23th September 2017.  As I was sited in the second row to the bottom of the "Place Theatre in Reddich" - singing away to all your brilliant songs that I've known through growing-up and hearing ALL those Great songs of "Showaddywaddy that when Dave song!

So, Andy! Once again, Thank you for saying that you remembered me, from the Audience of yours on the 23th September 2017! 

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