Wednesday 8 October 2014

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn


* Now, please, do not ask me why I've drawn this picture! Maybe, it's because I thought I couldn't leave "Owen Wilson" out, for what his younger brother Luke, always does to me whenever I watch him in any of his films!  Sound crazy, but, that's also, ture! But, there again, I do think that those two Actors, "Owen Wilson" and "Vince Vaughn" are also, two brillently Actors that no one can't help theirselves from laughing! So, guys, if any of you do come across my Web/site, well, all I can say is just 'KEEP MAKING ALL OF US SMILE WITH YOUR WACKY SENSE OF HUMOUR!

* But saying all that "Owen Wilson" if are. at any blooming time go onto this Web-site of mine well I've just got to tell yeah (Blondie) the film that I think I liked YOU in the most was starring along side of "Jackie Chan" "Shanghai noon!!!

* But why! You may well ask Owen, well I think it's after that well-known and funny Film finishes and all of us viewers then see all the "out-takes" that's where after doing or saying something WRONG-like or should I rather MISTAKES of you two guys do well in ONE PART especially, when it comes UP that is, all see is both YOU and JACKIE in an hot tub having a bath sense, enjoying yourselves of course by drinking...

* Well after asking Jackie to keep saying what you want him to say ends up EXPLODING yourself as loads and loads of BUBBLES float above the surface of the WATER from down BELOW!!! * Which then, all we see is you more starting to laugh because being a little tipsy YOU "Owen Wilson" probably didn't expect what you had gone and done!

I mean FARTHING Owen! "FARTING! "Come on guy!

* So, all I can say for YOU is, "I'M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES!!!

* Which, I sure hope you get the joke that all I've got to say to yeah "Owen Wilson! Just try to CONTROL YOURSELF?  I mean, BLOWING FARTING BUBBLES out from OUT of no where!!! So, now I've got you hey! Ha! De! Ha! Ha!

* So," who's looking at ME babe?  Well I can sure tell you now, it's definitely isn't ME Owen...   As this GIRL as got some taste!