Monday 25 March 2019



Well, hiyeah guys!

As you can see this is a drawing that I've done of the late great Actor, "Michael Elphick" before, starring in "Mindbenders," which of course, is one of the soaps that I think many of you love to watch called, "EASTENDERS!  "Mindbenders" is just a nickname that I've made up...  Course, even though, I've always used to watch "EastEnders when it first started back in the 80's, that is, personally, I think now, it's got down hill!  Meaning of course, guys, I think that is, it's a load of fucking RUBBISH!!!

Sorry!  But frankly, it's true!  They had ruined it, after a lot of the characters like, "Dirty Den" and alcoholic wife, "Angie" as well as, Michelle Fowler and the most flaming stupid Lofty, along with taking some of the others out, to refresh the soap with other new faces!

But anyway, getting back to this very popular TV show that was, first appeared on our screens in 1986 till 1995...  As it was about an Ex -Fireman Ken Boon which was "Michael Elphicks" Character, in the series, service and Advertised in the Local Paper with the words 'ANYTHING LEGAL CONSIDERED!

And finds himself taking on Variety of Jobs with the help from his Ex Colleague Harry that was played by the Actor, "David Drake

But, as you can see, Ken Boon hired a Motorbike Mad "Rocky Cassidy" who was played by the very young "Neil Morrissey," who later on, played along side, "Martin Clunes" in the sitcom series, "Men Behaving Badly!

But, getting back again, to this, "Neil Morrissey" played Kens' side kick, which, I've got to tell yeah all, way back then, this blooming girl had a really massive Crush on Neil's Character, Rocky!!!  In other words guys, out there, boy!  Did this girl flaming fanced the Dicking's out of "Neil Morrissey" Character, Rocky Cassidy back then!  And that's no joke either! 

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