Sunday 3 September 2023

Dedicated to you Ronan Keating



First of all!  Like I said above...  This picture that I had drawn, was especially, for you Roan, being maybe the closes to Stephen Gateley

And secondly!  Just  to let you guys know out there, if none of you didn't know already!  Both Roan Keating and Stephen Gateley were in an Irish band, called Boyzone created in 1993 by a talent Manager, Louis Walsh!

 Now, before even recrding any material, it had seen Boyzone had seem to have made an appearance on RTE'S The late, late show!  The most successful line-up was composed by Keith Duff, Stephen Gateley, Mikey Graham, Shane Lynch and finally, Roan Keating.

 Only, it was a shame that they had split in 1999, even though, this well-known group that a lot of us had so loved had made a comeback in 2007!  But who had also, sadly heard later on that, that talented young singer, as he so was, "Stephen Gateley" had unfortunately, passed away, from natural causes on the October 10th 2009 while on holiday.

 So, wherever all you guys, maybe, from Boyzone!  Well I'm sure Stephen Gateley is still always going to be with you, not just in your hearts!  But being in Heaven, with all the other Angels...  Well I'm sure he's looking down upon all you guys, with that lovely smile of his!  
But, more so!  This is for you, Roan Keating!     

                             WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU 

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