Thursday 30 August 2018

"What's up Huggy?"


Hiyeah all you guys out there!  As you can see, I've drawn "Starsky and Hutch"  yet again, only this time, I've drawn them with their flamboyant bad-boy "Huggy-Bear" who was played by "Antonio Fargas," who at times, always got their inside information about what they wanted to know.  As well as, if you guys can remember their Capt. Harold Dobey...  Short for "Capt. Dobey!   But, for who isn't on this picture along with the guys, which you guys can perfectly see!

 * Now, if hadn't mentioned it before, well this series was about David Starsky teaming up or should I put it in another word, who he partnered up with...  Which was a more intellectual partner named, "Kenneth 'Hutch' Hutchinson" to protect citizens and patrol the Streets of Bay City.

 * Now, this series was based in American as well as you might have gathered it was an action television series...  Which, consisted of a 70 - minute pilot movie as well as, there were 92 episodes!

 * The first ever series, which as you guys, should know was the Original was set on the 30th April 1975.  Which, back then, this young girl, was only seven years old!  And guys!  If you're thinking of saying to yourself, "Bloody hell man!  "Is she that old?  "Well, yes guys!  "I am now, the big 50!!!

 * But, like I probably said this before, I maybe that age, but, because, I'm definitely like my dad, who had came from Courty Durham, well, I don't look it! Ha! Ha! Ha!

* Anyway, getting back to really this old, but what was the Original series, of one of my favourite Series, "Starsky and Hutch!  As, that was what it was you know guy!  One of my old time series, that I had always liked to watch on either Friday Night around 9pm on BBC1 or on Saturdays, same time.

* Sadly though, this series ended on the 15th May 1979.

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