Wednesday 22 April 2015

Dad and Me


* "Yes guys! This was me when I was a little girl, when I was five years old in a photo-booth, which, first of all, the reason of why, you guys can see ME with my eyes shut, is that I didn't like those feckin' flashes that would you would always have, so, that it would take your Photo!  As I was in some where in Birmingham where this was took, because around then, I had always had to go in and out of hospitals for certain tests, which I always hated as a child!  But that's besides the point, because, like kids these days, I to had liked to go on rides, but back then, I just got to tell you, those sort of rides were a lot better then the rides, that you do see around Town now.

* Cos, what would you say, if I told you that way back then, there was a ride that was sharped as a Dalek from the the old series, of "Doctor Who," which, was fairly big! And even though, I never seem to like them in the series, couldn't help myself from asking my dad, "If I could go in it, with him?"  But, cos there was only room for one, and I do mean (1) well, after my dad said, "Yes Sandy! "You can go in, while I'II wait out here for you," drawn the curtain!  Which after doing so, and then my dad put the coin in, well, no sooner then it says, "EXTERMINATE," then this girl shot straight out from that ride, that you would NOT BELIEVE!  " And guys!  It wasn't funny, even though, my dad had ended up laughing so much!

* Cos, I have got a pretty good imagine of what all of you guys must be thinking right now, after reading this! I mean, thinking of this fool, when she was only a young girl, age of five, dashed straight out of that ride that really looked like a bloomin' DalekAnd it was a very tall thing, back then, NOT one of those silly ridiculous rides, you do see again, in Town these days!  Cos, if anyone of you guys could just imagine the ride that I went on back in my very early years, well, once again, compare to that, those very small rides in Town now, are really truly fuckin' CRAP!  And that's no joke, either!

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