Wednesday 22 April 2015

Tony Hadley and Bonnie Tyler


Hi yeah guy! When I was slightly younger, I was always listening too, "SPNNDAU-BALLET" and "Bonnie Tyler" well, let's just say, those two were just the few of the many Artist's that I had always liked! I think I probably liked "Spandau-Ballet," because I really had a soft spot for the Leader Singer, "Tony Hadley." But saying that, I think that most of us girl's, had a soft spot for him and who could blame us? "Hey! As for "Bonnie Tyler," well, there was always something about her songs that I had lked, especially, "Total Eclipes Of The Heart," "Have You Evewr Seen The Rain," "Faster Of The Speed Of Night," "It's A Heartache," and maybe "Holding Out For A Hero!

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