Wednesday 22 October 2014

Dave Bartram


* This picture of "Dave Bartram" is especially for the guy himself, as I've Ioved him from the moment I've seen Showaddywaddy on Top of the Pops back in the early 70's age six when I heard him singing "Under the Moon of Love. So, Dave if you're looking at this, this one's for you, you Smiler! 


* Hope you liked my pix from the local Theatre. PPS I have already got my Ticket. And boy! I certainly can't wait to see YOU. As I've always been Crazy about you guys.

* But Dave what I truly want you to know is that it's YOU even more so, that's always done something to your Teddy-Girl Sandy since I first saw you, singing away! Course I always seem to go all bashful-like whenever I see you!

So, Thank you Dave!


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