Monday 23 September 2019

The Crazy Crazy Impractical Jokers



Hi viewers out there!  As you can see I've DARE MYSELF to draw these extremely funny guys, once again, that always dare to do the much STUPID THINGS you would not believe!

Only, I will tell yeah sumat guys, "even though, I've recently really, WATCH THIS FAB SERIES of yours, who all grew-up together as best friends from school...  The one that as now, seriously made me NOT ONLY think he's really NICE, but who is more fucking FUNNIER then, the rest of yeah is, SAL!  And there is a good reason why!

But, first, I had thought "James S Murray" as in (Murr) was funnier then the rest of you!  But no sooner then, this girl kept on watching Sal blooming LAUGHING his head off, then, always ending up FALLING OVER like a flaming idiot!  Well I'm sorry to say that, Sal is MORE HARIOUS then the rest of you, put together!!!

Especially, if you viewers that watch this programme of theirs as always seen Sal running away from someone that is only and I do mean, ONLY in a BLACK CATS costume!  Course, eve though, Sal may dislike any fucking Cats...  Well, come on viewers!  If anyone sees someone in any sort of COSTUME, well, you wouldn't really RUN AWAY, like Sal does, now would you viewers??? 

Course, seriously man! That's really FUNNY seeing Sal jumping out of his skin, when he ALWAYS sees that same BLACK CAT chasing after him!  Which, is only, someone in a flaming BLACK CAT costume once again!

And, even though, I also, had find Joe funny!  Course of the way he first keeps shouting LARRY!  LARRY!  Over and over, well once again, just seeing SAL CRACKING UP as he does, make this GIRL JOIN IN!      

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