Wednesday 5 November 2014

Shakin Stevens


* Ok guys! You could say, I liked "Shaken Stevens" and probably still do, in small amounts especially, whenever I hear his songs, "Merry Christmas Everyone" as I tend to go a little Nuts or Wild not to mention, crazy should I say, by singing that track along with "Mariah Carey" Christmas song, "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMATMAS!

* Course, guys, don't laugh!  But this fucking "NUT-CASE" which, to be perfectly frank, does see herself has, because I see myself as more as a Geordie girl, then, rather looking more like fucking MARFIA, meaning, of course, looking more like my mum who's Italian, which, I had always felt so sorry for my Dad before he had died!!!

* Anyway, getting back to our loveable "SHAKEN STEVENS" because, every single blooming time I hear "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE" as well as the original Christmas song from "Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas is YOU!!!   Well, let's just say this Wild Chick just can't help herself singing away to those two tunes!

* And guys, that's no joke either!  I always seem to go complete NUTS when I hear those TWO tunes...   And if you guys, want to know something else, about yours truly, well whenever I seem to hear "Mariah's Song "All I want for Christmas is YOU!  Well, yours truly, always seem to end up singing, "is YOU Luke Wilson! 

* Hope all you viewers out there though, understand WHY I always have to end up singing that song with "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU LUKE WILSON!!! 

Because, I just love to DREAM - what if that truly happened to me???  hey!  Course, that's what I think I would so love to happen to ME!

* See guys!  I told you I always seem to go COMPLETE WILD-LIKE whenever she hears these TWO songs!

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