Thursday 28 April 2016

Battlestar Galactica - Apollo and Lt Starbuck

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - (The Original from the late 70's)

Hi viewers!

* Now, as you can see, I've drawn a picture of the two main Actors that starred in the Original may I add - "Richard Hatch" and "Dirk Benedict" in the America Si-fi series called "Battlestar Galactic" that was first shown on our screens in the year, 1978 till 1979.

* Which before adding anything else, the one that is a remake of that old TV series back then, can say it can't EVER try to REPLACE that so-call Original version of that TV hit series, even though what I just told you all about how that Original series only lasted until two years-like!

That up-dated version of "Battlestar Galactic" can't ever try to be that series...

* The original 1978 premiere of Battlestar Galactic was actually show that began the saga of humanity survival against Cylons.

* But like I may have said underneath my "A-Team" picture the reason why this girl had wanted to watch this series, is that I really had a big soft spot for that Actor, who had played Face from "The A-Team!  Course, as you should know that very same Actor, "Dirk Benedict" had starred in this original Si-fi series of Battlestar Galactic has Lt Starbuck!

* And oh boy guys!  Way back then, could that Actor, seriously put this young girl in a little world of her own because like I said...  Way back then was I ALWAYS and I do mean always, was into Blondes with blues eyes and had to have a lovely smile of course!

* So, yes! You could say that "Dirk Benedict" sure got to this little old me, way back then, in the 70's like since now I see myself sort have being taken... Because of how I truly felt for a certain person a long time ago, but who also, lives in America now...  And who doesn't really know of why I love them so much!!! Thank God, that's all I'm going to say!

* But,really I sure would like to know that what those two well-known Actors, that starred in that original Si-fi series of Battlestar Galactic "Richard Hatch" that played Apollo and "Dirk Benedict" that played Lt Starbuck would think if they happen to come across my Web-site and see this picture that I've drawn of both of them!!!

* And once again viewers, the remake version or should I really say that up-dated version of that Si-fi series Battlestar Galactic is totally Rubbish in my opinion or even Crap!

* And I'm sure not joking on that either!!!   That up-dated vision of that original TV Si-fi series from the 70's called Battlestar Galactic shouldn't have even been shown!  As, you can NEVER beat any ORIGINALS... Which this picture that I've drawn from! Well that is the two main characters from it back then!

Message to all!!!

* never guess what guys, out there!  I've recently wanted to see how these two Actors "Richard Hatch" and "Dirk Benedict" are like these days now that they are much, much older...  And boy!  Was I in complete shock lets say course, after going onto (Google) to type in these two Actors names that I once truly liked at a very younger age of seventeen, well for one I couldn't hardly recognized the Actor that had played Apollo in that old TV Si-fi series of Battlestar Galactica in the 70's.

* And why! You may say well the Actor "Richard Hatch" as got slightly fatter around his face - not forgetting he's slightly bigger!  Sorry for saying this, but boy!  You are!  You've become nearly someone that I've hardly recognized.

 * As for "Dirk Benedict" that played Lt Starbuck, well because I have been recently watching the old series from The A Team which, at times, on this certain channel on Cable - 277 I have seen "Dirk Benedict" appear occasionally, to introduce that series of The A Team is back!!!

And boy!  He hasn't changed...  Okay!  He may be older like the rest of us, but he sure still looks blooming GOOD! But, like I said somewhere above, it's just it's a shame that the Actor, "Richard Hatch" that starred in the original Battlestar Galactic as Apollo really turn out the way he as!       

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