Wednesday 28 October 2015

Two Little Boys


* Which by the way, "Uncle Jimmy" this picture is also, dedicated to YOU my darling, you!!!

* Well to everyone out there that may be looking onto my Web-site now, this picture that I've drawn of these two likely lads and yes! Guys! Even the little one!

* The little one with the lovely blonde hair is most definitely a little laddie in what we Geordie's call a little Boy then thinking it's a girl!  And how do I know of this, well you could say that when I found this photograph I asked my Dad at first, "who the blooming hell was the young lad by that baby girl?  Course, and wait for it guys! But then, I said, to my Dad "course, boy I think I could well have a crush on him!  Even though he seemed like a young lad you also have got to remember that then, I also was very young...

* So, anyway, after my Dad looked at this photo with a smile, he immediately looked at me and said, "Oh Sandy! "What are you like," course then he told me "that you can't have a crush on this little lad or even fancy him, because this was ME when I was only 9 years old!  Which you can just imagine the look on my face then, when he told me of this! Then, to top it up all, I then asked my Dad, "well who's the little GIRL with you then?"
Which once again he not only smiled but he also got a little laugh because he then added, "IT'S NOT A LITTLE GIRL Sandy, it's your Uncle Jimmy!

* Which back then didn't realise that my Dad even had a brother who may I add really do LOVE  so very much, course every time I see him reminds me of who I will always love even now, but as you know Uncle, if you are looking onto my Web-site, I really totally MISS my Dad so very much! As you should know that, course it was only him and him ALONE that had made me feel constantly LOVED, with showing signs of AFFECTION!

* Sorry for the time you and Aunty came, but really I did felt that my entire world was falling apart! Okay Uncle!

So this is especially for YOU my darling Geordie-boy!

Love Dad's little Dazzlepops which he had also, told me he was also, Nick-named himself when I was at a younger age from your very beautiful Ma!  My Nan "Emily Dazley!  okay! xxx