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To everyone out there that may or may not want to read this, this is all based upon a true true story!  

Only some names as been changed, for good reason!  

 Though, what I will say, is!  And I will mention it in this article!  Is that, these nasty, nasty people, plus their spoilt little Brat of a son, who I would call a Oman Child lives down at South crest, in Lilac Close!

With one OLD WITCH! plus, her most vile, EVIL DEMON of a HUSBAND!

Which, if you really want to know, their true names, wsure will be! re will be! And if it isn't on thereell just go onto my Autobiography... Which you would just have to click onto! And if it isn't on there already! Well, let me tell you now, it

                                                         if you don't see it already! Well, let me tell you now, it will                                                            be!  Oh yes!  It sure will be!

Now to everyone out there! What would you all think to yourselves if I actually, told you that in 2008, my older sister had decided to leave me well out from my fathers funeral car?  By first, telling their mother, while giving me, such an evil look, "Oh! Sandy can walk up to the church with Uncle when and Aunty comes down! "Hey! As, well as, totally ignoring me throughout, our fathers ceremony from beginning till the very end! The Bitch!

Which, included not really allowing me to sit in front of the isle with them, when they all entered the church! Course, of how I was sat in the second row with my uncle and aunt! Though, what I can't understand was, why didn't my very evil sister Edna, which may I add, will find out her real name, in my Autobiography! Or it could have been my vile, repulsive brother-in-law, had allowed a complete stranger to sit with them! Then, allowing me to sit with themselves in the front row! That Barstard!

 Now, through all of this, let me all tell you how, the rest of my family had noticed all this, because of how they showed signs, that they were totally disguised by the way, Edna and her husband were treating me!  Though, the only person, in my family that had showed some compassion and comfort to me, was one of my five cousins!  And their family, her name is Angela! She was the oldest, from one of the five cousins!

Because, of how even after the service, that my only sister wouldn't really allow me in the family funeral car. Yet, she had allowed her fucking husband, plus she was holding their spoil little brat, of a son, even though, way, back then, he was two years of age, in the long black car of that funeral car! Which, was what I didn't get was, why, on earth didn't Edna's husband go in his own vehicle with a baby's seat at the back of it, and drive his car to the cemetery and back, taking their spoil little brat, along?

Then, rather thinking, 'I'm family! But, what I say to all of yeah, out there is, 'what does he mean, 'I'm family! Course, to me, he's no way, what I call family! Because, family is only, means, me and Edna not forgetting our mum! 'The Mafia,' as my beloved dad had always made out to me, allowing me to carry on, on his behalf! Ha! Ha! Ha! Course, Damion is only married to what I call, now, an old Hag! Or 'An old Witch' as she certainly looks like one! Not forgetting, most of all, a BITCH!


Anyway, after a long period of time, my mother, who by the way, had always called, a Mafia, was diagnosed of having the first stage of Dementia which, as you know would only get worst for anyone that had it! Which, was when both Edna, Sandy's, sister wouldn't be at all surprised had turned against me since she probably married a right old control freak which he is, named of, "Damion! Mr Damion Demon would you believe! As, well as himself, had took upon themselves to finally take the mother to live with them! 

But, to all of yeah, out there, this is where I would say, the interesting bit was where it came to after showing a original photo of where my mum and was courting to who used to be one of my so-call helpers, well, after asking them, if they would take me to their house, that was down Lilac Close, way, to just really put her mind to rest of rethinking that my nasty vile brother-in-law, had truly gone into my Bedroom!

Which, had showed how nasty my sister had become, if all of you out there see my point!  Though, what was so worse, was to find out that just before they had took the mother to live with them, well, each day after I had came back from Town, they had all made me feel like I wasn't suppose to be living there, which left poor me feeling like the only place to go, was to my own bedroom, leaving me crying still over my dad! 

Or would you believe because, of really how they were all acting towards me so cruelty, had made me felt, I didn't want to go into my own home, but, also, wait outside, until, they had all drove away in his big Red vehicle, which, I'm sadly to say, was mostly very late at night


Yet, even though, how my sister and brother-in-law had really made me feel, would you believe even their Omen Child, also named Damion after his father, but whose full name was, 'Damion Edward Vincent Ivan Lenard had started to act nasty towards on me! But, viewers, out there, that is all my sense of humour, being like my dad and all! 

Because, one Sunday when I had decided to come back home slightly earlier then, usual well that evil child had said to his mother, my sister, while he had saw me opening the door to my home, "what is she doing here?"  Which, all she said was, "just ignore her Damion," "just ignore her," while at the same time, had given me a most evil look! 


I mean, come on Readers!  Would anyone of you had first, allowed your child to say anything like that?  And then, simply just say, "ignore her twice, which, even yourselves would give a evil look?  Hey! I don't think so!  For all I could think of was, she must have really grown to hate her me, since she had married that Control Freak, like Damion! "Damion Demon" now, would yeah! As, well as himself, had took it upon himself to finally take our mother to live with them.


Which, brings me to also, tell you all of what of those evil pair of BARSTARDS had done next, course, even though, he thought, he was definitely okay to just keep wandered in first, in and out of my home of taking things, he even thought, he could just go in my own Bedroom, for stealing things, which once again, that was what he was about to! Well, what would would all of you out there think if he had also, kept wandering into my own Bedroom to go through my personal things? Hey! Because, that's what he had done!

But, also, what I don't understand is, why on earth, didn't Edna whose six older then, myself could really live with herself, for allowing her husband, Damion, for not just do this, to me, but, who at the start of this matter, knock one of my Teddy-Bears onto the floor so awkwardly. So, that I would probably take that a particular photo out from where I had hidden it, so he could take it from the room, then after putting it back by leaving it on the floor sticking out in-between these two wardrobes, that I had placed in the middle, showing that someone as been in! Course, once again, that was what he had done!

Which, by the way, had never happened before, since I had placed it in there, has it been lodged between it, since the moment I had noticed it was moved by him! But, that doesn't mean to say that when I had removed that photograph, beforehand, from the frame, that I left without the original photo... As, I can tell yeah, even though they didn't seem to act or be nasty towards me, something had told me they were going to do something bad! So, what I had done once again, was that just before I had this strange feeling that those none inexistent B******s, had done or acted towards me was, had that original photo, photocopied, then, placed it back into the frame!

Only, what I can tell yeah, all was, at first, when I had first came to see my mother with yet another helper, who had stayed in the car while I went into their house that I would call, like a "Norman Bates Motel" if I hadn't mentioned! Or, if anyone of yeah, saw it, the film, from Stephen King called, "Salem's Lot" Evil House!!! Because, of the way they had seriously, treated me! Which, I even after getting the Police involved, but may I had didn't help, because, the way, Damion, my brother-in-law had thought, it was way okay, to just keep going in and out of my home, while knowing I was up Town!

Which, once again, you Readers, what does all that tell yeah? Hey! As, it tells you someone must have definitely been into my own Bedroom, to find it! But, my question is again, "how on earth, did he, that nasty evil B****** had known where to look there? Or in plain English, "how did that sodden Creep knew exactly where it was??

My theory is, it had to be my Nasty Evil and may I say, my evil, vile Brother-in-law, Damion, yet, again, course of truly knowing so much in fixing as well as, working with Computers-like!

Because, what I also, think is, is that my creep of a brother-in-law must have seriously, placed a small micro or mini camera, somewhere in my Bedroom, to know where to finally look for it! Or anywhere else, for that matter! Because, of thinking back to where I mentioned, how he had allowed himself to first go in and out from my home, beforehand, to take and retake more stuff from my home, while knowing full well I wasn't going to be there, but up Town!

Anyway, while now our mother living with them now, my sister had probably told her husband to keep going down to the house, while knowing full well, I weren't going to be in, as well as, not notifying me, beforehand, to take stuff from my home!  Which is not only BREAKING AN ENTIRTY, but also, STEALING because, again, of it was not notifying me of what they were going to do! 

Which, I still can't believe it because that's not just disgusting but, how I don't know how my own sister who's six years older then herself, could and really truly live with herself, to allow her husband, Damion to probably first knock down one of my Teddy-bears onto the the floor so awkwardly, so I could probably take a particular Photo out from where I had hidden it...  Which, I had, course, it was what happened the following day or two, which would also, alarm you, if you were in my shoes! 




And this is the interesting bit comes into it, after showing the original photo first to one of my helpers, and then, who then, drove her down to their creepy house, pretending see her mother, well, they being her sister and brother-in-law had showed their true colours...  In other words Readers, after my evil sister made out that she couldn't really remember where she had put that photocopy of that original photo, that at one time with yet, another helper had drove me to their house!  

But, who had at the time, stayed in their car while I just nipped in their house to see her mother, which was when she knew it was a photocopy and not her original photo that she had done for her dad when she was so young that they took when after asking Edna while she showed me where their mother was sleeping, just was showing, "have you their front-room got any pictures of mum and dad?  


Anyway, while I went into their crummy horrible house, down at Lilac Close, leaving my helper, back then, called Abbie in their car, well, after seeing my mother, had asked Edna, "would it be okay to if I could see where our mum is sleeping, so it would put my mind to rest? Which, way back then, she was absolutely fine in showing me where our mum had slept! In other words, it was their front-room, that looked a right mess...

Well after asking Edna, "have you got any photos of dad? Which, was when she replied, "the things that we took from the house is in those three white bags, in the far corner underneath that curtain!  Well, lets just say, when it came to the other younger helper, name of Emily, well, to cut my story short, this time my evil sister, Edna had really acted, like a bloody drama queen, by acting like she didn't know where those very same photos were!

As, she didn't want to show that photo to me or her Emily, but, thought was the original because she then, knelt down, pretending to flaming cry then, telling her nasty husband, "oh, please Damion, can you get her out of here!  Which, was when, in front of my helper, had THREATEN ME! And yes! I do mean, YOURS TRULY!

By shouting at me, "GET OUT! GET OUT! AND DON'T TOUCH MY WIFE! While pointing his horrible bony finger right in front my face, as if he was going to really hit me, but in front of my young helper Emily, who told me later on, that, she doesn't seem to normally get really Scared-like, after shortly seeing my nasty brother-in-law trying to look-like he was really going to strike me, across my face!  


But, what I keep on saying now, is, "What comes around, goes around! And it will stay with them forever, including their small evil Brat, of a son, who because of how his parents were towards me, had called, the little bugger, their evil Satan son! Who, by now, would be roughly in his teens! But, what I l told them, all is that they will all go to hell!

But, which later on, had discovered that he must have took even some of my things as well, as probably going up into the Attic and either taking things or throwing some of my things that had once belong to me, as a young girl away!

So, I bloody hope in their future, my evil, old, twisted sister and her Evil, Control Freak of her Husband, plus that "Omen child" of theirs,, will all slowly, suffer so painfully and Rot! Course, what they've done to me, will all come flooding back to them...

Because, as everyone knows, "WHAT KAMA GOES AROUND," "WILL ALL COME BACK TO THEM ALL! So, I hope bloody does!  As well as, I sure hope something happens, to their Barstard "Omen Son" that I wouldn't be surprise now, goes to our old High School, that used to be called, "The Abbey High!   So, Yes!  I really do hope for what they done and treated me those many years ago, will all SUFFER, PAINFULLY AND SLOWLY!

 **Though, what I can tell you out there is, that nasty, evil and should I now say, who is very DECREPIT, OLD HAG and who's a VILE, REPULSIVE WITCH of who was once a sister of mine...  Not forgetting though, thought, she now turned into a "ANCIENT" and "PRESHISTORIC," "OLD HAG," that as no "SOUL OR FEELINGS" for others!  

 But, would you believe that once upon a time, even my beloved dad had kept on saying, over and over...  "I can't bloody believe, that Edna had ruined her entitle life, by marrying Damien,"  "As she should have stayed with MARK! 

 Now, "MARK" was her previous boyfriend that as always, totally blamed it was all his fault, before she broke up with him!  Which, everyone should know, it takes two for in a relationship to work!    Not, always blame the fella!  Which, Edna had always done!

But really, of how she had truly allowed that fucking DIRTY CREEP of her husband, who was also, a total "CONTROL FREAK" to take over "HER MIND AND SOUL"  was sick!  Which, of course meant, she turned against her "FLESH AND BLOOD" which was her "only sister," Sandy, that she was once close two, while being younger and before, bloody ending up with that piece of "Trash!  Which he most certainly is!  As well as, THEIR VERY EVIL, EVIL SON, "THE OMEN CHILD" that by now, must be well in his mid-teens!  

 Even after taking that bloody hideous "old Mafia" away, which I'm referring to my mum that "thank god had now died!  Who, to be perfectly frank, never, never loved in my entitle life, because of half of the time she had treated both me and my beloved dad, so horrible, who I really loved so much.  And still do!  Course, I believed we had a special Bond!  

**Still couldn't believe that, that DECREPIT, OLD HAG, as well as, whose ANICENT and PERSHISTIC (dead Sister), Edna, as she is to me now, had really allowed that piece of scum-bag, as well as, who's "TRASH" of her husband, to keep going in and out of my home, while knowing I was out, each and every morning!


**But what was really so worst viewers!  Was my EVIL and who's gone "BITTER" AND VERY "TWISTED," sister, since marrying that bloody CREEP, had allowed him to even take all my CHILD-HOOD TOYS.  

As in like ALL MY CHILD-HOOD MEMORIES, that I once had!  The fucking BARSTARDS!  But at least I know, like everyone would, "WHAT KAMA COME," "IT WILL IT GO BACK ON THEM ALL!  


Which, I'm bloody sure, they will!

Course, of just recently, I discovered that what I thought I had in my Attic, that was like a spare room, and which I also thought, was full of those things of what I had as a young child, from my parents was ALL COMPLETELY GONE!  

Which I really love to know how all you guys, must think???   

 And as I always felt that all I wanted was my dad and my dad only, course, my dad was my world and my life.  And even though, my beloved dad, may not be here, no more now, doesn't stop this bonny-girl as my dad had always refers me two, course, of coming from South Shield, Country Durham of course!  Because, I still feel that my dad is definitely watching over me!  In other words, like he's still looking after me.  

 Which makes me feel so happy in myself and safe, course of feeling that I'm still so loved by someone, because it was my dad that told me to enjoy my life.  Course, of knowing full well, I can't see myself with someone, in a romantic way!  Just no way!  Course, of thinking I'm to old now, as well as, I wouldn't be interested in any guys, that's either married, separated that as any Baggages on the line!   Which, these days, they all are!        


**Though, viewers!  if I haven't mention it already, well that very Evil, decrepit, old sister that must have turn "BITTER and TWISTED" since she married that fucking Barstard, that's not only a "CONTROL FREAK" but also, who's a "CREEP!  

**  Now, probably lives in one of those new houses, behind all those smaller shops where if you guys had wanted to go to either, "Iceland," "Home Bargains" or that big "PoundStretchers."  But which if it wasn't winter, well, those houses would be truly hidden by those loads of trees that's around it!  

 Only, why, you may ask if this was my sister!  Well, once, while I was just sitting minding my own business in that new "Costas" at the far end of those smaller shops, well, who should I suddenly see, peeping around their corner of the window, from the outside, while it was raining??  But, none-other Edna, the very "Evil Witch" on her phone, but watching me with a evil glare!  And as I knew it was her!   Well, like I said, you would know your own sister for first!  And secondly, she as no eyebrows, but a black pencil liner around it! 

 So, just PLEASE, PLEASE JUST BEWARE OF YOURSELEVES, course who knows you may come across someone that as thin long Black straggly hair...  Or who knows, they might have cut it, but who as NO EYEBROWS, but who as PENCIL THEM IN with maybe a lad hanging around them, probably with darker hair now

Because, that very GROWSOME, EVIL CHILD of theirs, is definitely an OMEN!  Course, if it shot out from her, those many years ago, by her "Control Freak" Husband, that back then, use to work at "St Steven's House," which is a Computer Firm with probably certain Departments, inside it, opposite a Chinese Restaurant...    Which, I don't know if that is still open now!

But, by god!  The Building of "St Steven's House" no one can miss it, course, it's also opposite to "The Old Redditch Hospital! 

Well, by god! That child of theirs must be a very a total hundred per-cent "Evil," "Evil and Evil Child, which if he's anything like his parents...  "Is a DEMON!  

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