Monday 25 March 2019

Some Kind 0f Wonderful



Well guys, before telling yeah all of what one of these so-call many Films, that I personally always loved to watch as a young teenager, those many years ago, was that as you can see from the drawing that I've done from that Print-out, that's also above, is that I'm really a truly an old fashion romantic!

Which, is a very sad shame these days now, course, there's so many guys, that spoil my old DREAM of thinking to herself back then, of what would have been liked to image SOMEONE SPECIAL maybe, of liking me for whom I am then just wanting one thing and ONE thing only!

Me!  Well, after seeing this film, well, I always keep saying to myself, "Aww!  Course, of seeing this part from the Film called "Some Kind Of Wonderful" and Why?  Well, come on guys, you must know why, by now, of  the reason why I love this part!  It's because I had always used to dream away, of what would it be like to first, meet that Someone so special, and to be finally Kiss by them!  Course, even though, I'm much older now, I'm still like that young girl, as I once was, Dreaming away, whilst this time, if you see me around, listening to her Music on her MP-3 Player...

Which, I've called it My "I Poddy Waddy" after my old time favourite group, "ShowaddyWaddy" dreaming away, like I use two, those many, many years ago, of what would it be like to be KISS like that, by someone who I could eventually fallen head over heels in LOVE with?

But, because in my past now, while working in a fashion shop those blooming idiots that worked there, after my Manager had to leave, had played upon my Emotions, just so I would actually I would end up falling in love with a Certain person that also worked there...

Which, of course, it worked but, do you know wanna know something, that so-call person had turn out to be one of those many out there, that just like to go around and Shag!  As he's now got loads and loads of Sex-Objects from different girls that he went around with while not being with his so-call ON and OFF relationship back then!  But, course, she had thought I was after him, which I weren't!  That Enormous Fat Bimbo as she is, had played a dirty Game by getting herself up the dove!  In other terms guys that (Fat Creature from the Bottomless Pit), got herself pregnant...  Which, guys, we all knew she only wanted to blooming trap that guy down then!!!

As, for me though, well, Okay!  Maybe I had those feelings for him, because of how they at work, had all played with my feelings.  But, now, guys, do you know something, if I hadn't truly met that so-call person from work, I wouldn't now be totally SMITTEN  with that Gorgeous Sexy Actor, name of, "Luke Wilson!!!!  And Why?  Well, guys, that so-call person, who I really loved for now, 12 and a half years, well, it's actually 13 this year, had boy! Bloody resembled that very Sexy Actor, "Luke Wilson!  Only, in my opinion guys, if any of you out there are reading this, that Actor, "Luke Wilson" is more nicer than that person, who once upon a time, knew through that Work!

Course, guys, if you ever heard of DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE, which I'm sure you have, well that so-call PERSON, who I once knew and which the rest of those miniature Twats that also, worked there had played with my Emotions so I would fall for that guy, was just like "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" - has the guy, was mostly a nasty piece of work...  Only, to myself that is! But, to me, he really showed his true Colours!!!

So, Guys, if you ever come across some in his early 30's looking slightly Fatter, NOT slightly Board as I properly would have once put him in, course of these feelings I had so deeply for him! Course, that's HIM!!!  But, like I said guys, if it really hadn't been for meeting him, then, I wouldn't have known about that Sexy Actor, "Luke Wilson" and what a guy he is!!!

** But, guys, getting back to one of this old 80's Films' that I was so into, because that was just one of my main Favourite Films, that I truly loved besides "PRETTY IN PINK" starring the talented Actor, "Joe Cryer" has  Duckie!  And boy!  If you're looking at this "Joe Cryer" well, boy! When you entered that store, as you did, to try and blooming empress Andie, by making out you were singing Otis Redding, well, lets just say, I had actually thought you were Amazing!!! 

And even though, I did thought back then that "Andrew McCarthy" was a blooming Cutie, You actually made this young girl thought, Wow!  "What a guy!  I mean, if I were Andie in the film, I wouldn't go for "Andrew McCarthy" part...  "No!  For you, "Joe Cryer" who played Duckie once again, would be my choice!!!

Course I mean guys! I would never wana know someone with a blooming name has Blaine. Which, was, "Andrew McCarthy" Character in that film!

** But, as for this Film that I've drawn ABOVE of these two very talented young Actors, back then, of "Eric Strotz" and "Mary Stuart Masterson" well, boy!  let's just say that I really dreamt of wanting to be Watts!  Which, was "Mary Stuart Masterson" Character in the Film, of "Some Kind Of Wonderful!

* Because, viewers' can you just imagine that if you were properly me, way back then, even though, it maybe a little hard too...  Of a very Shy teenager, imagining of  'WHAT IF?  That if I was that very talented young Actress, of "Mary Stuart Masterson" that had played the part of Watts in this Film that I so loved and properly still do guys, of trying to be a very good Friend to Keith, played by "Eric Strotz" once again...

Because, at the end of this remarkable Film, that I honestly did love, you guys, would see poor Watts, "Mary Stuart Masterson" first trying to tell Keith "Eric Strotz" that (Ms Amanda Jones), played by "Lea Thompson" is okay!!!!  But then, and only then, you guys, would start seeing Watts slowly walking away from Keith crying...  Because, as you gathered by now, Watts had truly ended up falling in love with her very best friend, Keith!  Which, I hate to admit it, had felt for her, while she was sadly walking away from Keith! 

But, blooming hell guys!  Do you wanna know something else, while seeing Watts slowly walking away as she did, from him, and (Ms Amanda Jones) start to realize that he should maybe go after her, because, as she now could stand up to herself from her so-call Ex-boyfriend Harley Jenns, well, this very young teenager ALWAYS  had started to cry, because it's only then that you guys would actually see both Keith and Watts embrace romantically like, by Sharing their true kiss!  Which, always gets to this girl, even now!

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