Wednesday 1 October 2014

Paul O Grady


There's only one thing I can say about "Paul O Grady" and that is he's bloody funny when he appears in the series of Batter-sea Dogs and Cats Home. And why you may ask! Well it's the way he sometimes puts on a Dogs onesie out-fits and sleep among those cute Dogs in one of the kennels! Not forgetting that you sometimes see him being chase after Dogs, as well as each time those series finishes you see Paul trying to take a certain Dog home with him before he gets court by someone from the Battlersea Centre for Cats and Dogs!!!

Hope some day Paul you log onto this Web-site of mine, as I truly think you're doing a GREAT job! In fact, I think you're truly Marvellous!
Just don't STOP for us in trying to hide a certain Dog or pretending to take one out so you could maybe take them home with YOU course, it's so very funny to see how they always seem to manage to catch up with you!

So, all I'm going to say is, is just not fair they always seem to ruin it for you, even though it be part of the Act! I think you're so GREAT!

Yours truly Sandy Dazley from Reditch

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