Wednesday 4 March 2015

Robert Powell

ROBERT POWELL In "Jesus Of Nazareth"

I sure hope you, the Actor, "Robert Powell" will maybe, just maybe, that is, come across to my blog, one day, cos, I just want to let you know, you're just one amazing Actor that truly deserves so much, cos of seeing you playing this part of Christ in "Jesus Of Nazareth" back in the early 80's, well, I think it was in the eighties that I first saw your film! Only may I say, from all the other actors that had played this part, well, you were the only actor that did justice cos, of making this girl cry so much.

And I truly mean, that! But, maybe, it's because you have got such amazing deep blue eyes that really, truly made me believe you were actually, Christ then a bloomin' good Actor. and that's no joke!

This picture I like to dedicate to the two brothers.

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