Monday 23 September 2019

Sal from IMPRACTICAL JOKERS laughing his head off over Murr! What the fuck! Then, normally, FALLING OVER!




Oh Sal!  Boy!  If you are fucking looking at this one especially, as it's yourself, " like I've just said, but this is coming from myself...  Well, the thing is, " WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?  HEY!

Course, the first blooming time, I saw you guys, daring to do stupid things recently course, I didn't exactly watch you guys from the beginning of your series, well, every fucking time I see you cracking-up as you do, then ending up falling down crying with laugher,  well, YOU JUST KILL ME!  As, in Sal I'm just like yeah!  LAUGHING! 

Which, I've got to tell yeah, I think I love yeah Sal!  Course, I actually think your f***king CRACKERS, like myself!!!

As, I truly crack up so much! that I feel like saying, "IF YOU CARRY ON as you do Sal, well boy!  I think I need a very big POTTY to be standing by!!!  Because, oh boy!  You and me are just alike dude!  Do you know that Sal!!!  That's always fucking LAUGHING at  bloody anything.
Only, I don't fall down crying with LAUGHTER, ever time, as YOU DO!!!  But, you are FUNNY!

And I've got to admit, your NOT just my favourite from all of you guys, even though, I do like Murr, but your the BEST from all four of YEAH!

**  So, now over to all you guys out there, hope you like this ONE?  Course, really who fucking wouldn't!!!  I mean, if YOU guys, like "IMPRACTICAL JOKERS"  well, really who wouldn't LAUGH to what "Murray" as in "James S Murray" would have to do!   Like bare his weenie ASS to who knows, everyone that's around him, and then, behind the sense after seeing the others laughing...

** Though, if you guys out there, really wanna know, my best one from them all was where you see ALL three guys asking poor "Murray" that time to go straight into an Art Class that was full of  Students, as their Model!  But after seeing "Murray" entering this class, wearing a white robe, you then see, "Murray" slowly taking the robe OFF, but quickly put both hands on his weenie little DICKIE!!!  But, then, seeing all the guys, had tried so desperately to get "Murray" to remove both his hands!!!

So, if you guys, can ever remember that part, you will then, end up seeing, "Q," "Joe"as well as "Sal" told "Murray" to pose differently...  Which, in the end "Sal" had told "Murray" to do a flaming KICK!!!  Like if a FOOTBALLER had scored a blooming GOAL!!!  Or really asking "Murray" to just think that "you'll on one of those ROLLERCOASTER RIDES, that after going UP slowly, the ride that everyone's on, goes straight down as fast making everybody scream as well as automatically RISE everyone's hands in the AIR!  

Now, do any of yeah, blooming REMEMEBER that???

** Well, come on you can't help simply joining in, to all the rest of the guys, "Joe," "Q" as in "Brian Quinn" and last of all, flipping SAL who once again, always falls over when he laughs at anything?  As, you can see above! Now, can you viewers???

** But, blooming hell viewers!  Do yeah all wanna know sumat else? hey!

Well, ever since I've been watching this Fab series of  "Impractical Jokes" this girl has slowly mind yeah, been slowly liking "Sal Vulcano," as in really, really liking him, because first, he's not only somehow flaming reminds me of myself!  Because, of always and I do mean, ALWAYS finding every blooming thing so hilarious funny!!! 

But, I do think he's absolutely nicer, from those others put together!  So, if you guys, are seeing this, well, sorry Q, Joe and Murray, but Sal always seems to crack me up so, much then maybe all of yeah three put together...  Even though, you guys also, make me blooming laugh! It's always flipping Sal that does it!

** But secondly viewers!  As you probably may have gathered, I see myself now, already so in LOVE with someone, (and before anyone of you say or think this, it's certainly not affection, as I once had with any Actors, from any old TV series that I may have really liked).  "No! as this is the real deal, with that extremely gorgeous Actor, "LUKE WILSON! 

The only thing is viewers! If it weren't for a so-call person that I knew that many years ago, well, brother!  I wouldn't be truly and utterly in LOVE and I do mean that I'm in LOVE right now, with my guy, "Luke Wilson!

Course, it's the way that Actor, "Luke Wilson" really, really looks at someone he may truly like in a big way, in most of his films that he's done though, with those so adorable sexy big brown eyes not forgetting mind yeah, he as certainly got the most sexiest smile, I've ever known a person to really have!!!  So, HELLO!!!

"I've gone yet again guys, course of flaming mentioning my sexy, "Luke Wilson" while telling yeah that "Sal Vulcano" from "Impractical Jokers" is slowly creeping up on me! :-) x


Only, guys!  Could all of yeah just imagine, that is, if my one and only, biggest DREAM of ever meeting my gorgeous "LUKE WILSON" would happen to little old ME?  Well, could yeah!!!
Because, I can tell yeah all now, even though, that would truly be a wonderful DREAM to happen, to me, if it could...  Well, being really SHY when it comes to my "LUKE WILSON" wouldn't either stop me from turning my head slightly to one side with a bashful smile upon her face, as I probably would have, if it was another! 

Only, I will never stop in hoping that some day, that what if and only, if my one and only DREAM of ever meeting my GORGEOUS BROWN EYES  "LUKE WILSON" could ever possibly come true for ME???

As, that is definitely sumat for me that I will never forget, if it could truly happen for me!!!

Because, once again viewers!  I just like to say, "LUKE WILSON" seems far, far better then anyone else, around here!  As, well as he wouldn't know of why, I'm truly in LOVE with him in the first place!!!

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