Wednesday 22 April 2015

Richard Pryor In "Stir Crazy" saying, over and over again, "PILLOW," "PILLOW."


The reason of why I done this picture from that very well-known film called "Stir Crazy" which you guys must I heard of is that every single blooming time I always saw this film not to mention where I saw Richard Pryor trying so very desprately to get on that dam bed that you see saying, "Pillow! "Pillow! Over and over-like because of those guards had them all working constantly without a break could not help thinking how funny he is! I mean come on guys, you must know what I talking about? If not, well all I can say is you're MAD not to think the same. Cos, I'm telling you every single time I see Richard Pryor saying that well he always cracks me up!