Wednesday 1 October 2014

Will Ferrell and John R Riley


The main reason of why, I actually did this was that my friend' who used to work at "Drucker's" Coffee Shop but, who as got herself another job which, I've got to say, really miss, bcacuse of each time she saw me coming had always called me "The Godfather" and I would always call her, "Frankie." Which, why, you may ask! Is that she's totally crazy for "Will Ferrell" you would not believe. Like, I'm in love with "Luke Wilson! And I am. That's no joke! Well, Jade, A.K.A "Frankie" if you, happen to come across at this, picture of Will Ferrell and John R Riley who's another good Actor, playing in "The Step-Brothers" well this was drawn for you really!

Yours truly "The Godfather!

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